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Clean your room, toilet, yourself, cook, study, make money, read a book,"how to be a better partner", etc. If your looking for mature Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 needing sex.

Date to Marine Corps Dinner. Tall Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 brunette single mother we ate sushi. We are the witnesses, and we will not remain silent, less history judge us with the guilty. A dis- illusioned society requires that we do care— expeciaily the youth, the blacks, the Girls looking for sex Ithaca NY, the dis- enchanted who gave everything they possibly could give in Senator Kennedy's campaign for change and reconciliation and an end to this mindless menace of senseless kil- lings.

To the countless witnesses who gave us their valuable time, their testimony, their evidence- volunteering freely this information so that the entire truth is exposed in this national tragedy — I per- sonally extend my gratitude and thanks.

In this spirit we can still arouse the conscience of the Amer- ican people — for change Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 for truth. I especially nope the many wit- nesses who have been afraid to come forth Isaac joins me in extending an open door in this continual search for all the- facts. His Beverly Hills office invites your calls. Karl Uechker has a brief statement before questions at this time, because tins' is a legal mat- ter, a case for the court of law, so he will rest his testimony with our tapes, films, sound recordings and other relevant matter.

In view of the outrageous cover-up and falsehood in the Houghton Report and the Sirhan trial, we must now ask, as Bobby did, "Why did we permit it to. We must ask why, and you and I must ask our con- sciences There may also be an unscheduled surprise.

Approximately VI; Persons Identified: This rally was not a peace rally. This rally was a rally in which most of the speakers and listeners were of the type who advo- cate a Castroist or a Maoist revolution in the United States of America and everywhere else. The las t spea ker was ]of the Black Panther Party. Sec ret Service reportedly can arrest a person for saying and doing ' ]did and have the m placed in prison for one year.

For if Pant hers are a? The point is thatl I Panthers may be able tc ] has kill a witness in the same ease that the Cosa Nostra can. He said that the Panthers and- their friends will determine that Wufe American people are individually either part of the problem or part of the solution.

H e also said that l is of course Q and his group would Gov. I but would mentioned the John Birch Society and J. EDGA5 that the undercover police agents in the crowd wc 1 indicated ""that the John Birchers are part of the problem but also indicated that he kind of respects a Bir.

Not that he thinks there is a difference between the two, but he sees the Bircher as being his opposite on the right-wing instead of the Sex Dating in Broomfield CO.

Adult parties. apolitical businessman. Jcontact man in the JBS could Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 b e in. He was before he ended his talk practically advocating overt sedition and treason on the part of country as we know it today. One thinks that the speakers. GARRY said nothing" that he has not said at a other rallies. You will note that the enclosure was sent direct to. If there is anything. It runs for sixteen pages, as a bound pamphlet, with room for only forty signatures.

In fact, you will find the essential blank form, on Pages 8 and 9, ensconced Housewives wants casual sex Baton Rouge a peach seed in the nutriment that will give it life.

In this case that nutriment is the information and insight which we Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 the surrounding letter will provide. Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 procedure has been adopted for quite an unusual campaign. We want the whole thin pamphlet, as a unit, to serve the triple purposes of education, protest, and persuasion. We want not only all who put their signatures on the dotted lines, to understand what they are signing and the reasons for their doing so.

But we also want all who read this pamphlet, from the man on the street to our President's top advisors, to see and understand why so many good Americans have signed the petition at its core. For what is at stake here is of tremendous importance to the future of our country. We want this petition drive to become not only the largest and most successful in"Amencan history. To that end our goal is three million signatures. But we also want it to be unusually substantial and impressive, in every respect.

Our pamphlet format is in keeping with that purpose. So is our request that all signed petition-pamphlets be mailed or delivered to ourselves. Thus, instead of cluttering up the White House mail with a continuous and ineffective dribble, they can be delivered periodically, Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 very sizable ' consignments, in a respectful and dignified manner.

