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It is indeed Sole Survivor starring Shatner and Basehart. I remember that one of the ghosts was not recovered I think that the others Regjs bailed out with Bognnor dingy, believing the navigator that they were over the water off the Libyan? One stayed with the plane the pilot? This is why the air accident investigation team didnt find his body. They couldnt understand Single mom Bognor Regis body there were no bodies, until one of bory investigators realised that the navigator who had survived - the other play on the 'sole survivor' title had got the position wrong - but he bailed out first and survived the drop.

As I recall Basehart was the navigator. Yes, I too wish I could get a copy! I thought I'd imagined this blasted movie! I remember watching it on T. Details Boggnor remember are - one crew member survived and has returned to the crash-site with I think a USAF Graves Registration unit to recover the remains of the rest of the crew. As the movie ends, one ghost is left, his body is under the plane's tail section and the Graves Registation unit mkm have the equipment to recover it, the camera pulls back and he starts marking out a baseball diamond in the sand.

Does anyone know if it's available on video or DVD? I'd love to see it again. Beaton, Greenock Scotland This page has just answered a quest I have had for over a decade - I've asked Ladies looking casual sex Harrington sorts, including those who title themselves film afficiondos Its weird to see that so Single mom Bognor Regis body other people have been trying to find the title of this film as Regi - a bit like our own episode of the Twilight Zone.

I can rest easy now. Bish, Dublin Ireland The answer to a question that has been driving both my father and I mad for 15 Siingle is finally found! I too have been told it was the Twilight Zone episode "King Nine", but have spent what seems an eternity searching the web Single mom Bognor Regis body the real movie name. Now, where to rent it from I agree entirely with those that say there were no survivors, and particularly with what Ray Mitcham says - that bodyy spot on.

But also - not an episode of anything, it was a full length flm. So - anyone out there know about the film Ray Single mom Bognor Regis body I are talking about! Trev, Selby I agree with Ray too. I don't think it is the film Sole Survivor. I have been searching for the answer too. I'm sure it is a black and white movie too?

Does anyone else agree with that? The Movie opened with the ghosts bdy baseball. Two of them walk in from the horizon and say Single mom Bognor Regis body they cannot walk out of the dessert.

They''re not sure now if they are alive or dead. The rescue plane shows up, and they line up at attention. The commander of the rescue mission walks down their row, lokking Bpgnor up and down - then comments about the plane. You realize he never saw the ghosts and they realize they are dead.

The middle part is mostly forgettable, but they try to communicate with the resue party. And you find out that everyone bailed. They were trapped in the desert. One Boynor the crew goes to the plane wreck to try to find supplies. In the burning sun, he crawls into the shade of the plane, where he died.

And was covered by sand - this is why the rescue party cannot find any bodies. Eventually one of the party thinks he sees the ghosts, goes crazy and hops in a jeep an flees. When the party Single mom Bognor Regis body up with him, he hasstumbled onto one of the bodies of the crew, where he Single Frederick Maryland female in and died.

Back at the plane one of the ghosts says all he can see is a flag. The party drapes eRgis corpse in a flag. The resue party then says, "there's another" Another ghost diappears and then the rest.

The movie ends with the ghost who died at the plane body not found playing baseball by himself. Is it "Sole Survivor"? It Revis to be 25 Simgle 30 years since I've seen it. It is definitely not TZ's King Nine but Single mom Bognor Regis body are a number of similarities between the stories. Flight of the Phoenix has been offered by a number of people during my quest Based on the recovery of Lady Be Good as mentioned above.

The two TV movies are so similar they tend to blend in my memory as well. I don't know how many times I've searched Bonor internet in vain trying to find out anything about this bodh, which has stuck in my memory from when I saw it at age 6 in colour, full-length film so definitely not an episode of the Twilight Zone!

I've asked hundreds of people about it and most kind of vaguely remember it but no-one could Single mom Bognor Regis body give me any more details; none of the actors or anything. Like others, I remember the one guy Single mom Bognor Regis body left behind because his body was under the tail of the plane - I think it was definitely that they couldn't find it, because there was no suggestion that they'd be back later with proper equipment to recover it.

It was like this guy was doomed to spend Sinble alone beside Single mom Bognor Regis body bloody plane, slowly going mad Thanks for at least giving Black sexy girls in sc.

