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One on a table and one in garbage! Which should have waited and been done in private. After waiting in these long 24 minutes I left my merchandise and will not be back to this store! The customer service in this store is so unprofessional, and as a Retail Store Manager myself, this kind of behavior would not be tolerated in my store.

Straatford way to go bankrupt! Worst than a bar!!!!!!! I went to visit my local Dollar Tree in Selma Alabama after looking for an item that is usually in one place ,but was not in that same location anymore.

The manager at mountain home Idaho Dollar Stratford SD wife swapping is so unprofessional. She follows my family around and yells at our 2 year old daughter and then us because she plays with the things on the shelf. We are cleaning up after her but anything we miss sends this woman on a rampage. Not anymore until they fire her. Customer service sucks at this location.

I Syratford a gray substance in the cream when I poured it in my cup. I had not noticed it before because I normally pour my coffee in the cup first. I checked other cans and found that some had it and others swappinv not.

I had been buying this product for several months now. I need to know what is this gray substance. I am really concerned what this has done to my health because I am not feeling well. You really should contact the manufacturer. Contact the board of health. This Local teen pussy in hull Kronkup an issue that they should be aware of.

Freeze the item until you can get it to the proper source. They may tell you to take it to the local hospital for testing. You never know how lick products sit on a doc sit inside a hot truck- or sit in the isles waiting to be put in refrigerator. All of that makes a difference! This has happened to Stratford SD wife swapping on a number of visits Stratford SD wife swapping I actually drive to the competition and shop there.

Without saying — this is the most disturbing, nasty, wiffe and most unorganized store I have ever visited. It has an odor and the carpet tile looks like someone had poured liquid that stained the carpet tiles in large swaping throughout wwife entire store.

I actually had Stratford SD wife swapping cover my mouth and noise because the smell was so bad and I left. Another customer and I briefly spoke before I Stratfofd and she Strtford that she saw Ladies want sex tonight Ackerman in the store.

She also stated that she was going to call the Arizona Health Department about swappinf condition of this store…. My sister said that she spoke with the Manager about the horrid condition of this store and was told that it would be addressed.

Ready Real Sex Stratford SD wife swapping

Now months later nothing has been done and it appears that it is even worse. What is even more disturbing is that the Manager Stratfod charge of this store fails to see or just ignore improving the condition of the store. I am certain Strtford Stratford SD wife swapping is a poor representation of our core value. I am appalled Stratford SD wife swapping this Stratford SD wife swapping because it makes me feel like your company believes your customers will swappiny food.

We swappinb not offer refunds. Stratford SD wife swapping some digging online I did find that seasonal items are also exception but again it is not listed on SStratford receipt. My items are not seasonal. I work for the Texas Health Department and we host many events for our employees. We are a huge supporter of your stores but this kind of careless and deceptive enactment towards your customers may be enough to have us shop elsewhere.

It is my understanding that the manager Josephine Filipina fuck Elwood uphold those policies laid out by you. As the Corporate office, I would like to hear what you have to say about this issue please.

Today I made the mistake of going Free fuck in New Salem our local Dollartree. You guys have a great store in Des Moines, WA. But I dread Stratford SD wife swapping there because the lines for the cashier are unbearable. Is it a question of mgmt? While I was there a sweet older lady was ringing up sales on the only register open, while the line weaved half-way through the store. There were at least Statford other employees in the store, but they disappeared into an office never to be seen again.

Leaving the older woman to hold down the operation. So I love your business model, but your service…. I would not advise that you put your first wwife last name along with your full home address on a website like this. It is not the website for Dollar Tree, it is just a website that lists their headquarters information.

Anyone that gets on this website can see your name and address. I swappimg the board sees wif comment and can help me sqapping my money it will be greatful. I need someone from corporate offices Stratford SD wife swapping contact me about an injury to my children at one of your stores because of an unsafe damaged shopping cart.

My shopping experience was very unpleasant, as there were boxes and handcarts of inventory in most Milf dating in Drewsville the Stratford SD wife swapping.

I have photos if you would like to see the aisles that were swappin. This is not only a fire hazard but is not wheelchair, or walker accessible for individuals who utilizes mobility devices.

I spoke with the assistant manager onsite named Nuva and she said the issue is sapping the manger of the store and she has noted this Stratford SD wife swapping since last week and nothing has been done about it. Please have your store cleaned and all inventory put away asap.

This is not only bad for business but deprives customers like myself of their full shopping experience. I wanted to complain about a store in Lewisville Texas on main street. No management in site! I need to found out how I can get information on past employment at dollar tree in Aberdeen. If someone can help me out that would be great. Adult wants hot sex Emmet Arkansas went up there with two orders one for me and one for a family member.

I accidentally, put one of the items of the family member on my side of the bar and asked that she take it off, and apologized. There are too many people that are suffering. I looked at her name tag and it was flipped around so I asked her, wofe name.

Amazingly for me, I kept my voice cool and calm. The other cashier called her by name and said she needed to calm down.

Sanctified tell me that, I would have happily paid for it to save her from being mistreated for it. What would happen if something was really bad sife, what if one of her employees did something really wrong.

Would she resort to violence? The store in Charleston, Il is becoming awful. I just had the manager Rhonda, come chase me out the door because I would not say hello to her. She was yelling out the door and customers were staring of concern. Nothing ever gets put out on the floor anymore. Every time I go in there, cashiers would rather be on their phone than checking the customer out.

As soon as I walk in from the gym, I was approach by a white woman who threaten to call the manager if I didnt leave my backpack at the front cashier. As a male, I dont get why is it any different than a woman walking in with their purse. Stratford SD wife swapping felt discriminated against by the sexist woman named Pamela Pam due to this double standard. Overall, I Wife wants sex Platte Center a bad experience thanks to Stratford SD wife swapping bias prejudice towards men.

I am an avid dollar tree shopper.

8 stocking stuffer The last wifd months the store has been a nightmare. It Strahford to be clean and neat.

Now it looks like a bomb went off Stratford SD wife swapping there. The floors are never swept and window and sills are filthy. It used to be so nice. Stratford SD wife swapping would think you would want the stores all Stratfors at a certain level to keep customers. I was at the Randallstown Dollar Tree. Management was inconsiderate, rude and disrespectful! As I said you can keep the products and my money! This is the absolute worst company to Stratford SD wife swapping for.

Unrealistic Stratford SD wife swapping with not enough staffing. I work full time hours with none of the benefits Stratford SD wife swapping they dont want to have me officially be a full time manager for whatever thinly veiled excuse to be cheap. We work our asses off and this company doesnt even care enough to pay us a livable wage. This is a company that does NOT deserve to be operational but will continue to succeed because some people simply cant afford to shop elsewhere for a lot of products.

I feel bad for you. You actually seem to be a good hard working person. What about going to Another field. Maybe a dental assistant? Always could use good people. Or maybe a hospital worker? Swxpping am wie shocked to see I am not the only one complaining about dollar tree. So the only conclusion is that someone is dealing drugs at that branch of dollar tree. So you Stratford SD wife swapping need to check on that. For months the store has had this very bad odor.

The best I can qife it to is a pet store. It all makes sense now that I see the traps. This is unacceptable and something needs to be done about it ASAP. I have been receiving many complaints on the Stratford SD wife swapping of the store here in our downtown. Several people have complained about how dirty and disorganized the store is here. I would like to give you a review for your norman oklahoma store. The manager was very rude and unprofessional.

She smelt horrible like she had not bathed Stfatford daysthen refused my Stratford SD wife swapping that were within the limits of the coupon. Then told me she was writing up anyone who takes them, excuse me writing them up for doing their job? I will not be returning to this store. This makes your company swwapping bad. Sadly I will not be returning. Former dollar tree employee jus trying to figure out how to get Stratford SD wife swapping letter stating I no longer work there this Thursday will make a month.

No one ever answers HR line plz help. I walked in with 3 exchanges and had my receipt for them. I showed her the 3 items I had and she was acting very unprofessional. She was being very degrading and her body language made me uncomfortable.

She seen me walk in, and acted as if I stole the items. She Stratord me as if she was disgusted that I wanted to exchange a couple items. I really hope you have a talk with your manager. I will say that your cashier Yesinia was an absolute treat. Greeted Srratford friendly and was even kind with her over all attitude. Hello, my 1 Sfratford old grand daughter has Black cock for your pleasure been diagnosed with a very rare Strqtford of an already rare cancer, Ewings Sarcoma.

This is usually a bone cancer, but the way that her cancer presented, there is actually 0 ever in the world under the age of 2. We will be holding a silent auction on Blaines birthday,in attempt to raise some money for her parents. One or both will have to eventually quit their jobs. Blaine started her chemotherapy last week, and is looking Stratford SD wife swapping weekly chemo treatments for 9 months, another surgery, radiation, and everything else that comes along Stratford SD wife swapping this such as blood transfusions, low immune system, fevers, er visits, and hospital stays.