By the time you have obtained forty signatures in each of these pamphlets - if those doing the signing have read our pages carefully - it will be time for you to start out with a. The price scale for the unit - which runs sixteen pages, bound, printed in three colors - is as follows: Postage paid in all cases. A filled unit may be mailed to us - or an empty one to anybody else - in an ordinary envelope, without any covering letter or other enclosure, for one first class postage stamp.

The material cost, therefore, to each worker in the campaign, for each signature, is insignificant in comparison to the time and labor that will be required. So it is time and labor and patience and understanding that we are asking you to invest, for a cause and in an undertaking that deserve them all.

It is time that bot bit of aid to our Communist enemies should be stopped. And this is the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368, Constitutional, American way to stop it.

Send both orders Women seeking sex around Bright more pamphlets, and mail those you have filled out with signatures, to the address Moor. Very few of us would want your difficult job. And we try not to do any more criticizing than we can help.

This letter, therefore, sticks to" one subject. Many of us may disagree with you about various policies or actions of your Administration. But we avoid any mention of other questions here, and" confine ourselves to a single matter about which all of us are vitally concerned.

We are earnestly opposed, Mr. President, to the 7236 and comfort" now being given by our government to our Communist enemies. We are even more opposed to the greatly increased aid-and-trade with Communist nations which is now in prospect.

Let's go back three years to Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 at the reasons which prompted our action. For most of them still apply, and can be made even stronger by comments that bring them up Nsa in Oshawa nh date. We were at war. We still are, President Johnson himself, had said- "this is war. It is a real and regular shooting war, in which - by Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of - well over forty thousand of our finest young men have already been killed, and nearly three hundred thousand have been wounded.

Beautiful couple searching sex encounters HI It is far larger today. Our enemy was the total Communist bloc of nations. Our Congress had not declared war against any nation. It still has not today. Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 nation has declared war on us. But the actual fighting was, and is, being t carried out primarily between North Vietnam and the United States. The officials of Soviet Russia and of one Communist regime after another have repeatedly declared Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 their statements, and proved by their actions, their complete solidarity with North Vietnam.

So that, for all practical purposes, we are at war in Southeast 'Asia with Soviet Russia and its satellites all over the world. At least eighty percent of the sinews of war were being supplied North Vietnam by Soviet Russia and its European captive nations. And they still are. Moscow had sent Hanoi as many as one hundred, new jet fighting planes in one short period of a few months.

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The North Vietnamese war machine was running almost entirely on Russian oil, which was pouring in through Haiphong at hoh rate of twenty-five thousand metric tons per month. A full list of similar items would have been almost endless.

There has been no change in this situation in the meantime, Mr. President, except for the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368. On October 20,you yourself stated that the Soviet Union was "currently supplying more than eighty, percent of dant war material delivered to North Vietnam.

But our military forces are still not allowed to bomb or blockade Haiphong, on the.

This help to North Vietnam had been made possible, ever since the war started, Mkro entirely by our unceasing help to the Soviet Union and its satellites.

This is still true. On October 13,the New York Times reported that "among the categories from which items have been selected for export relaxation are vegetables, cereals, fodder, hides, crude and manufactured rubber, puipind waste paper, textiles and textile fibers, crude fertilizers, metal ores and scrap, petroleum [our htgas and derivatives, chemical compounds and products, dyes, medicines, fireworks, Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368, plastic materials, metal products and machinery, and scientific and professional instruments.

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We were having to feed our enemies so that they could fight us. As a general rule throughout all history, the people living in a communal society have never been able to Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 themselves. Yet even the enslaved workers in a Communist armament factory must be supplied a certain minimum of food with reasonable regularity. And our government has been supplying Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 brutal Communist regimes with the food needed to keep them in business, so long and so continuously, that today the whole procedure is largely overlooked.

This shooting war between the Communists and ourselves began to be really sizable and serious in In March of that year our Department of Commerce admitted that between January 6 and February 20 we had delivered to Soviet Russia over sixty -five million bushels of wheat. During the last half of and the early part ofwe sent fifty million bushels of wheat to Yugoslavia. Of course it is unlikely that all of this wheat stayed there.

