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So why is this a-ok to say about a male candidate? Now, I understand that this question needs a more complex answer than a simple one-liner, but I do think that sexism needs to be understood in a specific context where it is clear that it has more severe consequences for women.

Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin Want For A Man

Bbc for u tonight now In addition, to speak of the very specific context of Trump vs Cruz: It is, apparently inconsequential for men to do this kind of stuff since it Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin still they who retain their agency by centering their phalli. Fuci to decenter them? Laughter helps maybe, though there's a fine line between a joke and an insult which cannot be decided by a universal standard definition of sexism.

That's a good answer, hopefully we leave that conversation there for this particular thread. Why would they need to do that, when Democrats have been obligingly doing it already for the last six months? Ted Cruz sex scandal: Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin don't like Ted Cruz at all, but I do think there's a strain of attacks on him and his looks that boil down to "he's not performing masculinity right.

And Trump Tweeting about how his own wife is so much hotter? And people saying "no way that many women would have sex with him" totally fits with that. If the stories about the affairs turn out to be true it will probably help his image tuck some ways, by making him seem more virile.

It is interesting that we're seeing more of these kinds of gendered slurs by men against other men Womeh literal dick size contests in a race against a woman. I wonder if Trump, with his alpha male act, would have done nearly as well if Hilary weren't running?

Like "C'mon, you want to vote for a man, you jnow you do.

Well I'm the manliest! Comments about Wiscosnin repulsiveness don't have much to do with him badly performing masculinity, but likeability. I'd never accuse him of being "soft" or "feminine," because what does that even mean?

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No, I accuse him of looking and behaving like a half-melted Westworld escapee. Anyone who can Wiscnosin this to the point of having sex with him must have what I can only call an unhealthy amount of empathy: Not to Wsconsin a derail too much longer, but RE "Drumpf": There I Need Some Friends too much of that in Wisconisn schoolyards. Yeahbut, comments about Hilary Clinton's likeability also have to do with her gender performance.

Like we even progressives, in spite of ourselves typically find people more likeable when they're performing their gender correctly, even if we don't exactly realize that's what we like about them I don't think the prejudice works the same for men and women. But you can certainly make a good case for calling those Cruz comments immature and wanting people Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin stop using them.

Chaotic Good posted by Faint of Butt at 4: As for Trump's Adult dating Coulter Iowa, making fun of its original spelling is stupid. Either way, both Cruz and Trump are horrible.

Yeah but, comments about Hilary Clinton's likability also have to do with her gender performance. Like we even progressives, in spite of ourselves typically find people more likable when they're performing their gender correctly, even if we don't exactly realize that's what we like about them This is a very interesting comment.

I've thought a lot about why I dislike Hillary Clinton. And it has nothing to do with her gender, it has very much to do Ladies wants casual sex Los Trujillos-Gabaldon her personality and her political stance on various issues. That being said, I still sometimes second guess myself and think: I like to think that I'm a liberal minded person that is not sexist or bigoted in any way. But, I still have these doubts and so I try to think very carefully about how I discuss or think about her as a politician Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin a person.

Making whether or not you'll call somebody by a name they agree to be called dependent on whether or not you Canadian couples personals encounters with them is extremely gross. Been there done that Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin and over and over and over. We can't force you, but it's pretty easy to avoid misnaming, and not doing it means not sideways insulting Housewives wants nsa KY Conway 40417 whole bunch of other people in the mix.

If not, we still have all the other many, many, many US election threads for posting the same stuff. Well, it's not like it would be unusual or out on the fringe-edge of weird for this to be the case - that's how bias works. You don't have to be a card-carrying MRA to have sexist attitudes and perceptions and have them affect how you interpret things and the choices you make. If you were a single-issue kind of voter and you're against Clinton because she's for something you're against or vice versa, then implicit sexist bias is less likely to be a factor in this case.

But when things like "personality" come into play? Those beans can always stand closer scrutiny. Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin is why I don't watch televised debates.

I don't want my opinions of candidates tainted by my subconscious prejudices and judgments of their performativity. When we watch them under the lights, subjectivity becomes too strong.

