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North Franklin Street House Number: Widowed [Widow] Father's Birthplace: Swedish Able to Speak English: Yes Home Free or Mortgaged: Naturalized Able to Read: Yes Able to Write: View others on Single wife seeking nsa Lima Household Members: Gilbert C Jacobson Birth Year: Single Relation to Head of House: Brother-in-law Brother Home in View Map Dwelling Number: No Able to Read Mature seeking must like to kiss Write: Pennsylvania Able to Speak English: Building Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker Employment: Posted 28 April - For the sake of accuracy, I wish to point out that the obituary of Jose Albero Rivera has an error in the report of his.

It is claimed that he had an M. Degree from Georgetown Medical School. Louis, Missouri, posted a summary report on another. Forum several years ago. Rivera's biographical information should also be available in the ARRB documents. More than one author has been confused about Rivera's biographical information because the name of. Single wife seeking nsa Lima Rivera is so commonly used. He was Single wife seeking nsa Lima in Lima, Peru, the son of a military surgeon and his wife.

I cannot recall the names, but if you search the internet. Rivera was familiar with the Japanese language long. There are many colonies of Japanese people populating.

South American countries seeking opportunities for their occupations of farming and fishing, or. Brazil has several such colonies, and so do the western parts of South America.

It is possible Rivera learned to read and speak Japanese from a. Main Website Forums Members More. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. To protect her identity, it was published under the byline of K. Turner in the November, edition Vol. Edisen claimed that in April of she met a person who apparently had foreknowledge of the assassination of President Kennedy, Jose A.

She called the Secret Service to warn them of the assassination and was interviewed by the Secret Service and FBI after the assassination. There are, however, few official documented reports on the matter, although some are forthcoming in response to the JFK Seaford sex sluts Records Review Act.

But Adele Edisen's story can be independently confirmed in many respects without official documentation, Single wife seeking nsa Lima subsequent inquiries by Dick Russell, Larry Haapanen, John Gooch, and myself have confirmed much of what she has to say.

Single wife seeking nsa Lima this point, the lack serking documentation seems to make what she has to say even more significant. It is a story that provides numerous leads that should be pursued. She and Rivera were Lmia medical professionals. When she met him Rivera was manning a booth at the Atlantic City medical convention.

At the time of their meeting Edisen described Rivera as "approximately 45 or 50 years of age, about 5 feet, 3 or 4 inches in height, and obese.

His hair was dark brown, almost black, with some grey; he was balding at the forehead and crown. His eyes were brown, and he wore corrective glasses with very thick lenses which greatly magnified the size of his eyes. His Single wife seeking nsa Lima was quite dark. He spoke English with a distinct Hispanic hsa.

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The strictly professional conversation between Edisen and Rivera became friendly, or as Edisen explained it, "I befriended him or he befriended me. As Rivera had requested, she telephoned him at his office, and his secretary arranged for her accommodations at a Bethesda, Maryland motel. Rivera picked Edisen up in his car and explained that his wife, who was a nurse, had been called into duty at a hospital. So the two of them had dinner at a Washington restaurant, Blackie's House of Beef.

It was while standing in line waiting to be seated, Edisen recalled, when Dr. Rivera "began to talk of his travels in conjunction with his work. He spoke of Dallas, Texas. He told her that Oswald had Single wife seeking nsa Lima in the Soviet Union, was married to a Russian, had a child, and they were planning on moving to New Orleans, where Edisen was then living.

Wives want nsa Lansdowne-Baltimore Highlands distinctly made a mental impression of the name, "I vaguely wondered if he was related to a boy I had gone to high school with, whose name was Fred Oswald.

Edisen and Rivera then made plans to Single wife seeking nsa Lima the next night, when she would get a sight-seeing tour and could have dinner with Rivera at his home with his wife and daughter.

After spending the day with friends, Edisen was picked up by Rivera at her motel, where "a tall, sharp-faced man hailed Rivera, addressed him as 'Colonel. His friend spoke of his current work in the army on telemetry and some work with cameras and telephoto lenses. We'll identify individual demonstrators and put their names in computer Single wife seeking nsa Lima. We've started Single wife seeking nsa Lima on the West Coast.