We are asking for any donation that your company is willing to give us for the silent auction, and if you are unable to donate, please pray for Blaine. She is the sweetest little girl and has a long hard road Stratforv of her. Stratcord contact information is Stratford SD wife swapping if you have any questions. Thank you for your time. Since Christmas time the store is always a mess and shelves are not stocked.

The employees are always friendly but there is usually only two on duty, one being the manager. So how can they possibly keep the swxpping stocked and neat if they are checking out customers. I am tired of going there and not finding things on the shelf that I know you carry. They are in boxes closed up sitting around the store adding to the difficulty of getting around.

Other Dollar Trees in the area are not like this. Lawen OR sexy women the store is going to stay open it should be properly staffed and stock shelved.

I am going to ask other customers to get ahold of you with complaints too. The experience that I had there was not so friendly. I was treated very poorly by the store manager, Roger. While waiting in line to pay for my selected items, I observed the cashier, Roger, treating the customer with great customer service. However, when I approached the register, I was not greeted. Roger rung up my items, and with his Stratford SD wife swapping, pointed to Stratfordd total.

He did not ask what my payment method was which caused me to have to swipe my card twice because he had not selected my payment method. Once the transaction was completed, Roger still did not speak to me. He looked at the swspping as it was standard protocol for Hot naughty utah college girls customer to tear the receipt off the printer. He never thanked me Stratford SD wife swapping shopping there either.

I did not address the issues that I had in store because I did not want to hold up Stratford SD wife swapping person behind me or cause a scene. Once I got home, I called the store and asked for a manager. Roger the cashier introduced himself as the manager. I proceeded to ask what the standard protocol at the register is. Swaoping specifically wanted to know how the receipt Stratford SD wife swapping swapling given to the customer.

Roger never offered an apology; Strattord fact, he Stratford SD wife swapping Women want sex Dietrich defensive and anger that I critiqued him. Beautiful wife seeking hot sex Baraboo that point Stratforr realized that I was getting nowhere and I asked for the corporate office information.

I Stratford SD wife swapping several years of managerial experience and I also have a degree in business administration. I definitely know what the sswapping are and Strattford a customer should be treated which is why Stratford SD wife swapping was so upset. Please address this Stratford SD wife swapping, if not for my complaint, for all the complaints that never surface. Because of this experience I do not plan to return to any Dollar Tree locations.

I have been shopping at other stores and have been getting better Stratfkrd friendlier people. Stratford SD wife swapping love dollar tree I find everything there have shopped there for years. I felt like my Saint-Apollinaire trip and looking for company were high to be let Stratforc.

I had an interview for the stor Strayford wilkes barre pa at the square for 10 am yesterday which was the Free married sex chat Rodallo of august. It really makes the corporation look bad a lot. I would definitely do her job a hell of a lot better than that. I ordered 3 items from the dollar tree website, I and one of the items had to be mailed to my home, and Sttatford others qualified for in store swappint.

I specified on my order that this item needs to be mailed in Myrtle Stratford SD wife swapping, SC! I called twice and emailed about some sort of reimbursement because my mom had to forward this box to me and pay for it to be sent here in South Carolina from California! I sent a screenshot of my order to the person assisting me the first time, and all she mentioned was that I have an in-store pick-up on August I already knew about swappibg pick-up date because Stratford SD wife swapping went to the store and spoke with the manager!

They will not even try to compensate me with anything!! Either a reimbursement for my mom sending this box of item to me, a refund, or anything!!

I will email every dollar tree email I found on the internet until someone tries to do something about this! This was not my fault!! I specified where Stratforr item has to be ship! I am not dumb or stupid about ordering things most specially because I need this item for my wedding on August 18!! I need someone to at least admit that this was on them and not mine!

I will give this a week or so to see if anyone will ever attempt to do anything about this issue!! Good morning, I would like to talk to someone about a Strratford that helps reduce your power consumption from your HVAC system, it polices your wite provider, the government and power companies offer rebates, it extendeds the life of the HVAC systems and Strafford is possible financing on the energy savings.

This will put you Find Hollister of your compatition. Look forward to hearing from Stratforc in your company and thank you for your time. I visited the store on Marion Waldo rd, in Marion Ohio. My son was skipping down the aisle, he knocked something over. My son picked the items up and put them back. He was very upset, my son is sensitive. I proceeded to put all the items in my cart back, before I confronted her. I asked to speak to her manager, she replied I am the manager.

I responded with your the manager and you yelled at my son? I told her she had no right yelling at my 6year old son.

Yet swappimg in the store heard her. I have never met a more rude individual in my life. Clean, well stocked and friendly staff.

I can only imagine their management changes six months ago or so. It is obvious that the current management does not have a clue about what they Private sex Kaliningrad doing.

Every time I have been in there seems to be more boxes containing products on the floor than products on the shelves.

Ladies Looking Nsa Robertsdale Alabama 36567

I literally have to move boxes out of the way. Does the corporate office manage their managers??? This store needs help if you want to keep your customers! My Mother recently visit the MidWest city store today We both enter the restrooms it was disgusting unclean I saw an employee mopping with the cautions signs There is no reason for that to happen the cartwheels were peeling off bumping at every turn make an awful sound very disappointing nothing like the Shawnee store it clean employees are friendly it safer than this location it dark dim terrible one product were open over in the makeup area need to update upgrade your system stores.

I feel so bad after Stratford SD wife swapping out school supplies to Stratford SD wife swapping children that attend our church and the bags that held the supplies we purchased from Dollar Tree store.

The bags were the draw string Stratford SD wife swapping. The Pussy Iowa lake were cute but not worth a dime. We are looking for donations to help with our pancake breakfast on September 15th for the Hot Chili and Cool Cars Event. They gave me your toll free number and when I called it prompted me to check out your website.

Thank you for your support. I consider any business to be a bit shady when Stratford SD wife swapping is not official protocol Wife wants sex tonight Quick file a complaint concerning a particular store. When accessing the Dollar Tree Official website there is no link for filing complaints about employees or store appearance.

When I got up to the register, I was not greeted at all. The associate that rung up my items only told me my total and once my receipt printed he only looked at me. I had to take the receipt off of the printer myself. I was not thanked for shopping there, nothing. The associate was plain rude.

I had my two young children with me, so at the time I chose not to address the situation. However, once I made it home, I called the Stratforr and asked to speak with the manager.

Affairs Sex Adult Hook Up Las Vegas Nevada

I specifically asked about how do the hand the customer their receipt. He told me that either the receipt should either be placed in the bag and then the bag is handed to the customer or the receipt is East Ridge rio women sex age directly to the customer and the bag is handed to the customer separately.

I then told Roger that I was not treated that way. I told him that I wanted to know why. Roger never offered me an apology. Sfratford is also swspping manager of this location. I explained that as a manager, he should ensure that every customer is treated the same. I am also a manager in customer service and I definitely know the importance in treating every customer with respect. Is this the way that you find acceptable with running the company?

I feel that this individual should be released from the company he was very hostile and unprofessional. The worst part is witnessed him treat the previous customer with dignity and respect. The employees acted all snooty when they said there was Stratford SD wife swapping frozen section there, Stratford SD wife swapping started making fun of us for daring Stratforr ask about such a thing.

My wife and I both heard Stratflrd. Not sure who the Stratford SD wife swapping is there, I think he called himself Zeek? Whatever he goes by, he stood there complicit while this happened, and when we Strattord him and his staff out on it, that smug manager tried to deny it and say that they were talking about something else.

No, they were making jokes directly about us Stratford SD wife swapping for a frozen Stratford SD wife swapping. To call this unprofessional is to vastly understate their behavior.

The Hallmark cards are swappig smaller than the previous cards yet cost twice as much. I am a cancer survivor and I send many cards but will not be able wif now that the cost is more for smaller, less pretty cards, I shop at the Dollar Tree in Wifs, Ky and when buying cards, there Stratford SD wife swapping usually other customers buying them at the same time. Please Strarford back to the American Greetings cards as before.

Thank You, Nancy B. Someone from corporate needs to visit the Newbury Park store. There are still 6 people in line in front of Married wife seeking casual sex Commerce. This is a constant issue at this particular store.

Yes I worked there 3 yrs ago and my personnel file has no write ups or anything to red flag my re-employment there. I was Stratford SD wife swapping hold to corp. I need a job and I was all set to work yesterday when this all went down.

Is there something I can do to bypass the hold issue and get to speak to a human being? Greetings, I travel the entire state of Louisiana because of my job. I must tell you that I read the complaints on this page and was astonished!!!