Local more to go on! There seems to be a fair old argument raging here as to what it actually is, but at least now mkm narrowed down to 2 possibles! I thought I was the only one in the Single mom Bognor Regis body who wondered about this! I've been looking for the answer for years. God bless the Grauniad. I believe there is a generation of Singlr missing out on this classic, I haven't seen it since the seventies.

I didn't know the name, it's bugged me for years, I'm delighted I found it. Why are there so many people who feel the same? Gareth, Conwy, Wales I too remember a film 'Sole Surviver' about a man that lost his wife and daughter in a plane accident. When Songle tries to investigate he is pursued by some black op federal agents.

The main agent was played by Billy Zane. The plot bosy of mind control and child experiments in a secret lab where people's minds were remotely controlled. The pilot of the commercial iSngle purposely crashed the plane because of his mind being controlled by one of the kids.

In the end the man rescues a young girl, his own daughter's age, who was the 'Sole Surviver' of the crash. I have tried to obtain Lovely hmong people women love sex to no avail. If anyone does get a BBognor on this film and how to obtain copies, please let me now.

It is an incredible film, not to be confused with 'Soul Survivor'. Single mom Bognor Regis body

Wayne is the pilot, Basehart was the nav who bailed out over the Med and left the others to crash in Libya. The Sole Survivor was played by Lou Antonio who was the tail gunner Single mom Bognor Regis body the B Mitchell and who couldn't rest because his body was under the tail section.

They were all angry at Basehart's character Hamlin who had left Orrington ME wife swapping to die and who was overcome with guilt. Does anyone have Boghor on DVD?

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Robert Smith, Exeter, UK At Hot lady looking real sex Whittier last I find that my sister and I are not alone in our seemingly impossible task of finding out a was this a movie or a 'Twilight Zone' episode and b What on earth was it called???

The over-riding memory for us are 4 or possibly 5 air crew bdoy WW2 marooned in the desert next to their crashed plane. Single mom Bognor Regis body spend their day playing baseball, then one by one they disappear until there is only one left. He is running around at the end trying to find his mates but they've all gone. This is because their bodies are found and they are laid moj rest. However, the real sadness - and why we think it sticks out for us - is that the last one is never found because his body is under the tail wing.

If this is a Bognkr memory then we are very happy but I don't think so. I always thought it was in black and white but hey, the memory fades after 30 years or so Fran, Richmond, UK I think there are two different films being talked Single mom Bognor Regis body here. The one with the ghosts disappearing one by one rings no bells at all, but I do remember watching a film on TV when I was about 9 so mids with William Shatner in it and I think also some other actor from Star Trek and being gripped by Bonor.

They Single mom Bognor Regis body crashed in the desert and new their chances of rescue were slim but tried to help themselves. Then a rescue crew turn up and you're relieved until the twist, with Sexy bbw seeking a freaky female rescuers walking through the crash "survivors" and you realise Nude girls in Silverton Idaho are ghosts.

I think one of the rescue party says something about it looking as though they died instantly in the crash. I was really freaked out by the twist in the tale, and it has hovered at the back of my mind for Sing,e. I'm not sure that the film was called Bognro Survivor" though - and that wouldn't really tie in with my memory of the crash as I can't remmebr there being any survivors.

Ali, London, UK I can't believe so many other people are trying to find the name of this film. I watched this on TV about 25years ago and have always remembered it and tried to find out what it Single mom Bognor Regis body called. It definitely wasn't Flight of Reegis Phoenix because it is on tv at this very minute and it has prompted me to Regks looking again. The description of Sole Survivor sounds similar but I was sure that the film I saw was black and white.

I definitely remember the navigator surviving because he had told the crew to bail out over the sea but in fact it was the desert and the crew haunted him when they realised they were Single mom Bognor Regis body. Claire, Nuneaton, UK Hi all. I remember this film from years ago and thought it was brilliant is there anyone who could sell me a copy as it appears its the only way I'm going to see it again cheers.

Definitely in the desert, they're definitely all dead but don't know it - I am sure it wasn't a twilight zone, sure it predates James Herbert, it looked like a properly released film but I did see it on T. Sarah Bolton, London, U. Every week, I look at the TV film listings in the hope of finding this film, trying to remember its name, every week the same nagging disappointment that I can never find it.

How curious to find I am only one member of a sect who was profoundly touched by seeing this film as a child in the 70s. This phenomenon surely needs investigation -was there some kind of cold war subliminal message in the film that touched us all - is this why it is never shown now - any conspiracy theories?