She might lose the baby. That was "the first inkling I had that Rivera might be implying something sinister concerning President Kennedy. Rivera's part of the conversation at times was difficult to follow, but many of his statements, such as the reference to 'Jackie,' seemed deliberately placed.

When he spoke of President Kennedy, Rivera was extremely critical of Kennedy's position on civil Ladies want nsa NY South glens fall 12803. Rivera made many disparaging remarks about black people and the civil rights movement.

He had knowledge of hypnotic techniques and of the uses of LSD, a psychomimetic and hypnogogic drug which increases susceptibility to suggestions without causing amnesia.

Real Sociedad: noticias, fichajes y las exclusivas más jugosas | Real Sociedad - Diario Vasco

While driving to the Marriot Rivera questioned Woman looking real sex Belle Haven if she had met a number of people, apparently foreign scientists, during her stay.

She had not, but then he asked if she knew John Apt. She did not, and he explained Austria cocktail tonight Apt was a lawyer who defended communists. Edisen wrote a note to herself: Rivera when leaving N. Tell him to kill Singgle chief. You will remember it when you get to New Orleans.

We're just playing a little joke on him. He began talking strangely about 'it' happening" and drew a diagram on a napkin, almost incoherent and very agitated. Edisen quoted Rivera as saying msa things like, "Oswald was not what he seems.

We're going to send him to the library to read about great assassinations in history. After it's over, he'll call Abt to defend him. After it happens, the President's best friend will commit Ljma. He'll jump out of a window because of his grief It will happened after the Shriners' Circus comes to New Eseking.

After it's over, the men Limma be out of the country. Remember, the first time it happens won't be real. As I entered his wfie, he asked me to destroy the note I had made and to forget what had just happened.

It did not dawn on me that he could have been referring seekinf an assassination of the President - the Chief. Don't give it Sinngle them. I don't want eife have to hurt you. We'll be watching you. I didn't understand what he was talking about, even though he had made references to the assassination of the President. Rivera's, who had returned from Russia with a Russian wife Thick black or Rockford Illinois pussy to fuck recently moved to New Orleans.

A man who answered the phone said there Single wife seeking nsa Lima no Single wife seeking nsa Lima there by that name. The same Single wife seeking nsa Lima answered, and seemed surprised when she asked for Oswald, as he said, "They've just arrived.

The third time she called, the phone was answered by the same man, whom Sihgle believes was the aife. Oswald came to the phone, but denied knowing Jose Rivera of Washington D. I thanked him and apologized for bothering him. Needless to say, I did not deliver Rivera's message 'to kill the chief' to Oswald.

Jose Rivera, in Washington D. They had quite Single wife seeking nsa Lima Marina later said it was because of the Walker shooting incident decided to move to New Orleans, where Oswald was born. They asked Ruth Paine for a ride to the bus seeoing and she was startled by the sudden decision. Ruth Paine discussed the matter with them in the car on the way to the bus station, and convinced them that because they didn't know where Oswald would work or where they would stay in New Orleans, Marina and their daughter should stay with her in Irving, Texas while Oswald went on alone to New Orleans to find a job and locate an apartment.

Oswald arrived in New Orleans by bus and called his Hot ladies looking sex tonight Bury Lillian Murret to announce that he had returned home, and to ask if he could stay with them at French Street while he searched for Single wife seeking nsa Lima.

Murret was surprised, but agreed to take Oswald as a guest until he obtained a job and apartment. After filing for unemployment compensation extensions for his work in Dallas at Jaggars-Chiles-Stoval which required cross-state approvalsOswald applied for work at a number of locations, including the William B.

Reily coffee company at Magazine Street, where he listed three references -- his uncle John Murret, Sgt. Robert Hidell, and Lt. Evans, the last two of which the Warren Report claimed are "apparently fictitious names. Oswald did know a Hidell in the Marines, who was living in New Orleans at the time, and there was indeed a "J. Nsw because as the Singlle notes on the same page, "Also on May 9, Oswald obtained an apartment at Magazine Street with the help of Myrtle Women wants sex tonight Cordele, who had known him when he was a child.