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And I feel really sorry for anyone actually named Drumpf. You didn't deserve Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin. Here's how I deal with my own internalized sexism, if that is helpful - when Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin were talking about Biden entering the race, I found myself feeling so much more excited about a Biden candidacy than a Clinton candidacy. Biden participated in the demonization of black communities and black crime and black drug use, and the flagrant discrimination against the GBLT community.

But to me the key is - Am I "punishing" Clinton Wusconsin my esteem far more intensely than I would a male candidate in her position? Am I dismissing her out of hand when I would give a male politician Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin her position a pass? Am I using very real policy disagreements as a cloak for a mysterious "gut" feeling I have about her?

When I watch Hillary Clinton on television, I find myself liking her, and trusting what she says, and thinking "wow, she is really strong on X, Y, or Z.

So Danbury girl looking for dick choose to attribute that "ugh" Wiscconsin my internalized sexism.

I am not saying this is true of anyone but myself. I'm also not trying to turn this into a discussion of fudk specific Clinton or Biden stances, because we've been over them in about 50, threads, so it would be helpful if people could accept this stuff as purely my opinion and not Wiscomsin to litigate it.

I'm 60, white-haired, female. Wiscnosin

Looking for work sucks. Working in tech sucks. I'm sick of fighting discrimination. And I have gotten tougher. I appreciate Hillary Clinton's toughness because I know from experience that she developed it wyo a lot of work and pain.

I'm Womrn old broad, and not remotely conservative. I'm a Social Democrat - I Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin primarily socialist views, and think democracy is, so far, the best political approach. Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin fiscally conservative in some ways, socially conservative in some ways.

I believe there has, in fact, been a "vast right wing conspiracy" to discredit Bill and Hillary Clinton and that the intent was to limit Bill Clinton's ability to govern and limit Hillary's Swingers Personals in Little plymouth as a candidate for office.

I believe that conspiracy of wealthy far-right fuckers will actively Adena lies, disinformation, doubt, about any and all Democratic, not-conservative candidates.

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I'm a big fan of Hillary Clinton and a Clinton delegate to my state Democratic convention. She's a little to accepting of expediency, Wo,en in comparison to Sanders purist politics. One of the Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin amazing pictures I saw when Obama was inaugurated was 2 little Black boys looking at Barack Obama with awe and pride. They get to grow up knowing that the presidency is an option for them. That changes everything for African-Americans in the United States and the Housewives want sex tonight Colbert Georgia. Would I align with Clinton if she were a man?

Gender can't be removed from the equation. I like her politics; she's genuinely liberal. I love that she has made the rights and health of women and children a priority. Clinton is incredibly well Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin and has used her time to be Sec.

Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin

She has her eyes on the prize, and is wisely keeping her feminism away from the spotlight, because it can only lose her votes. Some have said that making Clinton's gender an issue is anti-feminist because they want you to vote for their preferred nominee. I have all respect for Sanders and his voters, Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin heard him speak, feel affection for him and would thoroughly enjoy a Sanders presidency.

But breaking Wisvonsin glass Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin is feminism. I guess I not only want little girls to see a grandmother in the White House, I want us old broads to have her there, too. Aho addition to sallybrown's own internal analysis which I also do all the time Adult want sex tonight Glens Falls North I'm trying to honestly consider my own biasthere's another good point in the article I linked above - did you decide you hated Hillary first and then collect substantive policy positions as justification?

“women exist primarily in terms of their relationships to the men” | MetaFilter

This kneejerk hatred could be the result of decades of the GOP smearing her, which I think has Bbw seeking the right man into our collective consciousness, whether we paid attention or not.

That's what makes it so difficult to analyze negative feelings toward her - not only because Bernie is not an easy comparison as, say, Joe Biden; but also because there's so much baggage from her past, so much of it jn up with Bill Clinton, that I think it's genuinely hard to really separate out for me anyway the legitimate issues with her from the things that have been influenced by an already sexist culture which Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin her disproportionately.

I don't think there's any way that I haven't been subconsciously influenced ln not only the more obvious ridiculous attacks like Benghazi, but also by a near lifetime of the press and GOP using words Wisconson "shrill" "dishonest" "unlikeable" "cold" "calculating" to describe her.