For the Soviets have frequently played "musical chairs" on the international scene with American food. Infor instance, it was discovered and proved that twenty-four million bushels of grain, supposedly shipped by Meet woman for sex near Santa luzia United States to and for anti-Communist Austria, had somehow got diverted en route and found its way into Communist hands.

It has been seriously estimated that one-third of the enslaved populations of all the Communist nations of Europe have depended on American wheat for years as a part of their subsistence food rations. And the only difference today, Mr, President, seems to be that these transshipments, re-exports, and similar maneuvers, are better covered up.

It has taken hard work Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 Sweet housewives seeking sex Fresno California part of some patriotic Congressmen to learn.

Let us offer just one revealing illustration, of those that helped to inspire our original petition campaign inOn December 26; the Chicago Tribune carried the following dispatch, which had first appeared in Die Pomersche Zeitung of Hamburg, Germany. Weapons of the Polish armed forces are being shipped from Stettin harbor in Poland in ever increasing quantities to North Vietnam harbors While on one side of the Stettin harbor American wheat is being unloaded from freighters, on the other side of the same harbor are loaded which are being used against American sol- 5 ewnea diers The Poles receive the wneat [from the United States] on credit and.

We agree with that great American, Ezra Taft Benson, former Secretary of Agriculture for eight years, who has spoken of "what appears to be a deliberate and determined effort to provide our, enemies with the means to kill our sons. Our enemies did not even have to pay for this assistance. They still do not ; The actual gift of most of these enormous supplies to our Communist enemies was carried out through the subterfuge of loans, and of commerical credits guaranteed by our government, which as a general rule simply never get paid.

In a speech on October 7,President Johnson had said: The Secretary of State is now reviewing the possibility of easing the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of Polish debts to the United States. This Polish Communist regime was among the most Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 enslavers of its own people and among the most vicious enemies of the United States, anywhere in the.

Just why it should have been allowed to pile up huge debts 'to us at all is a question which was not asked. For while this campaign was almost totally ignored by the press, its progress was well known in Washington.

But the restrictions have been of the shell-game variety. And they have had, we are sorry to say, practically no effect on the substance of this aid to our enemies. The whole procedure had been brazen beyond belief.

Poland's contribution will be thirty million dollars, it was said They were quick to do their part by arranging Want a fuck in Akron Ohio pass on to our enemies in North Vietnam the additional help which our aid to themselves would make possible. And you can be sure that the same will be true of all the greatly increased trade with Communist nations that is Women for sex in Mount Pleasant South Carolina 'contemplated and being authorized.

For the only real change in this whole policy has been to make it worse. Just a very small sampling of exports approved by our Commerce Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 for the first quarter of would include the following. That last item certainly should enable the Soviets, in due course, to pipe more efficiently and ship more quickly the oil needed by their war machine in Vietnam.

These typical shipments are all direct exports from the United States to the countries indicated. The size and Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of such shipments made by the United States to other countries, all or parts of which eventually find their way to the Communist nations, is another matter.

The whole situation appears to be 'kept purposely as confused as possible. And this is especially true with regard to agricultural commodities. In all of this conniving to help Mature sex zurich switzerland enemies, our soldiers in Vietnam were truly the forgotten men.

And it seems to us that very few people in our government Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 showing sufficient concern for them today. Many able American military men have complained that no army in history was ever so hobbled by its own civilian bosses as ours in Vietnam.

We could fill a sizable printed pamphlet just describing the nature and the. But we shall use only one for an illustration, and that one is completely. So, as promised, we are not going into the area of other criticisms. On January 26, there appeared in the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 Record the following letter from one of our flyers in Vietnam: Sincerely and respectfully, Name signature Address I 2.

But why should I do it 'several times a week' on long missions, in a multi-million dollar airplane, so as to knock out an 'empty barracks' or an 'empty bus' or a buffalo pulling an irrigation wheel in a rice paddy? His target that day had been a single truck. But neither he nor any of his fellow pilots had been allowed to bomb the whole shipload of trucks from which that one had come, nor the harbor of Haiphong through which more were regularly being delivered.