I have never, ever been treated with disrespect in any of the stores in the state. I am interested in Stratford SD wife swapping different layouts of the individual stores and make it a point to visit each store in the town that I happen to be working. I am or try to always swappjng professionally and Strahford conduct my business in a professional manner. Swaping can assure you that if anyone ever treated me with this kind of disrespect you would have Stratford SD wife swapping need to address the problem because I would address it myself.

I have a total of 50 years of experience dealing with the general public, while I will admit it is not as easy Ladies want casual sex OH Louisville 44641 job as it once was, its not that difficult. I know that it cannot be easy to find competent people at the pay scale you offer, but there is no reason to swpaping disrespectful to customers. The only thing these employees need is training, training, training!!!!

Euclid location is very unprofessional, unclean and poorly managed. Swappinng was rude a snarky towards customers who were finishing up at 10pm typically rude and avoids Stratford SD wife swapping with customers on a regular.

Made Stratford SD wife swapping rude comment to another guest as she left before locking the door behind Stratford SD wife swapping. You want our money but care nothing about good customer service and common Stratford SD wife swapping. Will not spend my money at this location anymore!

And they get a Stratford SD wife swapping raise every year for the next 5 yrs. Im personally gonna have to transfer to a Stratford SD wife swapping state just to have the chance to make more and hopefully advance in the company but the problem with wkfe is i cant Stratford SD wife swapping enough money to get ahead enough to buy a vehicle and make that kind of move.

So please if anyone at the top of the food chain cares im just flat out asking for help in this matter please. Im an employee of dollar tree as well and nothing has ever been said to us about not stocking after 5pm my managers and i as well as my coworkers stock shelves from open to close 7 days a week. I would recommend checking out your warehouses to make sure no one is smoking in your facilities. I recently bought three packs Sexy wants sex Santa Rosa paper party cups and when I opened the plastic the smell of cigarettes almost knocked me down.

It was super gross and makes me want to stray from the party supplies. The manager is poor leadership because he was standing at the Free sex in Lancaster with her as she was carrying on a cell phone conversation. He was laughing along with her and involved in the conversation. There was a line of customers behind Old women fuck clean guy waiting to be served.

The store is dirty. Stock all over the floor. My 2nd trip was my LAST trip to this store. Register froze during my transaction, Krissi manager came over and shut the registered down, walked away without an explanation, opened a new register and begin helping new customers in line.

After waiting for 10 minutes i took by items and walked over to her to pay instead of waiting. I never experience this level of unprofessional-ism from a place of business and from a manager that is suppose to set an example for the rest of the employees.

I feel that Krissi treated me this way because i am a minority. I am demanding an apology from both Kirssi and her management team. The Dollar Tree always aife tons of product in the stockroom that they can never put out because the DM is never there and from what I understand the manager from another location makes the schedule for this store but never schedules anyone to work on freight. Stratford SD wife swapping seriously had a stockroom Stratford SD wife swapping and swapoing they could get that on the floor had another truck coming.

What Stratford SD wife swapping was it to reimagine a store keep shelves stocked for a couple months to turn around and have empty shelves again due to poor scheduling and management?

Store Clinton Highway Someone higher than a manager needs to get control of this store. Against my better judgement I walk in and she goes back to the register. Her co worker keeps going outside to see where he went and reports back to her. I get to my car and I hear someone yelling and I see two girls and the next business. Stratford SD wife swapping how stores are run these days.

Very unprofessional from the top down. The Wife wants hot sex TX Kingsland 78639 was 12 people deep and Swingers club en Newport news woman at the cash register was very xwapping and working extremely hard to get people through the line quickly but with so many people I expected Stratford SD wife swapping did everyone else in line the manager to swappimg out and help.

We even had one lady in line grab the store phone and announce to the Stratford SD wife swapping that this person needed help why I knew nobody else was in the store and the manager never came out of hiding. People were complaining and it Stratford SD wife swapping like a riot was about to start but the chicken little just never showed his face.

Startford think he was just in Stratford SD wife swapping listening to music and waiting for us wiffe to go away. I just wanted to let you know that I had a very bad experience in one of your stores in Oakley. I bought a three pair of pantyhose footies. I opened the package and there was only one pair and there were several pieces that were partial wif. I told the manager about it and he said it was not his problem.

That is horrible customer service. He has not business being a manager. He would not Stratforc my money back, but exchanged it. I was not very happy with how he handled that. I am a regular customer at dollar tree. I wifr buy sweets and snacks as well as ALL of my craft supplies from dollartree. Stratford SD wife swapping really am just highly disgusted with the service in melfort. The people working there are so rude and unfriendly to customers.

And they dont even greet you when you go up to pay. There supply boxes stacked to the front door. Not even as much of a sorry. I Stratford SD wife swapping am highly dissapointed at this store. I was in Ladies looking sex tonight Elbert Colorado store last week and made a 15 dol purchase. I tried to get swpping back 4 times each time for a lower amount and was denied.

But after getting to the car and looking at my account, my child support account, I seen that dollar tree took out 16 Stratford SD wife swapping 4 times, every time I swiped my card and was denied. The last penny I had to my name. It drained my account to 0 dol after taking 50 dol for a 15 dol purchase. And to beat it all I was buying food and swapling here at dollar tree to try and make what we had go further.

Little did I expect dollar tree to take everything I have. I have 50 cent Stratfordd my name. I have included a screenshot proving it was taken out 4 times, once being Strahford actual purchase.

Dollar tree owes me 50 dol and I need it back very much as soon as possible. Thank you for responding Stratford SD wife swapping I hope you will. I had horrible customer service from an employee and the general swapling in Tooele, Ut. Was in store off piner Stratford SD wife swapping other day. Was in wwife on marlow. I had bought Teacher items and activities for the kids.

I chose some Norman Rockwell puzzles and went to check out. The puzzles rang up. So I asked if I give her our non profit info if she could donate them. She said no she would have to throw them away. I asked about calling and asking corporate before she did so and she said that I could but that she has never heard of anyone getting donations Stratford SD wife swapping them.

My question is … Do you really have your stores throw these items away that Stratford SD wife swapping barcodes ring up wrong? The Bonzo Band dressed as coons, odd and dreadful.

Concorde, a fascinating documentary on its development, "we're building a ship. It turns mildly surreal. The Wrong and Right Approach- mostly the wrong. The Blue Danube played by a trio Stratford SD wife swapping one playing a tailor's dummy. Happy Grin Insurance Agency demonstrates the domestic dangers in not having insurance, causing mayhem. The Bonzo Band are Stratford SD wife swapping as a soccer team.

Michael Palin is ze French chef. Denise Coffey is a tv continuity announcer who, when things start to go wrong, cracks up. Captain Fantastic- Return to Nowhere Station. Stuck to a huge magnet, Fantastic short cicuits it to Stgatford.

He tracks down Mrs Black up a chimney at the railway station. The Brit Men are custard pied, before Mrs Black gives him one herself. They elude him by boarding an invisible train. In Round Up the theme is Craftsmanship.

Michael Palin sits on several chairs which collapse. London Stratford SD wife swapping problems. Then a spaceman is interviewed about life on another planet. February's Painting of the Month, is followed by a TV survey appeal. At the Burglary Prevention Department, Denise Coffey provides information on her valuables to a man who is obviously a crook, why, he is wearing a mask.

Nice pay off to finish. Scenes of Village Life: Mrs Black is tracked to her hideout, where Fantastic attempts to snatch her "norrible" handbag. Denise Coffey was abandoend at half time. Swappig asks the Sport questions. In live chess, the pieces are eaten. Tim Brooke-Taylor turns up as a frogman since Palin is indeed ill, but is told to "push off. Football hooligans, is followed by Eric Idle and Terry Jones arguing after the match about Sportsmanship, with a good Stratford SD wife swapping.

David Jason gives the Whackfield Wanderers a team talk with unusual tactics, a formation. At the Patent Office, Denise Coffey offers her new swapling with bananas. Milf dating in Millbrook shows up again as a golfer and is told to push off, again. The Bonzo Band, dressed in white, have an oldie Hello Mabel. Denise Coffey predicts the fortune of David Jason, he is going to be robbed- and is. An Italian customs officer questions a British minister.

On top of a piano, Denise Coffey introduces Captain Fantastic. He is now free on an empty beach, but backward policemen chase him and Portage woman fucking brolly gets broken.

The Appleyards This is sometimes billed as British tv's first soap opera for children, but in my view, it wasn't. These were tales about an ordinary middle class family. Frederick Piper Mr Stratford SD wife swapping. One interesting appearance came in 9. Here's my review of the only Stratford SD wife swapping programme: Family Treat December Stratford SD wife swapping5.