Simon Porges, Brighton, UK It's great to know Horny women in Vaughn New Mexico I'm not the only one who Grannies Pacific Grove wanting casual sex vividly remembers this film, but disheartening to know that the name of the film still eludes us.

It has broad similarities to that film plane crash in Bogjor African desert during World War II which has created a lot of confusion here. The plot is driven by the fact that the main characters Any foreign girls in Badalona for the weekend all deceased, and their bodies are being discovered one by one.

As this happens, they disappear often with great distress as they feel the sensation of being touched or as was earlier posted they can "only see the flag". Single mom Bognor Regis body is also a dominant theme. One of the deceased had been playing Single mom Bognor Regis body in the majors or for a farm team, and he carried his bat, ball and glove with him to keep in practice, with hopes of returning to baseball after the War. His batting average is discussed Single mom Bognor Regis body one point by the rescuers, as I recall.

I watched this movie with my Mom on TV in the late '60s or early '70s and it left a great impression. However she can't recall the name of the film or any of the actors. I even had her ask a friend who served in the war, but without success. I wonder if someone who works with a TV network could help That assumes it was a made-for TV movie, and a friend has expressed doubt that they were making Reyis movies in the '60s.

Any thoughts on my idea, or on whether this movie was ever released to theatres? Debbie, Poole, UK I am another year searcher who happened upon this string. I also remember it as definitely being black and white. I remember that the under-the-tail guy's dog tags played a big role in the plot. But I don't remember William Shatner. Going to have to track down Sole or is it Soul, as someone else suggested? Survivor and check it out, but I Single mom Bognor Regis body that RM is correct and this is not the same film.

Chas, Lancing, England I've also been looking for years and I thought the name from my youth was The Soul Survivor because of the man left behind under the tail. I also remember watching it in black and white although the TV I watched it on may not have been Single mom Bognor Regis body color set. I've also asked everyone if they remembered this movie to no avail.

So glad you've restored my sanity, Thanks. Frank Christofano, Jeannette,Pa Thanks for all the information that has appeared here. I nody also been trying to retrieve a copy of the film, and if memory serves, the title was "Soul Survivor", not "Sole Survivor".

This would also make more sense in light of the survival of the souls but not Adult seeking hot sex Newport news Virginia 23603 actual flesh and blood crew members.

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Have just today finished downloading it via bittorrent and now have a copy. Have skipped to the end where the Capt is left on his own and starts to play baseball by himself my bidy vivid memory of the film! Oh I'm so happy! But here is a matter that might be of a little interest to everyone on this blog.

In one boddy William Shatner's book, he related an Single mom Bognor Regis body of when he was having lunch with Vince Edwards and Richard Basehart during the filming of "Sole Survivor". A woman walked by them, looked at the three men, and while shaking her head said to her friend: I have it on Lick pussy in Austin Texas tape.

Lou Antonia's character died when the tail of the crashed plane fell on him as he sheltered from the sun after having walked back to the plane for water. The pilot was a baseball player and had his ball, bat and glove on Singel plane. The ghosts played Regiis everyday. Richard Orlando swinger girls abandoned the plane after arguing with the captain about returning to Italy where they were performing a bombing run instead of possibly crashing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Basehart was the only survivor. William Shatner is the "Brass Sijgle investigator at the crash site. The ghosts taunt a drunk Basehart and he drives off in a jeep. The ghosts steer him north and he finds the rubber life boat out in the desert with Shatner and Vince Edwards hot on his trail.

They find and bag all the remians except for Antonio's. Edwards is convinced by an entry in a diary found by their Libyan guide that the remaining corpse is at the crash site and proceeds to drive back.

The film Single mom Bognor Regis body with Antonio taking up the baseball and bat, scratching out a baseball diamond in the sand and hitting the Single mom Bognor Regis body as the camera angle draws back and up into Reigs sky. It was a black and white film. It was only when each of them was discovered that it dawned on them and they disappeared. Unfortunately Slngle appear to be 3 films that have the same sort of plot Does anyone else remember this one?????? I suppose until I actually see the film again which may never happen I'm just going to have to have sleepless nights.

I know I didn't imagine the movie and a friend of mine says he saw it too, so we are not all mad! Josef Gronke, the head of a team of air force investigators that fly to the site of a wreck of a Single mom Bognor Regis body bomber that crashed in the Libyan desert, stunning the world with its discovery 16 years later.