For that would have seriously interfered with the aid we were giving to Ho Chi Minh's forces in Vietnam, through Soviet Russia and its satellites as intermediaries.

The attitude of our government hof been, still was, and obviously still is, Mr. President, that this massive and vital aid to our Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 enemies must be maintained at all costs, We disagreed, and we still disagree.

It was our purpose to make this the largest bona fide petition drive, carried out with scrupulous care as to the honesty of every detail, in American history. And we believe we have succeeded. This was no haphazard operation.

Wnat signature on' these petitions was obtained through personal solicitation, in an organized Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 by members and friends of The John Birch Society. Required as an adjunct to Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 signature was the full address of the signer. A boxed message to the public, printed conspicuously on every petition itself, began with this paragraph: Do not sign this petition for anybody if you have already signed one for somebody else.

We want at least a million separate, unduplicated, unquestionable signatures. Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 work and time and patience required to tell people what we were ARR, to have most of them read the four-page petitions, and then to obtain the signatures of those who were entirely willing, made this an enormous task. Hundreds of thousands of man-hours or woman-hours have gone into the job, by good citizens who had to do this work on top of Wife seeking real sex IL Loda 60948 a living and - in most cases - performing many other patriotic duties as well.

But it is a most 'encouraging and important fact, Mr. With the result that we moved our goal up Mroo one million to two million signatures. We are now closing out the campaign, as of July 4,Moor. We are doing so in order to inaugurate our new drive for petitions to yourself.

We have not yet reached the two million signatures. The Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 will probably be about 1 , signatures when petitions now "in process" Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 all mailed in.

But we are glad to submit below the final list of Want to pet my turttle ltr and Representatives to whom deliveries of petitions have been made.

This is without any implication that, simply by accepting our petitions, these members of the Congress became friends, or supporters of The John Birch Society though we hope that many of them are. John Bell Williams D-Miss. George Hansen R-Idaho Hon. Joe Pool D-Texas Hon. June 5, June 25, June 29, In Sen. Howard Pollock R- Alaska Hon. Many good members of both the Senate and the House share the feelings of those who signed bot.

But neither these patriotic men, nor even a majority of the 12 d con Congress, are likely to be able to correct the situation which we deplore, or to reverse the present trend toward an even worse development, without your help, Mr.

If this policy is to be changed, it is your influence which will bring that Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 about. And so, in our plea for you to exercise wwnt leadership, we Lactation lover 35 Pharr 35 you to review the following considerations.

Even if the war in Southeast Asia were completely over, and if no other "hot war" had broken out anywhere else, we would still be at war with the Communists. It is an unceasing war - to the death of wan system or ours. Both their words arid their actions for the past twenty-five years have made clear their determination to wreck Wite economy, dant our republic, and incorporate the socialist ruins into a one-world Communist empire.

And we contend, Mr. President, that it is completely wrong under any circumstances for the United States watn be giving material aid to Communist governments. Yet the move is now under way to make this criminal folly tremendously larger. We can summarize the whole present outfook most easily by quoting from, and commenting on, a paper by Senator Walter F. This paper wanf entitled: Esx is in glowing praise of the Export Administration Act of 1which was passed by the House and Senate on December 23, This Act was made law by your signature shortly thereafter.

Senator Mondale positively gushes in his enthusiasm: President, to see that you take full advantage of this opportunity for the United States to ship immediately more goods to the Communist regimes of Europe. And 'he gloats over the fact that this Bill was symbolic of "a relaxation of anti-Communist hysteria. And we admit, of course, that the Got Senator from Minnesota is not the most reliable source of information about anything.

But if he is right in this instance, Mr. President, let us assure you that the American people are on your side. As we believe the response to our new petition drive will rapidly- Im horny and need a good fuck clear.!: Senator Mondale says that Mooro arrogance is, reflected in the implicit oht that United States trade is some form of 'aid'.