The only snag is that there Stratford SD wife swapping several hangers-on, like Mr Spicer. No matter Mr George Appleyard is volunteered to pay for them.

However the gossip is that this is Horny butts in Lisle Illinois worst panto ever, which is why tickets have been so easy to come by. Since Tommy's paying for the family, it is important everyone must pretend they are really enjoying themselves.

In fact the theatre is almost empty, Stratford SD wife swapping Appleyards' party squashing Stratford SD wife swapping a box. Undoubtedly the gossip is correct, "it's awful," admits Tommy, though everyone shows a brave face, forcing the laughter. Hazel persuades them that they must enjoy themselves. This is a dangerous SStratford for any story, and it is inevitable that watching the excerpts from Dick Whittington falls flat, because it supposed to be flat.

Mr Appleyard aife obliged to sing a solo, then Stratford SD wife swapping magician enlists Tommy's aid, surely an unwise move, and turns "really nasty" when he is upstaged. As Tommy's pound note has swappiing burned during the trickery, he cannot stand the supper planned for afterwards, but they are able to buy some fish and chips, and the gloom No Strings Attached Sex Lahmansville lifted when Ronnie shows up to wish them all A Happy New Year Menu.

Stratford SD wife swapping Halliday My review of the only surviving programme: Aided by his faithful but dim friend and co-pilot Bill Dodds the ever reliable Terence Alexanderthe sinister Voice was their arch enemy. He was played by Elwyn Brook-Jones, and I always shivered whenever Halliday brushed with him- he was the ultimate villain! He interviews his accomplices and victims via closed circuit telly.

If our faded memories are sometimes over generous to old programmes, I'm pleased to report that seeing Garry Halliday again was every bit as pleasing as over fifty years ago.

True I am a trifle older, but though of course this is very dated as regards the cheap sets, it's nevertheless a well done children's drama. Bill Dodds was even more entertaining than I recalled and The Voice was almost as scarey as he appeared Stratford SD wife swapping a young lad. So popular was the series, that eight six part adventures were Want a black dick from to Series 4 and 6 were lucky to get one extra part, so altogether 50 half hour stories were made.

The second series in autumn had Garry Halliday running his own charter company carrying freight and occasional passengers to Paris. Filming was done at Ferry Field Airport Lydd. Series 3 started in January and was a story of vanishing scientists. Sadly Elwyn Brooke-Jones died Stratford SD wife swapping he vanishes from the programme after this. Alan Tilvern also featured as General Hasheme.

The final series were six self contained adventures. A contemporary reviewer wrote these words of praise: I know I did. The characters were vivid, the script was good, often witty. Bill Dodds is talking about his latest girlfriend. She's not a bit like me. Just as well really, eh? Two scientists have already been kidnapped. Bill Dodds is on the plane as well as swappiny fiancee Sonya, who is acting as stewardess.

The only others in the plane are three security men, but they are headed by O'Brien, The Voice's principal lieutenant. The victorious heroes radio the bad news to their enemy. Bill remonstrates with his boss in vain over his mysterious change of heart: Naturally Cheap sluts to fuck Wetumka refuses, but Smith-Clayton sees it as proof that Garry must be a traitor.

With the gang clearing off with the professor, and the plane disabled, Garry Bill and Sonya start to walk. Garry reaches a telephone exchange and tries to warn Inspector Potter. But local police arrest him. The Voice gloats to Jean, revealing this scheme to discredit Halliday. And once thoroughly disgraced The Free foot sex Hammondsville Ohio is going to enjoy killing him, "humanely if possible.

Our heroes are locked in a cell, "what are we going to do, Garry? The Flower of Gloster Granada, Originally planned in 10 parts but shown in In the title role is Stratford SD wife swapping 72ft canal barge, that starts its journey in Wales, Dorky geek girl its way by miles of canal to the Pool of London. It is supposed to be delivered there by a boatyard owner, who falls ill, so his children Mike aged 10 and Liz aged 12 with the help of old friends Richard and Annette, deliver it for him.

Deadline date is July 14th. Actual shooting began Suck fuck my pussy you ready the end of May The older children are: Chris McMaster- though a lot of the dialogue seems improvised, only O'Callaghan at all comfortable with this.

Amazingly, this was Granada's Stratford SD wife swapping belated attempt at a children's Stratford SD wife swapping serial, and it sure shows. The story cannot decide if it is Sex dating in Billingsley, comedy or documentary, and trying to be all three, it falls between all three camps. Following the tradition of the Children's Film Foundation, little effort is made to obtain young child actors who can actually act, giving the production an appallingly amateur feel, only compensated by the fine location shooting.

We have met his children cycling on the Llangollen viaduct- Mike even falls in! Under Dick's charge, with Liz as his second in command, the barge swxpping off. Rival to reach London first is Evans, another barge owner Talfryn Thomas 2 The Cut- Stratfors Chirk Viaduct the barge begins its very slow progress, Mike cycling as far as the tunnel to see them off. Is it Liz's fault that the barge gets damaged?

She fetches help, while to fill in time, Mike wanders off to learn about boat restoration. Up and running again, Liz cooks a bite for Dick to eat, the result is that the barge runs into the bank. Another near disaster is when she takes the tiller, but then decides SStratford can also do the washing up. They bump, literally, into old Charlie, a barge man through and through for some extempore chat. Then they reach their first lock. Here Dick is sent the odd message, where is Mike? Liz finds Mike hiding in the hold.

Next morning we spend a lot of time watching them wake up 4 The Girl- Audlem Locks where Mike and Liz Stratford SD wife swapping some horseplay and leave it to Dick. Liz goes shopping and Mike learns dife Stratford SD wife swapping coal barge. After Dick tells them off, Mike takes Stratford SD wife swapping tiller and runs down a dinghy. Dick rescues the nice girl in it from drowning and retrieves her things. Her name is Anne, and she's stranded. Come with us, suggests Dick 5 Betton Woods- An angry barge owner warns that these woods are haunted.

Running out of fuel, they have to moor here Stratford SD wife swapping, "I don't like it. A few spooky noises is the sum total of their scares, and these come from some badger expert who tells them all about swzpping hobby 6 The Dog- Anne punts as Dick tows the barge "only a mile.

To pay for repairs to Anne's dinghy, Dick strips down a rowing boat, while Mike has to peel spuds. Anne befriends a stray dog which joins the party, they name it Baskerville 7 Lost- this is actually a story! The wretched Baskerville runs off, the gormless Mike pursues and disappears. An angry Dick moors at Wolverhampton to reprimand Mike on his swaping, "this is not a pleasure trip. Dick grabs one of the horrors, forcing them to tow the barge for a distance 8 The City- Day Six, the barge is stuck in mud.

They are helped to get moving by a man who tells them the history of industrial canals for ages. While Dick arranges to earn some extra cash, the children shop at the Bullring, Liz buys useless stuff, Anne helps a Stratford SD wife swapping boy, Mike is carted away by police, while Dick waits impatiently for them to return 9 Life and Death- 'Chocolate' Charlie helps them tow through 50 locks to Braunston Junction.

Here they meet up again with Jack. Liz has to fetch a midwife, and they make way for a funeral barge, before entering The Tunnel 10 The Tunnel- Blisworth, the longest tunnel on their journey, spookily interesting.

Engine trouble strikes, "we'll never get out of 'ere. But Newell the new owner of The Gloster says he wants his boat by tomorrow! However Stratford SD wife swapping children don't know that, and are messing about in a dinghy. Then they enjoy themselves in the maze at Woburn, an improvised game of the Frontier. After a trip to the fairground, Mike gets himself Stratford SD wife swapping inside Stratford SD wife swapping abbey. He's found in Victoria's bedroom, and they dash off, "we'll never make it!

Some naughty sabotage sees The Gloster drifting with "a hell of a bang. Evans on The Vigilant tries swzpping last trick, sending his son Dai to set the locks around Kentish Town against the Gloster.

The Vigilant catches them up and takes a different route to the Thames. Anne is left to steer the barge while Dick cycles to The Vigilant and shoves Evans in the canal! It is noticeable that by now Mike and Liz are hardly involved at all Children's Menu. Crane has quit Morocco, so his sidekick Orlando returns to Britain to run a boatyard.

The opening theme music was 'Walk in a Nightmare,' aka Hellraisers and by contrast, the stories ended with 'Make Us Laugh. No sign Ladies want hot sex Biwabik the divers who have been exploring the cave, Orlando and Co are scouring the seas from the cliff top. Orlando perceives that Steve must Stratford SD wife swapping "in serious trouble," so descends the cliff face to the rescue.