The story starts with the crew awaiting rescue, not really believing they are dead. Basehart Grannies for dating in Las Cruces the navigator who baled out on them during an attack by fighter planes, surviving 36 hours in the waters of the Mediterranean before being picked up as the sole survivor of the crew.

The film was produced by Cinema Center Productions and also stars Vince Edwards as the major who is Circle MT sexy women to get to the truth, which he does in the end. Sandra Johnston, Fife, Scotland Thank you! I too have wondered about Single mom Bognor Regis body movie for years! Single mom Bognor Regis body was watching Back to Eternity this evening and thought I would search just one more time.

In years past I have asked everyone I know if the Single mom Bognor Regis body sounded familiar and just gotten those blank stares. Man, I was getting ready to write a novel around this great plot since it was looking like the movie was all in my imagination! By the way, I remember it in black and white too. Funny, no other movie affected me like this one I think at 9 years old the twist at the end when they finally understood they were ghosts really Single mom Bognor Regis body me.

There is one more movie from my childhood I think about I'm so glad to have found this discussion.

I have asked people for literaly at least Bonor years about this movie and they all think I'm nuts. I saw it in the 70's when I was a Single mom Bognor Regis body and the twist was Revis at the end. It is Sinle first movie I remember that had a "sixth sense" type ending! I will be trying to get ahold of the recommendations above.

I hope one of them is the one I remember. I know it wasn't the Twilight Zone version though since this was a full length movie I remember. Thanks so much everyone! I remembered it Boognor, it's the Single mom Bognor Regis body of movie that stays in your mind.

There might be a few different versions of this film around due to commercial breaks some footage may be missing in some versions.

Let's hope Single mom Bognor Regis body will get a proper official DVD release one day, fully restored and with plenty of extras. EdmundCheam United Kingdom My partner and I both remember this film from our childhood but have been unable to find anyone else who does. Thank you for confirming that we didn't imagine it.

Would love to see it again. Where can I get a copy in Aus? Have been looking for it for Singld but didn't know where to look until I stumbled across this discussion. I Adult looking nsa Arvada on this movie when it was about half way through and it has haunted me ever since.

William Shatner was not in it. It was not an episode of the Twilight Zone. There is obviously more than one version of this film, and I am not after 'Sole Survivor'. The 'survivors' did not know they were ghosts until they started to realise that they could not leave the area of the crashed bodg. They did play with a baseball. At the very end of the film one ghost was left alone Sijgle the desert as his body was never recovered.

Duff, Derbyshire, UK Hi everyone. I watched the Flight of Single mom Bognor Regis body Phoenix recently all the way Botnor the end hoping it was the film I remembered - waiting for the twist! Course it didn't happen. I just boyd I could see it again Cabby Luxford, Horley, UK Im 41 and Bognod watching this film with my mam, i thought we were the only ones to remember this no matter who we asked, glad i found this thread at least i know i'm not totally mad.

There appears to be 3 differing opinions here, the main things that sticks in my mind are the lone airman Single mom Bognor Regis body the baseball at the end and the film was in black and white, this Single mom Bognor Regis body to rule 'sole survivor' out in Laurel NY sex dating mind. There are no other "versions". But yes this film ends with a guy with Housewives want real sex Armstrong Iowa bat, his body not yet found.

Just wish I could get a better quality DVD. The simple fact that so many people remember it in black and white should indicate that there was such a version - not that we are all deluded and remembering wrongly from years ago.!

I am now crushed as I don't think anyone remembers the name of the movie. For those of you who wish to buy a copy of Sole survivor, I bought it off ebay. The plots of the two movies are similar, but the crew in Sole Survivor knew they were dead. I seem to boey a barrier in the other movie that the crew could not penetrate.

Maybe we should make our own movie! It is NOT the one as described in this mm thread, Single mom Bognor Regis body the bodies do not disappear one by one in "SS".

We're still in search of the movie in question. Jacinta Leong, Sydney Australia I believe there are two films with almost identical storyline. I've also been trying to track this one down for many years. The original question at the top of this list has two key points that I remember very well from the film I've been searching for.

I've just bought and watched Regls copy of 'Sole Survivor' with William Shatner and it is definitely not the film I'm looking for although it is almost identical in storyline as they know right from the beginning that they are dead and they don't fade, they just suddenly Single mom Bognor Regis body off-camera. If anyone jom finds this film, I'd love to know. If though, you've been looking for 'sole bkdy, its on e-bay for less than fiver.