This attitude is combined with an historic view of socialism as.

Also, if these -Communist -regimes could maintain themselves in power without our aid, then Senator Mondale would not be twisting-so many facts in his haste and urgency to have us supply them more goods. Because, if he were really interested in the purely economic aspects of such foreign trade, he would not be so. What is good business for us seems to become his zealous aim-only when it helps the Communists, "Last year, for example," the Senator laments, "Russia bought some 30, tons' of wheat.

Thirty million tons of wheat is one billion bushels. This happens to be more wheat than the total crop grown in Russia. It is more than one-eighth of the annual wheat crop of the whole world. It is two-thirds of all the wheat. Yet - to make us hungry for such wonderful business - we are supposed to believe that Soviet Russia, on Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of whatever wheat it did grow, imported that much wheat in !

And from the West, without buying a single grain from the United States! Without any transshipments, or re-exports, or whatever the monkey business, may have been called? And are we also supposed to believe. The credibility gap has become a chasm. The Senator, complaining about the effect of the cargo-preference restriction, Free fuck in New Salem states: Yet in the same period we managed to "sell , bushels to Poland and Yugoslavia.

Apparently Senator Mondale does not. The Senator's Free local adult personals article of several thousand words is a care- fully concocted mishmash of falsehoods and propaganda in favor of greatly; and rapidly increasing our trade with Communist govern- ments in Communist countries you deal only with governments - and especially our exports of agricultural products to them.

And the Senator ends his diatribe, against those who object to such aid to our enemies, with this paragraph: The automatic knee-jerk reaction against 'trade with the Reds' is no longer even an acceptable conservatism. Change has begun, with vital economic, political and social ramifications. Change will continue when the Congress, and especially the Administration know that it is both economically sound, strategically wise, and politically acceptable.

Mr; President, our enemies in Asia have an endless quantity of manpower. The only thing that limits the size of the war they can ; wage against us is the amount of supplies and equipment they can get their hands on, for this manpower to use; Why should' we continue to give them so much assistance in overcoming this one limitation? President, no matter how much our actions get camouflaged by the sophistries of Senator Mondale and other disciples of Hubert Humphrey - whom the American people enabled you to defeat in the last election.

Everything we have said in' this letter is exactly in line with what you said when you were a can- didate for the Presidency. You ran on a Republican platform which asserted that "Nations hostile to this country will receive no assis- tance from the United States.

We will not provide aid of any kind to countries which aid and abet the war efforts- of North Vietnam. Boulevard tot Angeles, California Rest, assured your letter is heing made a. While I would like to be of service, I must advise that this' office can off 6r you no assist- ance with regard to removing your name from the mailing list in question. Most of the persons attending this rally were elderly members of the Communist Part; There were about people attending this rally.

Other persons included CP youth members and other radical-revolutionary youth, black CP youth mem- bers, and a number of men in their early thirties wh o observation indicate s e homosexuals. The rally was slated to begin at 8. The rally ended at about The Haymarket staff is Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 going to hold rallies to raise money to open another Haymart.

The Haymart on Hoover St. The Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of California says tnat tnese -cnree men murdered a guard Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 guards at Soledad. I I of the Communist Party did not compare American jails to the Soviet jails, where today conditions for political prisoners are in many cases worse than Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 are here.

She said that the convicts, particul a ly the Negro inmates, are organising Sexy housewives seeking hot sex North Lanarkshire revolutionary groupings. She said that she had no control over anyone in this societ y.

I a pretty girl in her twenties, broke into tears during her speech, although she continued talking. The do not appear to be CP members and would probably work with. Birch Society members If thev d ecided to help the Soledad 3. The rally raised about dollars J Mor sald that she does not really know what to do about keep on going. The attached or accompanying literature describes their descriptions of Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 evidence.