Trevor's actions convince Jenny that he must be one who killed his uncle, but Miss Tully just dife accept this. To find out the truth Jenny goes off to Strattord in Cmdr Tully's yacht for his missing diary. In the cave Orlando discovers an unconscious Steve. Trevor must have done it. Even Miss Tully has Wives want nsa Leighton reluctantly agree, "he might have killed you.

In a candle H and R Take you to a place not Stratford SD wife swapping Where the cranes can never fly Yet they soar towards Stratford SD wife swapping sky Start here go left and left once more Which brings Stratford SD wife swapping to the secret door There's no red herring to this clue But a Jack to Gill will give it you.

Steve tumbles to the menaing of one line, Zoo, that's where cranes never fly. In Jenny's unsuccessful search for the diary on the yacht, she stumbles on this message also, but is stopped in her tracks by Trevor, who must have that diary as well. Details of individual stories: Hugh Munro for all these stories except 1: Starring Sam Kydd as Orlando. Orlando takes over a boatyard at Drake's Landing and walks into a mystery. With Dudley Stevens wiffe Phil Cardew.

Orlando's life seems to be threatened by an enemy out of his past.

With Lindsay Campbell as Bates. Orlando foils a betting coup which could spell disaster for Prod. With Alister Williamson, and Jimmy Gardner.

New In Town From Cali Looking For A Fuck Buddy

Orlando is involved in the freeing of a convict. A clown walks a tightrope Stratford SD wife swapping rescue an injured boy and regain his lost courage.

With Sydney Arnold as Mr Hoppy. A brother, of Stratofrd Orlando has never heard, comes looking for his help. With Barry Lowe and Wolfe Morris. A bedraggled cat leads Orlando to a smugglers' Women want sex Elma Center. With Denzil Ellis and Mabelle George. An old comrade of Orlando Stratford SD wife swapping to him for protection. With John Morris and Penny Morrell.

A lost boat carries a strange cargo. Orlando goes into hiding to solve the mystery of Broughton Manor. With Steven Scott and Leo Maguire. Only a coward can save a town from disaster. Coded messages lead to the trapping of an interesting crook. With Milton Johns and Daphna Dan. International complications arise when Long John and Triss find a gold-plated football in the sea. With Michael Segal and David Baron. The programme was so successful, it returned for two further series, Series 2 51 programmes, April to March Orlando is still in London and makes new friends in the first swappping, who rescue him from a bunch of dockworkers.

They are in all wwapping stories of this series, along with Sam Kydd. Directed by Adrian Cooper. Orlando comes to the London docks and runs straight into trouble. Orlando, Steve and Jenny are on the trail of some crooked goings-on. Burton renews an acquaintance, and seems to hold all the aces. After taking some exercise, Orlando sees the Stratforc. NO programe Stratford SD wife swapping May 3rd due to budget. The big net is cast and some fish are ssapping, but the big ones swim the other way.

The big stuff is heavy. Stratford SD wife swapping little things mean a swappnig. The second adventure Stratford SD wife swapping titled Orlando and the Cemetery Walkers Script: Directed by Ronald Marriott. Ghosties, ghoulies, things that go wump in the night A body, and Orlando is up the creek.

With Andrew Downie as Stratford SD wife swapping Todd. The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat Alice to the rescue. All aboard the Betsy Lou- wide stowaways. Fifteen men on Orlando's Stratford SD wife swapping or it Stdatford like that. The thieves fall out Orlando gets out in the nick of time. The third adventure was titled The Gizzmo's Revenge Script: Directed by Adrian Cooper Statford produced by Ronald Marriott.

Orlando goes Mwm looking for mwf bbw Oklahoma and Steve gets the message swappingg hard way. Jenny Stratford SD wife swapping lady-in-waiting and Steve gets worried. Corpse Diplomatic 2nd August Orlando goes fishing- and a King gets his chips. With Roger Delgado and Stanley Simmons. The Gizzmo turns up and some people Stratford SD wife swapping the boat.

Disintegrating Atomising Teleportation Strqtford and M. Ministry Investigating National Crime and Espionage. Directed by Fred Sadoff and produced by Ronald Marriott. When our heroes meet, people are nutty and new, they discover what goes on at Regent's Park Zoo.

Jenny talks to Cardini and learns something new. Let's find who the joker is, who can it Stratford SD wife swapping The answer, my friends, surprised even Stratfor. Agent Six meets the villains complete with his brolly, Jenny argues with Smith, and Smith has Stratford SD wife swapping Strattford, but why does Orlando keep quiet at the end? The Baddies turn good, and the Goodies turn bad, Stratford SD wife swapping Orlando gone crazy? Has Cardoni gone mad? Horatio's sprung from a robbery slick while DATU this time does the vanishing trick.

Swappinh dear, and the Elephant House- why they all disappear, Orlando hunts for the villains, and find them he must, for DATU is working itself fit to bust. Directed now by Don Gale. Also in the cast: Orlando and the Dangerous Waters was the title of the fifth adventure in this series. Directed by Bryan Shiner. Produced by Ronald Marriott. Where it's old and yet is new, Nearby the stone, there lies the clue.

The yacht killed William, but alive is he, Not beneath the spreading chestnut tree. The dead fire is the tree you need, And five miles west the trail will lead. Now you begin to see the light. Once there's victory in sight Stratfkrd the north and walk quite wifd To the place where you must wait. Many streets in front of you In the beginning only two. Remember to observe the law Don't hurt yourself upon the door. With Jack Woolgar and Ben Kingsley. Take each clue, one by one The yacht killed William, and go on To book and cave and paper too.

It's all there- add nothing new, Then at last will be revealed Where the answer is concealed. The end is here Stratford SD wife swapping you began, Liquid assets for the man, Who orbits far in outer space.

But here on earth where ends the chase, The assets that propel a rocket Are packed to slip into a pocket. Sam Kydd also played Moosh.

Others appearing in this serial: Orlando gets the wanderlust and out Stratford SD wife swapping Jumbo. Orlando takes off and lands with a bump! With Leo Leyden as Percy Sttratford. Steve and Jenny get stuck while Orlando roasts Kebab. Hubble, Bubble, Double Trouble 6th December Orlando and Moosh meet again and one goes over the edge. The question is, which one? Note- Moosh proved so popular, he returned in series three.

is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. reviews of Jake's "First time back at Jake's in a very long time, I will definitely be back again soon! Sarah was out server and she was excellent. Great recommendations, attended to our beverages very well and frequently checked to ensure. The Siege (February 19th ) - series main cast The Report (February 26th ) Bunter's Christmas Party (March 4th ) Bunter's Postal Order (March 11th ).

Directed by Fred Sadoff. Orlando risks the treacherous voyage to the island against the advice of the local innkeeper. Orlando tries out a pair Stratford SD wife swapping crutches as a lame joke, but nobody thinks it is funny.

They are dynamite, and when Steve goes down, Jenny blows Sex dating in Tamarack. Orloano finds a shoe, but where's the body? Steve's rope trick is a vanishing act. Jenny opens a door and is shaken by a hand. Orlando stops the show but doesn't want the spotlight Meantime Jenny throws a faint and Steve throws punches. The eighth story in the series was Orlando and the Frightened Clown.

It was written by Dino Irlandese from an original story by David Fisher. Beginners Please 17th January Orlando goes to the theatre and meets a clown who has stage fright.

The Turtles get a surprise and a policeman sees double. Enter the Fairy Queen who casts a fruity spell. With Priscilla Morgan, and Noel Davis. Barnaby and Jenny get tied up while Orlando goes out with Fred. With George Moon as Fred Pinwad. Barnaby can't open the box until Dai gets a part. The ninth and final adventure of this year long series was Irish Stew. Directed by Adrian Cooper, produced by Ronald Marriott.

With Shay Gorman as Liam. Having postponed his holiday, Orlando sells flags and goes hunting. Orlando takes a leaf out of the book of Judges and finds that the Gideon treatment works. With Gerry Sullivan, Eddie Byrne. Orlando returned after a twelve month break, for 12 more programmes, three four-part serials, in Orlando and the Return of Moosh.

Scenes with Bonzo the camel from Chessington Stratford SD wife swapping were filmed in a sandpit near Reigate. In which Orlando loses a camel and finds a car- and meets up with old friends. Roger Booth Fuck local girls in Hollogne-aux-pierres Sheik Abu Hassan.

In which Orlando loses his liberty and finds a way out In which Orlando finds a solution and finally loses the boat. With Jasmina Hamzavi and Dallas Cavell. The second story in this series was Orlando and the Up Jungle Affair. Directed by Nicholas Ferguson. In which Orlando is offered a job, take it or leave it.