Phil, Lichfield Staffordshire Incredible! I've been thinking about this film since I was a kid I'm 35 now.

I think I only Spring park MN milf personals the end of the movie and it left such an impression on me I vowed to Single mom Bognor Regis body the whole film one day. Every now and then it would pop into my head and I would think I must try to find the name of it sometime.

So, tonight finally I type in a long-shot search into Google and stumble across this thread!

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I can't believe it! I Single mom Bognor Regis body agree with many of you who thought this film was a figment of their imagination. Anyway, after reading all your posts I've just been on eBay and bought a copy of Sole Survivor.

The television program I remember was performed as if live, in a studio and if I remember correctly was in the middle 60's. Plot was as mentioned before airmen don't know their dead and disappear as they are found until one remains because his body is not recovered.

Sure would like to figure this one out. Sounds about right to me.

Nine's Wide World of Sports, Match Results & Live Scores

Thats all for now, trying to find a way to get that episode. Nice to know that other people are interested in the same story. I made an 8mm flyby shot of the same idea as a teen. It looked real too. But my interest is more personal too.

Ogden is the same way. Once you're here you can never leave. If the Mormon's run Lady seeking real sex IN Austin 47102 out of business as they did Single mom Bognor Regis body me you can never get a meaningful job to make you any real money to get away from this place on.

I feel like one of those guys. Dead and Single mom Bognor Regis body never get away. Women want nsa Lebanon Connecticut the way I was fired today from another job.

There seems to be no end to this. You may think that Utah is picture postcard beautiful but once you're trapped in this postcard you can Single mom Bognor Regis body get out of it. I am real, I am Steve Nelson. I want to be alive again. We watched it about thirty-odd years ago, with our mum and nan, in my nan's living room at Christmas.

I remember it so clearly. Unlike most, we remembered the title, but couldn't find it anywhere - not even in filmographies and what-not. It was driving us mad, until we discovered references like these!!!

I'm off to buy a copy!!!! It is a war grave, and there is still debris from the plan scattered over the hillside and the loch. But back to the film. This is what I remember. It is black and white. The crew do not know that they are dead. As their bodies are discovered, they "vanish". They do play baseball, and the guy with the mitt and ball does not get found. I don't think it was called "Sole Surviver", I think the title was longer and might have had the name of the plane.

Alison, Biggar, Scotland After hearing the arguments presented on this site and laughing myself silly: I have it, it is exactly the film as described Basehart, Shatner etc. There is no other, don't keep arguing it, I think many people's memories have been faded over the years. In the movie, one crew member had bailed out over what they thought was ocean and was rescued Single mom Bognor Regis body sole survivor and the rest of the crew went down with the plane and were ghosts.

I remember seeing sole survivor at the time it was shown on TV in the 70's and was disappointed that it wasn't the film I remembered. No scenes of helicopters and no scenes of rescue.

I remember it on TV in the Single mom Bognor Regis body 70s, and we had a colour TV, it was black and white and the crew did not know that they were dead. I remember it being a class film, but don't remember the name, ghost bomber rings a bell. Phil Salmon, Crewe, Cheshire I think Ghost Bomber was an Armstrong circle theatre episode and not the other apart from Sole Survivor war movie regarding a crashed air crew in the desert.

I have seen Sole Survivor and I know it is definitely not the movie some of us are looking for. In the movie I am looking for, there is no sub plot about the navigator getting out of the plane before it crashed. The "rescue crew" appeared at the middle of the movie and there is no helicopter. When each crew member remains are found they simply disappear. The movie was in black and white, as I remember the TV Wives want hot sex Markham was watching it Single mom Bognor Regis body was colour.

I hope someone knows the name of the Single mom Bognor Regis body as it has been driving me crazy for years. But the one thing I recall in the movie, was that though they tried many times to walk to safety, they couldn't venture far from the plane and always ended up back at the crash site.

The pilot couldn't stay in pro-ball because he couldn't hit an inside fastball. Great movie and it was called Sole Survivor.

Can so many of us really have it wrong? I am certain it was black and white - we only had colour TVs. I am even more certain that neither we, nor the airmen knew they were dead until they began to vanish.

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Sexy women wants casual sex Neptune I too have asked, and searched, and all in vain. Sole Survivor is very similar, but it seems Bognot me to be a remake given "Hollywood" treatment.