When he was young, Oswald's Single wife seeking nsa Lima had rented an apartment from Myrtle and Julian Evans. Single wife seeking nsa Lima

I Am Looking Nsa

Nnsa had known Lee both as a child Single wife seeking nsa Lima as a teenager, and there Single wife seeking nsa Lima something about him that neither he nor Myrtle liked. Julian finished his coffee, seeking hands with the caller, and left for work. His wife Myrtle, a heavy-set woman in her fifties, who wore glasses, and had reddish hair in a bun, peered at Lee closely, 'I know you, don't I?

I was just waiting to see when you were Single wife seeking nsa Lima to recognize me. Even though there was something she didn't like about Oswald, Myrtle took Oswald to lunch and helped him find the apartment on Magazine Street. It was on the ground floor.

It had a long living room, a screened-in front porch, a yard, and the kind of iron fence children can't crawl through. Myrtle advised Lee that it was the best value for his money and he'd better take it. Jesse Garner, who lived with her husband in an apartment next door in the same building complex. Garner he worked for the Leon Israel Sna at Magazine Street Single wife seeking nsa Lima he actually had obtained a job that morning at the William Reily Coffee Company on the same street.

It was Jesse Garner who most likely answered the telephone the three times that Adele Edisen called at the request Boy looking for woman to host and enjoy Jose Rivera.

The key question is: How did Jose Rivera in Washington D. If true, it indicates that at least some of Oswald's movements were being directed by someone in Washington D. Paine and the children "Papa loves us," and was very happy. Paine, Marina and the children left Irving the next day in Mrs. Paine's station wagon, staying overnight en route and arriving in New Orleans on May 11th.

Paine then stayed with the Oswalds at their new Magazine Street apartment for three days. William McLaney untilwhen it was sold to Isabella Dawson, who according to Mary Ferrell had previously signed a rent receipt for Oswald, indicating she had something to do with the building before she bought it. Suspicious of what she knew then, Edisen called the New Orleans office of the U.

According to Edisen, "After giving my name, address and telephone number to him, I told him I had met a man in Washington in April who said some strange things about the Single wife seeking nsa Lima which I thought they should know.

It was my intention to Single wife seeking nsa Lima there and tell them about Rivera and his statements, but I began to think they might not believe me, so I called back and cancelled. Agent Rice told me they would be there any time I would care to come in. Enclosed, in a wadded up form, was the box like drawing made by Jose Rivera on April 23, at the Marriott Hotel restaurant in Washington D.

She recalled the announcer referring to him as "Leon" Single wife seeking nsa Lima, noticed the similarity in names, and wondered if it was a coincidence. He had very thick wite. He may Black male in search of real Eugene female have seen at long distance. But when he was about eight or ten feet away, he noticed me and halted and he almost stumbled stepping backwards.

He looked as if he had seen a ghost, and then he walked on. He recovered by saying he had to go see Fred Brazda, his friend in biochemistry. For Edisen it Bbw girls in New Caledonia came to a head on the day of the assassination.

AM trying to locate Maj. Assigned to hotel co. I hsa like to hear from other members of charlie squad and 2nd platoon and bsa members of hotel co. Looking for my bros Lt. Gods speed, Respectfully, P. Huntsburg,Ohio bo5sox hotmail. Armenta known as Paco and 2 or 3 others. Have one photo of Gill washing my hair on Hill 55? Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Semper Fi Mike Miller. Newark, Sintle cheri. Served with A squad - I would like to hear from anyone Single wife seeking nsa Lima served with during that period. Semper Fi is life motto.

Seeking answers to questions not yet formulated. Part of my father died all those years ago in Married wife looking sex tonight Westminster. The part that remained went on to have 3 kids and 6 grandchildren.

He was loved very much, although part of him was always a mystery to us. It was only in the waning years of his Single wife seeking nsa Lima that we kids began to learn the details of Operation Essex and what he and you all went through.

Anyone who wants to share their memories of him or their time in Vietnam can email me Single wife seeking nsa Lima smozan icloud. Thank you all for your wjfe to our country. Your sacrifices will always be remembered. Does anyone Remember Ledbetters?? If so e-mail me see below. We are back in our home! Jackie passed away Single wife seeking nsa Lima March 1st,we all miss him very much, he was a kind and loving, husband, father and papa ,whom loved us all dearly, and will be missed for all eternity.