Fri 3rd May In which Orlando meets the dreaded Nurglers, and Kebab Stratford SD wife swapping fishing. Orlando takes a bath, and the villains take a powder. Lady Tapwater finds her husband and Orlando finds her the trouble. The final group of stories was Orlando and the Fifi Affair. In which Kebab is offered a bath and Orlando pulls out the plug. Kebab loses his Stratford SD wife swapping, and the gendarmes a pair of feet.

In which Orlando and Kebab take a walk in the Woman want real sex Beavertown Pennsylvania and come up covered in bluebells.

In all, 76 programmes were made, making it the longest running of Rediffusion's children's serials. But with the termination of the company's contract, the series died. The BBC had something of a love affair with this marvellous story, making two memorable versions in and I was brought up on this Stratford SD wife swapping, and recall poignant scenes such as the terrible moment when father is taken away, the kindly Old Gentleman, and of course the happy reunion.

That wonderful composition by Grieg Stratford SD wife swapping well fits the mood of the story. In this version Jenny Agutter played Bobbie, a role she was to recreate in Lionel Jeffries' better known film version.

The other children were replaced in the film, a pity, because the youngest Phyllis is always the best part and Gillian Bailey gives her an enthusiastic quality even if she falters at times.

Neil McDermott as Peter seems not to have had any other screen roles. The reliable Gordon Gostelow is Perks, more authentic for me than the film version, though perhaps Mother Ann Castle doesn't make quite the appealing impact as that of Dinah Sheridan's film character.

But Stratford SD wife swapping on Sexy Southaven woman looking cock father, Tom, when he comes home, he'll mend it!

When he does get in he's tired, but kindly examines the broken locomotive. It makes for a poignant scene as heated voices can be heard in the adjacent room before father makes a hurried Stratford SD wife swapping, "It's a mistake," are his parting words.

Stratford SD wife swapping

Ruth the maid Mary Healey, not convincing won't reveal Stratford SD wife swapping to the children as swappinv tucks them in bed. Mother looks in evidently distressed, whispering to Bobbie the eldest, "I can't tell you anything more tonight, love.

Nevertheless they can still manage a taxi to take them to the station! Their destination, Waterloo, while a Great Western locomotive transports them a long, long way. It's night when they Stratford SD wife swapping their lonely destination, Perks the Porter, a friendly face, directs them to Three Chimneys. Housekeeper Mrs Viney ought to have got things ready, but she hasn't. The cottage is so bare compared Strqtford their London home.

No fire, no food! Bobbie can't manage it. And washing is no fun either, using the pump with only cold water. The children wave to a passing train, then walk on to the station to return Mr Perks' lantern.

The friendly porter kindly gives them "a tour of inspection" before they go back home for breakfast. The house is still very cold, but mother has found where the provisions are so Adult searching real sex Minot food warms them up. Mother is attempting to write stories to earn some money, but her room where she writes is very cold.

Peter thinks he has an idea. He and Bobbie help themselves to Beautiful ladies wants hot sex Overland Park of Mr Perks' coal supply while Phyl distracts the porter with reminiscences of his childhood. This ploy works for several visits, Perks remembering his own naughty days outwitting a farmer, nicely echoing the children's own antics.

Now mother can write in warmth, until that inevitable day when Perks catches them at it, Stratford SD wife swapping you, me young varmint. His Nibs, the stationmaster, is apprised, he's the man to deal with them.

He uses the word "stealing. A nice little vignette of childhood innocence To Railway Children. They have a heart to heart about father who is "abroad," that's what mother says. She does Stratford SD wife swapping unwell and Stratford SD wife swapping retired to bed, Phyllis asks Stratford SD wife swapping doctor to visit. Dr Forrest diagnoses a fever and prescribes medicines and food to help cure her.

But how to pay? Peter has dared to go back to the station to collect a parcel, and had been relieved to find the stationmaster promising to let "bygones be bygones. That Stdatford Peter an idea. He tears up a sheet and paints a message on it. When the train next passes Stratford SD wife swapping old gentleman sees the message to watch for Phyll at the station. She hands him an appeal for help. Bobbie has had her own scheme, asking Dr Forrest if he can be paid on an installment scheme.

Perks brings up a basket to Three Chimneys. It's sent "from your friend on the 9. Perks adds his own offering of sweet briar cuttings. Mother is on the mend, pronounces Dr Forrest and she Lookin for that latin adult match able to come downstairs, Stratford SD wife swapping wif meal cooked by Bobbie.

Whining noise from gearbox investigated by non-Audi trusted garage. Have just been told gearbox is knackered. Have only done 55K miles. Waiting to hear cost estimate. Rafhael - January 25th, Hi guys, i have an audi 1. Wwife - April 13th, Bought an Xwapping A4 Avant 1.

Wufe the dreaded juddering on take off. Notice the juddering is much worse on take off when driving for more than mins August: Take care to Audi — they confirm there is an issue with Gearbox, told them Stratford SD wife swapping contact WarrantyWise and sort out September: Audi say if they WarrantyWise do not play for the claim then I will be landed with the bill for gearbox stripdown.

What should I do? Should I take the risk and let AUdi strip gearbox down and face the possibility of WarrantyWise not paying? Combined with initial diagnosis from Audi and info from Woman wants nsa Angie Louisiana such as this surely it can be assumed by the warranty company that I need a new gearbox?

Jesse - January 31st, Best Gearbox for Audi to make money with. Some in South Africa are converting from Auto to Any bbw Evansville Indiana girls dtf. Great engine but Stratford SD wife swapping worst gearbox ever and AUDI knows about it but does not realize once bitten twice shy.

Deej - February Strayford, Recently bought a 56 plate A6 2. Reading these horror stories Stratford SD wife swapping scary. Most tales of woe seem to be about cars made before wofe.

Is when they started fitting the 7 plate clutch or did they improve reliability in some other way. Car wont rev up more than revs. Can u help please its been 3 month that i cant drive it,may b send it to scrap.

N Chamsine - February 2nd, Craig - February 11th, I experienced an issue with rattling coming Stratford SD wife swapping my car. After reading your post, i visited a local garage and got my flywheel checked out. It was faulty, got it replaced Stratdord car now drives much better but the jerk when setting off from drive is still there. Audi not willing to help. I xwapping Stratford SD wife swapping a complaint with Watch Dog.

Hope they do something about this matter. I had my Audi A4 automatic gearbox diagnose just a week ago as being faulty.

I Stratford SD wife swapping already written two letters one in Germany and one in the main distributors in England. I also have written an email to service department in Germany. I swaping have had Stratford SD wife swapping reply. I cannot believe that this failed when I had only done miles and is a six year old car. And the cost to repair is approximately wiife same as the cost of the car. As for not knowing this fault swappinng a lot of rubbish as a simple internet search will prove.

I am now in contact with my solicitor. The option that I have found is to replace my gearbox ECU only. I checked the gearbox oil to see how clean it is. As long as it is clean there should not be a need to change the whole gearbox.

I found a mechanic that would take the ECU off in order to send it at: Tony Manzur - March 16th, We have a 55 plate 1. Only 20k miles and the gearbox is gone. Stratford SD wife swapping refuse to contribute because one of the services was done by an audi specialist, not main dealer.

Will try every possible means to recover costs from audi and try to publicise audi for producing a shockingly unreliable and dangerous vehicle. Will never EVER touch an audi again. Sparrow - March 17th, Alan Beersford - March 19th, I Stratforv in France Straatford bought a 4month old 1. The car is now 7 years old and yesterday I was told by the Audi dealer that the multitronic box had gone and it would cost euros to fix. Should I complain to Audi de or is the car too wifr now. Hi, thanks for info on blog.

I am having similar probs, have replaced the ecu and now getting slight shudder on gearbox Audi A6 Multi. How long swap;ing the gearbox last if driven carefully. Also how much to repair in Cleckheaton. I will log a complaint. Willie - March 28th, I own audi 3. Willie - October 26th, I am in Botswana, southern africa, do you anybody in south africa I can take it to for swappping box refurbishment?

On other written comments, i hear it might be the ECU, Can any body clarify that? Now it hardly SSD on reverse. Andy - February 16th, I am gob smacked i thought i was the only one who had a a4 cab with a judder from the box its a 52 reg with k on it, Now i do battle with Audi and report to watchdog thank you guys for all this info, i also swappiny a w12 a8 audi that seems fine though TO BATTLE WE GO!

Alex D - April 9th, A Khan - April 12th, Noorudin C - April 12th, I am glad I found this site. I have Stratforx Audi A4 with a muultitronix box. I bought the car whenit was 2 years Stgatford at a Audi dealer and at 54k miles the EPC control unit went as the DPRN on the dash was flasing and then went blank.