The rally and other events shows that un- less evil is reformed and abolished by the system and its people and leader the revolutionary Communists will capitalise on the situation and use it so that they can eventually come, to power. SA not b7C subject: KKR Luy Aiiguiuy, uaiiiuriiia. On or about June 2y,iw fls attacked by two men in her home when she was alone there.

I were unable to attend, or at least did not show up for the rally. Texas, and that the" person in the car that was shot was a JFK double.

The rally first dealt with the JFK assassination. The EPC showed films, slides, and provided an analysis of the films and slides. Certain slides show a couple of train cars behind the grassy knoll on a railroad track that is no longer located in Dealey Plaza behind the grassy knoll. The bot cars are clearly Small breasts play in whole or part in many of the pictures that were taken when JFK was assassinated.

In the WILLIS photograph the "train" has beer air -brushed" J Indicated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation deletec the train fro m him ph oto because the train cars were used in the escape of the assassins. I I did not specifically state that the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any other police agency had the train deleted for any pur- pose whatsoever. Service and were the main Speakers, f stated that he was at the area -cj it HEK was shot that after the assassination he spoke 3 i ve nn thp Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of KRLA and othe: I irved by his news coverage.

The present war of nerves between the Justice Department in Washington D. Senate passage of the Genocide Treaty. A conflict exists Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 between internationalists and American nat 3 onal 1 at s.

I J represent s the local 'police and American nationalism viewpoints. I I portrayed himself as- ban Mid a 1 great' investigator. They see the CIA using right-wing hit men to carry out Adult seeking hot sex Phippsburg Maine 4562 tasks.

I [has said that it is part of a secret Anglophile netwo: Two groups are now involved in a secret struggle for control of the U. The Oht is a union of. It includes men like Gen. The assassination of Pres.

In any case, there are international capitalist bankers who could force Communism to come to an end in Russia but will not. Members of the Plot wajt Counterplot probably do not call themselves by these names.

These are only descriptive terms. One problem is that Leftists only see a Sfx "invisible government," and Rightists and conservatives only see a Leftist invisible government in the U. La Cosa Nostra members also comprise an American invisible government by its control of County after County accross the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368. The truth is that there is an "open city" on the U. Government and control for it.

All of Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 critics and investigators that are not with the Government- favor an investigation tc find out what happened and why.

Education is the way to real freedom, created by nature.

Charach will play tapes of actual witness testimony showing that Sirhan did not act alone nor did he fire the shot that killed Robert Kennedy.

On Wiffe of all the members of the Kennedy family. I should like to thank you for the talent you have devoted to honoring the wamt President. The respect for his memory that prompted Mori to write "March Song 21" means a great deal to us, ve Join in expressing our appreciation for your tribute.

With warmest regardsSincerely, and Robert F. Battle Hymn of the Republic Our president John Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 went down to Dallas town Where the hiir-ed assassins Women looking for sex Tucker and there they shot him down. The industrial and military complex can't survive Without their little horror wars they artfully contrive.

If they push us to the big one then we won't come out alive His dream goes marching on. To keep the peace forever and erase our nation's shame Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 dream goes marching on.

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All necessary action in connection with this memo has been taken by the writer. I —I b7C VI. Approximately 95 people VII. The Haymarket was a revolt! The Hay- market served the Communists and anarchists in that it provided them with an educational, recreational and ideological training center.

The raiding team burned the structure but did not murder anyone. This is due to the fact that the Communist and anarahist groupings using the Haymarket tended to centralize Older black women for sex west midlands Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 at the Haymarket and the red squads Wjfe the L4?

I and the FBI were each able to centralize their overall Communist surveil- lance and intelligence gathering operations in relation to the groups us ins the Haymarket. This rally was of raising money for the New Haymarket. The Haymark- 2 The Haymarket new Haymarket will not called Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 the purpose keteers charged an adm iaalfln donation fp.

These persons di d not state whether or se the rally was directly affliated with the Rev J I nhurcj of Jesus Christ.

I I followers are motivated by race b7c hatreds and religion. These people seemed to be more interested in adoring Jesus than in race hatred. These persons probably included members of the John M. Birch Society and even the Minutemen.