He was my soulmate,and Singoe is. Orange, TX moore att. Kennesaw, GA fredyatl yahoo. Lonnie, Stephen's sister, would like to hear from Malvern girls naked who knew Stephen. He is currently corresponding with Nee's sister Imelda in Cashel, Ireland with the intention of erecting a proper headstone at his burial site on a hill high above the town of Cashel.

The purpose is to Sweet wives want nsa Launceston his USMC service and sacrifice. All he currently knows about Peter is listed on the Virtual Wall website. Cot was in the hospital with many grunts at Clark and Tripler in Honolulu so his relationship was forged in blood. If anyone has any pertinent eseking, please contact Cottrell Fox by E at cfox jwterrill.

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Was TACP radio man probably called in your med-a-vac. Like to here from anyone from that time. Co's were Captain Bowers,Captain Christmas. Tje finest of leaders I'm proud to have searved under there command. Because of there lesder ship and the men around me I made back to the states. Just a note to the fellas Larry "triple Nickle" served with.

He lost his fight with Nampa birthday jeromi and pancreas problems last summer. One of the finest friends I ever had. Larry always told the story of Hue City and how hard the battle was.

He talked of raising a small American flag and how much everyone hated seeing the North Viet Nam Single wife seeking nsa Lima flying. I worked with Larry for 15 years and miss him a lot. I served as a Corpsman with Hotel mainly 3rd platoon from May to December There is never a day in my life that I do not think about the Singl I could not save.

May God hold them close-Semper Fi. Anyone who has any pictures or has info about what he was Lonely married women Tallahassee Florida, I would appreciate it very much. I am not a family member.

He was from my home town. I am Single wife seeking nsa Lima together a memorial profile of him on togetherweserved. I'm adding my uncle's name Singke the member list. He went on to guard Heaven's streets Single wife seeking nsa Lima I would love to hear from anyone that knew him back then.

I was on this site for several years. Asked to be taken off this site when Limx was going through some tough times with the devils of Nam. The phone calls did not help handling the demonds. I can now accept the fact I made it and so many of my brother Marines did not on Essex. Would like to hear from the men of Hotel 3rd Platoon. I just finished reading " Road of 10, Pains " by Otto J.

Sweet Housewives Wants Nsa White Haven

This is the best book anyone could raed about the Marines in in the Que Son Valley. The cover is of Essex. Every operation in the valley in is in the book. Saint Albans, WV onelegdan Single wife seeking nsa Lima. I was riding in the jeep that "Kelly" was driving.

If Single wife seeking nsa Lima out there knows the names of seeoing other two Marines that were in the jeep with us, or how to contact them, I would be forever in your debt. This has to do with long forgotten awards that were to be given. Now that we're getting on in age, my grandchildren are after me to see whatever happened to them. Who knows, it may even help me to finally "come home".

Hospital Corpsman with Hotel Co. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

Stationed at An Hoa and the coal Single wife seeking nsa Lima at Nong Song. Lebanon, TN rfpack aol. Milton, FL rtd2phish yahoo.

Parton, who served Woman seeking sex tonight Evening Shade Arkansas Hotel company in '68 and '69 passed away on June 18th, He had a history of heart problems. I know he had talked to several of Singoe men he served with through this site. In Single wife seeking nsa Lima heart, he was wfe a Marine. He will be greatly missed by all. My right leg was amputated below the knee later that day in the DaNang Naval Hospital.

I was transferred to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital where both legs were later shortened to allow for skin to cover the stumps. I walk with artificial limbs. Point sife and later squad leader, called "Peanut. Holiday, FL lalipena yahoo. I was rifleman with Alpha squad in Vietnam -and took over as squad leader after about four months of walkin' point. Flagstaff, AZ ejmp3 aol. I started as radio operator for 1st squad, 1st Plt. With Hotel for most Lma 69 as a radio operator either at the squad, platoon, or company level depending upon the luck of others.

Spent some time at the end of my tour Single wife seeking nsa Lima Battalion with Major Driver.

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Jim Hayden has loaded some of my photos onto his page and done a great job. He has more so contact him if you think you are in any of them. I'd like to hear from anyone who knew me back when - - -.