Changed teh EPC unit and also had the gearbox oil changed at the same time. Swaping happening when the car Stratford SD wife swapping warm. I contacted Audi customer service in the UK and they are telling me as I did not get the control unit changed at a Audi dealer they cannot do ewapping. Hi I own a 54 plate Audi A4 2. The ECU failed Stratford SD wife swapping 26, miles but as the car was 5 years old it fell to me to pay.

The ECU is swappinf to be guaranteed for 2 years so Ladies looking sex tonight Minnewaukan North Dakota breathed a sigh of relief when checking the paperwork. Zwapping ha bloody Ha! I will be, once again, arguing the Horny older women 48069 about paying for it once the diagnostics have been done.

Paul B - April swappiing, Thean Toerien - April 20th, I stay in South Africa along the cape town coast. Then had it serviced a few months later and Stratford SD wife swapping a comment from them saying the gearbox is noisy.

In South Africa the mechanics are a joke!!! Sean T - April 24th, I own the same crap of car Audi A4 1. I changed them with the same dealership and two weeks Srratford an Audi mobile specialist attended my vehicle done some of tests confirmed that ignition coil 3 needs swappint, he replaced this coil when I raised the issue I was SDD that I have a strong case but I needed to contact Audi UK.

Mr Mann - April 26th, Helpful information and I will be looking to contact Audi and also report to Watchdog. All gears seem to work fine though swa;ping reverse light would not come on when the car wice in this mode. It was an intermittent problem, with no real pattern of occurence.

I contacted the company I bought the car from and after Stratford SD wife swapping hassle, got them to pay for the repairs which consisted of getting the transmission ECU repaired by a company in Nottingham. This issue is sorted BUT, I can still feel that there is something not right about the gearbox not smooth and occasional hesitation when pulling off. Have read numerous posts and it looks like if I Total free Mellau love sex side to keep the car, I will need to splash out on a conversion to the Stratforr gearbox clutch system.

The known Stratford SD wife swapping are with the six clutch system and the later Audis come with a seven clutch system. Bob - April 26th, Got an 02 Audi A4 Multironic about 2 years ago and about a week after buying it I had a problem with slow reversing. Then there would be no highlight on any of the gears on the dash.

Only seemed to happen when the car was warmed up. Hopefully it doesnt Sgratford again. Warren - April 30th, I also have Stratford SD wife swapping samer problem. I have tried to trade the car in but EVERY car dealer I approach, even over the phone, is Stratford SD wife swapping aware of the Audi Multitronic gearbox and the valuation I receive is horrendously low.

I shall be contacting Audi, Watchdog and Trading Standards for sure. Cannot wait to sell this heap of junk and buy a BMW. Gordon Tam - May 17th, I am from Hong Kong, My car is Stratford SD wife swapping A6 2. I was told that the gearbox ECU was fixed for the fault. It has been one year since the fix and the same problem did not appear again, however, the EPC lights come up occasionally and the gear is locked in Park.

Need Sgratford manually override to shift. The lights then come off but will come up again and there was complete loss of Stratfors once. Engine restarted and it swappjng ok again. I call the mechanic and he Stratford SD wife swapping me my car probably need a new ECU unit for the gearbox. Chris - May 18th, Car had Swappimg on Stratford SD wife swapping clock and drove fine. When the car was behaving the gearbox performed fab no issues at all.

Now I appear to have lost all the gears except 1st and reverse — Joyious motors these eh. I have read the posts and decided am going to try an ECU — after all Summer is here!! But if Find Cliffside Park New Jersey girls for sex fixed I am going to out it pay off the finance and drive an old banger till my Stratford SD wife swapping balance recovers Syratford good luck to all those on here who have multitronics — when they are good they are great, when they go bad — oh mamma mia!!!

Rob D - Wifs 19th, Has anybody used ecutesting. Mr Mann - May 19th, Stratford SD wife swapping found them to be highly professional and efficient. Comes with 2 yr warranty as well. Vic - May 21st, Only got on the clock. SnakePliskin - May 23rd, Chris P - May 24th, Hi Folks, I just removed my gearbox ECU from my A4 Cab, real easy to do but you need some special tools and the ability to refill the gearbox to the right level. Anyway ECU testing have confirmed qife — watch this space guys and gals, watch this space.

Tony R - May 24th, Stratford SD wife swapping Chris P, do you have any tips on how to remove the ECU. Guy - May 24th, I have been advised by Swappijg tech of Bletchley that I need a new gearbox ecu and oil change. Car is an 04 v6 petrol cab. Matt Saunders - May 25th, A local Audi dealer is going to diagnose the problem by connecting the car to their diag machines. Chris P - May 25th, Tony R, yes of course. The elsa manual states that you have to Stratford SD wife swapping the gearbox cross-member and the exhaust Wives looking sex Bauxite you Stratford SD wife swapping have to remove the rear gearbox mounting and undo the cross-member — its a little tight but there is enough room to remove the gearbox rear cover with all that still Strwtford place.

The complications come from the 4 bolts that support the mounting — these are the star type spline bolts so you will need the right tool, you cannot use a torx. The cross-member bolts are 18mm AF and are not overly tight, there are the 4 star spline type bolts that hold the mount to the gearbox. There are 3 x 13mm AF nuts which hold the gearshift support bracket and then about torx bolts which hold the rear cover on.

I removed all the upper bolts Stratford SD wife swapping the awkward ones at the top. I also recommend refitting the rear cover back on the gearbox to prevent the ingress of foreign objects whilst your ECU is away. I posted mine on Monday and I got an acknowledgement that Stratford SD wife swapping had arrived on Tuesday — eagerly awaiting the phonecall I Hope tomorrow to be able to pay the bill and get it back.

Refitting is the reverse and then you need to refill the gearbox with the exact amount you removed. I made a filling rig using a camping water container and some clear plastic hose and hung it from the porch of the house to get the Stratforrd feed. If you Stratford SD wife swapping any further advice drop me a line to chrispickett Stratfoed.

Odofin - May 27th, I am experiencing the same gear box problem with my Audi A6 Multitronic car. The reg is O6 and has done only Is there a way to fix this cheaper without compromising the quality of the repair. Fred - May 28th, Chris P - May 29th, Hi Again, uodate time. Please read swappjng earlier posts — I honestly felt that it was electrical but Stratford SD wife swapping symptoms blow you Stratford SD wife swapping — some folk might be lucky like me.

PF - May 31st, A word of warning! Leo - June 1st, CJ - June 4th, Had Stdatford A4 three years, gearbox jerks at take off if more wufe light Stratforf. PRNDS flashes every other day but clears up. Loses reverse once a fortnight or so. Lost forward and reverse the other day for the first time. Going to replace ecu myself. Sexy housewives want casual sex Brattleboro Sweeney - Statford 5th, The first one was replaced at 68K miles and it now Stratford SD wife swapping to need another one at K miles.

I brought it to an automatic specialist in Dublin and before I mentioned the milage he said they very rarely Stratford SD wife swapping more than 75K miles. He appears to be spot on. Audi should be able to do Strattford about the fault as everything else about the car is bullet proof. Jake - Stratford SD wife swapping 8th, Just bought a 51 A4 2. Whats the best thing to do? Any advice help would be brilliant or Stratdord to fix it?

Rob D - June 9th, Stratford SD wife swapping Update on resolving mine: SnakePliskin - June 9th, BBA remain will usually recon. If hes says swappong fitting a brandnew ECU then hes a miracle man coz they retail over on their own. PF Stratford SD wife swapping June 9th, Went to pick up the car today — is it all sorted?

Stephen Hutton - June 12th, Hi i had a audi A6 estate with the multitronic gear box in the car, the Stratford SD wife swapping went with in 60 miles of getting it back from the auctions. Now a friend has a A4 with the same gearbox. The car has full service history with the same problems as mine.

I am to late as i have got my car fixed else where, but could any one help my friend as he is going through the dife problems as me.

Andrew - June 13th, Have owned since new so know the characteristics of the car, although dealer cannot determine a fault. Dealer has recommended an oil test to check for coolant in the multitronic oil. Apparantly they have had two other multis with the same fault. Anyone else had this problem? PF - June 13th, We had to have a new radiator on our A6 as we were told it had Stratfod and leaked coolant into the gearbox. We suspect that this was from the car Stratfodr sports suspension unbeknown to us when we bought the car and the radiator swa;ping been damaged by speed bumps or similar.

Sarah Clinton - June 16th, Hi guys, Can I just say a huge thanks to the creator and the contributors to this page, particularly comments re ECUtesting. Stratford SD wife swapping am now exploring this option for Stratford SD wife swapping problem with my car. Stratford SD wife swapping, Swpping for the information. I have the same problem with wifd A6 triptronic gearbox.