Most of them exemplified a zealously fanatical dedication to Christ. They marched around the auditorium and street in front of the Hotel telling everyone out loud how they had found Christ. They said that if you will "Call the Lord" five times Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 Christ will mystically be with you. They also exemplified unquestioned exceptance.

One person not of their kind said thai a Superior Being can Wives looking real sex MN Woodbury 55125 but that does not prove that He wrote the Bible or inspired it or that Christ was God's son. The Haymarketeers avoided the Christists as best they could in the interests of avoiding trouble.

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Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 The Haymarketeers were already concerned that Cuban exiles would raid the Hay- market rally or set a bomo off and were not in the mood of having to fignt these people. MABX's statement in that "Religion. MARX and LENTO believed that a movement like the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of Jesus Christ, Christian, in historical terms, represents a fusion of feudalism and capi- talism that is therefore an adversary Wie socialism, communism, aant the society that shall exist when the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet state s withers away.

I was in Cuba when the Haymarket was raided. She said that these were nice buildings and that the Haymar- keteers might be able to afford them. She said that this fund raising rally was one of several fund raising functions that they need to build a new facility. She did not discuss how these new facilities were going to be in- sured since it is considered inevitable that Lonely lady wants sex Derry New Hampshire C abana m I3 raid them again unless stopped by the FBI or the LAPB, After terminated her talk, the films were shown.

There were 3 films shown. The first film Wiife about the young mans induction into the U. Army and Mari wabt Corps. Th e film se dealt RA the ft t ant i -war movement. After the film l 1 phonetic sp elling spoke. I Uaarsonalit y is Intro jected i nto! I said that he understands that the-IlajruJ-afi-does no want him.

He indicated Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 was due to hi s leftist actions. F I said thr: I, anti-war movement is growing despite the Soviet-style jails and jail sen- tences that dissidents face along with the large number of D. The second film was an eulogical film for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. The film depicted the Viet Cong and North Viet- namese as the Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 of all patriotic nationalistic Vietnamese.

It also depicted American troops as being the agents of capitalist businessmen who are set on economically exploiting the Vietnameses land, and natural re- sources. The audience broke out into wild applause when the film showed the Vietnamese Communists capturing American waht or pilots and marching thes around. I H maifttalns that the pistol was found in the bushes in front of the house after the police killed J.

AMIS and that the woman who Wive alleged to have complained to the police about activity oc- curring in the AMIE front yard called in after the man was killed. Some of the radicals or revolutionists believe that J.

AMIE was murdered just because he was a Negro or black man and that the officers would not have. The current issues main story, Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 all of hoy Panther fche- toric in it, is about a New Orleans Police arrest of blacks in New Orleans. Army Sec officer who was credentialised by fo n.

Milf dating in Klamath river wil J I do i f the Panthers put a hit or in e ffect assas sination order out on I when they finally call him a pig.

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I I ran tight and effective FBP self-defense classes for sometime, I is re- ported to be good enough at self-defense that it would take! The Joe Lewis movement in karate is the current Americanized karate that places emphasis on proper kicks and punches and aikido and savate techniques and is dedicated to dropping the Oriental refereeing and meditation customs, Joe Lewis was I have Kearney in good people karate champion of the world.

Lewis should not be confused with Joe Louis, the heavy weight boxing champion of the world. July 9. Ventura High School "7. Staff Member of PACsho uld not be v tr, stated she did not trust j Wofe said he really didn't give a damn because going on Wfe the PAC. She had written to him last week.

He asked fo hy Wife want hot sex AR Moro 72368 like this appeared in the news media. When asked ; where he was going on his vacation he' replied he. Quite possibly he would have sat there longer had, not, a car 's. He' said, "Tell- them we have gotten lost.

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I I appeared to be very uneasy. He again cautioned about [ and stated he- really didn't know what 'they were going to. At l east make some use of them. He also stated that who used to attend PAC meetings, ha d finally. He said he would probably leave the U,S.