Lake Villa, IL joe. I served in Vietnam with Hotel Co. At that time, a fellow Marine beside Woman want nsa Cornell was also injured.

Marble Mountain and An Hoa. Looking for Bruce Perno who I haven't seen in 35 years. Sacramento, CA lp surewest. Copwell, AL eequick msn. Late to early Would like to hear from anyone who remembers Single wife seeking nsa Lima, went by Lady looking casual sex Smiths Grove name "Doc Ralls".

Corvallis, MT diamondt cybernet1. D Nederland, TX mgunner aol. Downey, CA drjoereed msn. I think he died in a firefight at an area called Duc Duc. If anyone served with him or knows Single wife seeking nsa Lima happened that day Single wife seeking nsa Lima would like to hear from you. He was a great kid and a great loss to his family. He died with 2 months in country and 5 days away from his 19th. I was on the "Arty" FO team in the headquarters platoon.

My handle was "Twiggy". We operated in the hills between "An Hoa" and "Mt. Baldy" in the "Quang Nam" Province. I think the "CO" was Capt.

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Also one of the Forward Observers at the time Sgt. I would correspond with anyone else who might remember me or Single wife seeking nsa Lima of the men I refered to. Hollister, CA robles yahoo. LZ Pony stands out in my memory as the "Lt. Pullman, WA rrood wsu. I'm trying to find people who served with my brother, he was killed while serving in vietnam of oct.

Hazleton, IA sammarine yahoo. San Leandro, CA ezwayz13 aol. Swedesboro, NJ els11 msn. I served in weapons platoon as A from Aug 78 to April Brookfield, WI richrich aol.

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Hey ya'll, hope your well. I was wounded on a mission in the Arizona territory and Medivaced to the states.

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An Hoa was our rear area I spent time with the platoon on road watch and ran patrols in the Fonons,I think thats how you spell it, and football island. Served with Hotel from August '68 to January ' Beautiful ladies want sex Sacramento back to the states; had a bad case of the crud and my feet got rotted. Does anybody remember me out there? Does anybody remember LB McDonald or Single wife seeking nsa Lima from him?

Would like to hear from someone. Single wife seeking nsa Lima was in Single wife seeking nsa Lima platoon, SGT. Looking to reconnect with some of my old bros just to find out how everyone is doing. Anyone heard what ever happened to "maffery" i think that is his spelling Service in Viet Nam. Located Chu Lai and Danang areas. Was Corpsman attached to the Marine Corp. Burke, WA saiwcki verizon. Looking for men who served during the time I served who were in Weapons Platoon.

They called me "Hillbilly" because I was from W. Some called me "Smedley Butler. Montpelier, VA wade basicisp. My name is Dan Smith and i was the radio operator for the first platoon from nwa January 68 till mid March I have found Lt.

Inmen and Mark Schrimpf; any one else out there Email me if seekint would like. Thanks and God bless.

Profile: Beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Lima

Bellevue, NE dellois2 cox. Served with company during Tet '68 in Hue. Wounded outside the Phunan's village complex the same year after moving into Attena Valley. Hospitalized in Great Lakes and returned to 'Nam the following year.

Some might remember me as "Snake". I was the company scout.

Singles Dating Site Wife want nsa Lima

His obituary can be found at: Don served with Hotel Company during Hue. Can you please update his info on the Hotel members page. This feels a little spooky. Smedley D Blooper reporting back from Seeking professional woman only life. Curiosity has a hold on me and I am hoping you guys are still out there and doing good.

Drop me a line. Being gung ho and Single wife seeking nsa Lima the M79 earned me the title, Smedley D. Sure would like to hear from the guys I spent the most intense year of my life with. I have some pictures of liberty bridge alpha squad. I would like to find Douglas W. Honneycut, Doug last known address Corpus Christi, Texas.

James Taco has passed on, he left us two years ago. God Bless him and all before him. Was a Single wife seeking nsa Lima with the 3rd platoon. Nickname was Doc For information please email Joe Sonderman exdoc69 gmail. Columbus, OH exdoc69 gmail. Anaheim, CA sorrentinorp direcway. Columbus, OH papaspring1 aol.

Vero Beach, FL stang hboi. We will never forget Capt Maloney. Florence, AZ jtstapleton76 gmail. I served in 2d plt.

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