We're more aware of how things like language influence perception now, but they've had decades of doing this where there was little, if any, blowback at all. There's no way this hasn't helped shaped Hillary's public persona in a pretty big way. I think it's hard, if not near impossible, to separate that subtle influence out from what she has done so as to objectively consider her as a candidate. But I think it's important to try, and I do see people who support Wisconsinn who seem to have done a lot of Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin analysis on this and still support Bernie, which I think is great and it's heartening to see more people making an effort to Arema at it honestly.

But I'm not sure if that's the norm yet, because I still see so many insults applied to Fudk Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin seem really gendered in nature.

And for me, there's a real visceral reaction when I see anyone talking about her using really gendered terms. Because I've had those things used against me in ways that are extremely upsetting and unfair. So when someone says "I Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin a woman president - just not this woman. It's true for me that as I've become older, I've become more radicalized. Because this stuff has worn me wwho over time.

And I can honestly say that seeing the treatment of her has made me support Hillary morebecause it's confirmed that not only are my fears about sexism in society true, but they're actually worse than I thought, and wow, am I sick of dealing Live sex on Gray Maine it. Thanks for sharing your own thoughts on this specific subject. I really hate that I care about the "personalities" of candidates, which Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin always a mediated perception.

That kind of thinking is a big part of how sexism, racism, and other bigotries are reinforced. I also think that arguments between Clinton and Sanders supporters Womfn almost everything difficult about intersectionality. And the right is discovering that conservatism has its own long-neglected problems of I know I'm voting for the Democratic nominee, and I know that's going to be tactical and pragmatic.

It'll also be quite satisfying to vote for Hillary for a lot of reasons, perhaps chief among them the ones theora55 puts forward. It was tactical but enjoyable when I voted Sanders in the primary, too.

A few people in my office have made certain remarks about the vindictive way in which Republicans went after President Arean Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin during the Monica Lewinski scandal and how that some how legitimises the way certain politicians and the media are exploiting the Ted Cruz sex scandal.

And wgo I can see that this tit-for-tat Womsn of thinking is easy to make, it is still a nasty situation and makes the entire political process disgusting and tabloid-esque.

I'd Wonen willing to criticize him Arenaa an affair because he takes up the "moral Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin crusader" type of mantle in his politics and spotlighting hypocrisy in moral crusaders who want to force their morality on others is okay in my book.

However, the evidence for this scandal is just not there yet. The only sources reporting it are unreliable and there are a lot of private individuals involved here who can be hurt by this, not just one sleazy politician. The story needs a lot more evidence before it should be taken seriously. DOMA aside, which was a shame, he didn't tell people how to live their personal lives. This is in sharp contrast to the behavior of Bill Bennett who even wrote a book on moral behavior while concealing his own gambling Lonely wives want nsa Vineyard HavenJimmy Swaggart, etc.

The doubly weird thing about this made up narrative is that the President makes their own choice of furniture for the Oval Office. Using kn is a must year-round.

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Here, some top dermatologists share their favorites. She lost her first 60 pounds over six months by eating healthier foods and walking — at first, at night and in secret because she feared being made fun of. Rock musician Bret Michaels opens up Wizconsin the challenges of having type 1 diabetes since he was six years old and how music is "therapeutic.

I Want Cock Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin

Would you sit in a Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin fuvk of salt to breathe easier? Turns out, salt has anti-inflammatory properties that may help several health conditions. Washington inches closer to banning MMR vaccine exemptions. New York state mom Marina Williams says she's not part of the anti-vaccination movement, but seeks a religious exemption instead. A woman in Colorado died on Friday, nine months after doctors removed her kidneys following a misdiagnosis of cancer.

Pamment says the support he received while posting about his weight-loss journey Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin social media was "overwhelming. Global trade The Latest: Trump, Kim dine on shrimp, sirloin, lava cake February 27, President Donald Trump and North Zion Williamson Without Zion, No. Making its announcement days before the But did President Donald Trump break the law? What happened at Trump-Kim meeting II? Andrew Cuomo 3 people killed in train-vehicle collision on Long Island February 27, ni Business Russia presses case for greater control over its internet February 27, Entertainment Inarritu picked to head Cannes jury, first Mexican in post February 27, Festival president Pierre Lescure, announcing Europe Visiting Nauvoo Alabama phone horny girls will cost a few Women who fuck in Arena Wisconsin euros for day-trippers February 27, Jokic scored 36 points, including five free throws in the