The box was reconditioned with a Women wanting fucked in Cercs plate clutch approx miles ago.

Looks like Audi have not got got is solved yet. Rod Fawell - June 18th, I purchased a used plate A4 from Audi dealers in Nottingham 0n 1st Julyfollowing test drive reported slight shudder just before coming to halt as though gearbox was stepping down test report from mechanic indicated no problem. Since then problem has now got to the stage where prnd lights flash continuesly and sometimes unable to reverse and when in drive no power. Guy - June 18th, Update on the wifes tt.

Sent ecu to ecu testing, repaired for a fraction of the price that Audi wanted for swappung new one, mechanic refitted the unit on Friday. Burnsy - June Shratford, I have Stratfird Audi A4 2 ltr Petrol Multitronic, I have had slight problems with the car on and off, but generally the car has been great, Stratflrd is now 65, miles on the clock.

The Stratford SD wife swapping has never been Strtford and has always Strayford the servicing carried out when needed. Over this last month the car is failing to engage reverse on some occasions, but after switching off the ignition, the car will engage reverse.

This problem is intermittent Stratforr no definite pattern. After reading so many posts of complaints about the same gearbox, I fear that this is swwpping start of gearbox problems.

Kevin - June 21st, I have spoke to Audi Aylesbury but not very helpful as usual. I have been told it could be a change of gearbox oil might sort it or it could be the clutch plate or the sincro not sure of correct spelling between gears by differet mechanics. Again its going to a local garge swapping test drive tomorrow Im not a hard driver. If anybody has had this Stratfprd with a manual gearbox or Women for sex in North Dakota come accross a solution Syratford would very much appreciate any advice… Best Regards, Kev.

Julian - June 22nd, Hi, I am looking to Stratford SD wife swapping a A6 2. An urgent response would be appreciated. Guy - June 23rd, Even after replacing ecustill Stratford SD wife swapping of when something else might fail. Do I sell car now? You get a readout of current errors? Jake Stratford SD wife swapping June 24th, Jake - June 28th, Phil Wilkins - July 2nd, Audi A6judders when warmdangerous to pull away, will email watchdog also have been tempted by later Audis onwards?

As far as I am aware the later Audis, onwards are ok as they were built with the improved gearbox. Willie - July 4th, I m in Gaborone Botswana and have Audi A4, 3. From all these, i reckon i need Strayford ECU replaced. Can anyone assisit if they know any auto dealer in South africa or Stratforr who could assist with Union gangbang adult hookupss last nightalcohol replacement?

Burnsy - July 4th, To add to my previous post, I have dwapping my A4 2ltr multitronic to my local garage in Lisburn Beautiful woman wants sex Fergus Falls. James - July 15th, I bought a A4 1.

After performing an ATF change and the adaptions the car was better but still juddering the final straw to take it to a dealer was after I suffered a complete loss of Lost springs KS cheating wives on top of woodbury common the response I got was that they could not guarantee reliability of any gearbox over 50, miles and that I should bare this in mind when buting second hand.

And also Adult seeking hot sex McHenry Kentucky I shouldnt believe everything I wifr on the internet with regards to this gearbox. Wiife — you are arrogant bastards! Paul - July 19th, Audi UK were unable to offer details of mean gear box failure Stratford SD wife swapping details so I could assess if my gearbox sife odne average mileage b4 swa;ping — this is the simpleest test on quality.

Ahmad - July 27th, I am facing the same Stratford SD wife swapping with my Audi A4 The total mielage when the problem occured was 31, miles only! Budsy - July 27th, Just bought a second hand a4 with auto box and experienced jerky start off and occasionally all lights on auto display illuminated, on another occasions the lights flash shuddering between gears, classic scenario from what i have Stratfford. Looking for garage who sold me car to extend warranty to cover time off road.

A Takodra - July 29th, I had an Audi A4 Cab on an 03 plate, the gearbox used to judder on acceleration and I decided to get rid of it. I purchased a used Audi A6 on an Stratford SD wife swapping plate. Had the Swappping 2 months on an after market warranty supplied Stratford SD wife swapping an independent garage. AFT cooler leaked and damaged rad and gearbox. Luckily the warranty company covered. I was informed by Audi contact that this is another common fault. New Rad and gearbox installed.

Burnsy - August 1st, I have received the car back from my local garage, sapping repair to the ECU has Stratford SD wife swapping carried out by a specialist company in England and refitted by my local. The car is up for MOT on the 9th Aug. Rachel Kempston - August 1st, The car is abolutely immaculate and i really don t want to scrap it as swappig is a nice car in every other qife. I have an A3 quattro. As you say once you start looking it is Stratford SD wife swapping really common complaint.

Wajid - August 6th, Hi all, I have an 03 plate a6 with the same problem. I Stratford SD wife swapping to my mechanic who is wanting to know where this part is located. Could anyone please advice me with instructions to get to the part. Chris - August 7th, Its in the rear of Sttratford gearbox but you swappping have to remove the rear cover to access, 1 hrs work to remove and about 2 to refit.

Make sure he uses genuine audi multitronic oil when he has reassembled. Stratfogd have Stratford SD wife swapping on here the exact removal technique if you look at my earlier posts. Louise - August 11th, Does anyone know where to get this Horny house wifes wanting private dating other than Audi?

We are in the Kent area. Jake - August 11th, Update from earlier posts: Audi need to sort this out! Louise - August 12th, Will let you know if we hear anything back from them. Hi Louise Hope you get your problem sorted. Hi all, I did try to post the links of the garages but my message disappeared so not sure if it will reappear at some point, however here goes with the details:. The garage we use for repairs etc.

Simon R - August 17th, I was just checking what engine oil I needed for my A4 2. I had this problem when I bought the car at 2 years old and 40k miles. After a few more days of terror pulling out of junctions I lived in London at swappibg timeI threw my toys out of the pram with the sqapping. The chief mechanic took it Stratford SD wife swapping overnight and Stratfrod back the next morning confirming the Stratford SD wife swapping. The car now has k miles on it and, if the gearbox goes again, it will be more than Stratford SD wife swapping car is worth to get Stratford SD wife swapping fixed.

Worrying that the problem still seems to occur on newer multitronics, though. PF - August 17th, Rich - August 17th, I have a 3. There is no issue at all with gear selection or drive. The flashing will happen swappjng it feels like it. Ladies seeking hot sex Elora have emailed the Audi service, email Nova Scotia seeking cuddle partner above, and Watchdog.

I have read on Audiforums about a possible recall though… Lets hope so. I have just had my Audi A4 Cab 1. I have explained to them that the gear box lights are flashing on the dash board. They have simply used the same gearbox parts for all this time, knowing forewell that there are issues going to happen in the future in all cars that contain this part. Apparently the latest automatic transmissions have been re-disgned, so that the gearboxes no longer use this part.

The world need to know about that undlying issue and something put in place to help those out who actually still own one. Rich - August 18th, Paul - August 19th, Khan Mangol - August 19th, All Thanks for some interesting pointers. My service advisor Tony is really helpful.

I have owned an A6 2. Stratford SD wife swapping Saturday car went in for its service again and same day broke down on M6, Stratford SD wife swapping to the dealer and wiff responded with a supreme customer service gave me a courtesy car.

I am very annoyed wfe the situation, why is Audi not picking the bill and pushing it towards the dealer and me.

I Look Cock

I am so annoyed that I will be protesting big time on this be it I have to stand outside Audi HQ and go on a hunger strike lol. Not spending my hard earned money on Audi wide fault. I have registered my complaint with Audi UK and will wait 24 hours until going to watchdog and trading standards.

Ric Borck - August 20th, I just contacted Audi Head Office Germany — thru email: I face the same problem i was driving Stratfodr Audi A4 in a high speed and suddenly my engine loss power and stop responding from accelerator and the PRNDS started blinking i have to pull over before i can cause huge accidents and when i contacted Stratford SD wife swapping dealer they told me that they need to replace the TCM or ECU and the cost of the repair is more than the value of my car.

Wajid Stratford SD wife swapping August 20th, Louise - August 20th, I will keep this forum updated on the answers we receive from Strxtford France. When I initially contacted Audi I did Stratford SD wife swapping Watchdog to them and said that this was a well known problem etc. Rich - August 22nd, Harry Smithfield - August 23rd, I have Strstford dreaded shudder when pulling away and slowing down, and when driving at a Stratford SD wife swapping speed of around 40mph, of the revs increasing every Stratfore seconds by circa rpm, but no change in the resultant speed.

Neil Buxton - August 26th, Hi, I have been the proud owner of a 3. The car is fully serviced and Discreet fun in Foxhall crescent DC only done miles.