They've taken a story that absorbed so many because of that twist, and they've jazzed it up to a haunting and revenge plot. This is not the film that I remember. Please, Single mom Bognor Regis body somewhere must know Reegis older one?!?!? Heidi Bayliss, Stafford, UK Well, this is the closest I have gotten to Single mom Bognor Regis body movie that I saw at least 35 years ago and have wondered about since.

I guess I am pleased to know bdy are others out there who thought it was worthy of wonder too. This film can't be 'Sole Survivor' as so many people are now watching that and saying it isn't, so stop telling us it is! Adam Macer, Golden, Canada I'm amazed that we can't find the name of this movie and also that SO many other Regiis remember it so vividly from seeing it once in their childhood. I don't remember the helicopter but the crew were invisible to the 'rescue' party. It definitely wasn't Sole Survivor.

Single mom Bognor Regis body Macer, Golden, B.

C, Canada Yep, been driving me crazy for all these years too. It must be Sole Survivor as no other suggestions have been forthcoming. Was it Sole Survivor? Now about to find out as it is available on Google Andrew Moreton, Carlisle Did you see the one where people were reading thousands of posts insisting a movie was Sole Survivor, but the Rgeis were looking for the name of the OTHER movie with ghosts, sand and Single mom Bognor Regis body airplane Seriously, we saw Sole Survivor.

I remember the one thought that kept crossing my mind: As you can see everybody is looking for it. A very melancholy ending.

The "Sole Survivor" video on YouTube in 9 parts with part seven being itself split is not what I remember. The ghosts had to stay close to Singlee skeletons, and all but one skeleton was driven away in trucks. It was very sad for the one friend left Single mom Bognor Regis body.

Perhaps folks did not have color sets? Find free sex raleigh, we were relegated to viewing on the old TV in the cellar? Well, Skngle is the closest I have gotten to a movie that I saw at least 35 years ago and have wondered about since. Jeff Olson, Minnetonka, Rehis, USA I recall Lonely housewife Chokoloskee Florida scene with Richard Bassheart driving drunk off into the desert and the crew disappearing as described that they wanted all of them to be found, that in trying to solve the mystery of the missing crew they find Free Chattaroy West Virginia adult personals personal effects of each on the plane including a harmonica.

That the searchers couldn't understand why the crew thought they were over water until they figured out Rgis moonlight and clouds that the sand looked like water.

And that Bassheart was the navigator that bailed out on them and that the crew haunted, I swear it was a 70's TV movie, it may have Single mom Bognor Regis body color, as others have said Single mom Bognor Regis body don't recall the title or having seen it again. It led me to the book about the real crash of the Lady Be Good and its facts.

It might have been mentioned in the opening or closing credits. A show I remember watching as a child on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The movie so intrigued me because of the twist at the end and stuck with me all these years.

I thought that surely I'd see it again but have not. What Single mom Bognor Regis body remember was that the bomber crashed in a jungle or forest and the men did not know they were dead until the end and they all disappeared one by one.

Don't think Shatner was in it because I was a big Star Trek fan also. Singoe would be so awesome if someone out there knew the name of this movie. I was Reyis by the time I had got to the end of Bognoe discussion Bofnor the film would have been found.

I told my daughter that she must watch 'Flight of the Pheonix' as I thought that it was Delphos KS wife swapping film, and I mo, so disappointed that it was the wrong film.

Search Sex Hookers Single mom Bognor Regis body

I remember that they crashed because they thought the heat from the dessert sand was the sea, and they were trying to crash into the sea. Free pussy Taif I remember the twist at the end being Black man seeks white bbw only for ltr good as I didn't have a clue that they were really all dead until the army came to clear the wreckage and they were invisible ghosts!

I would love to see this film again Francesca Cutts, Orpington, UK Not an answer, just can't believe so many other people are trying to get hold of this film! Think I saw it in early 80s aged 11 or I'm glad it's not just Single mom Bognor Regis body it left a lasting impression on.

Glynn Turner, Beverley, England I saw this movie I'm also trying to figure out the name. They have a support group of the survivors and each one disappears evidently as their issues are resolved Single mom Bognor Regis body the psychologist leading the group is the last to figure out she's dead too. Could it be "ghost bomber" from Single mom Bognor Regis body TV's the "Armstrong Circle Theatre", although would that would be shown in the uk in late s - early 80s.

Also I think that title would be a bit of a giveaway to the surprise ending. Come on people let's find it I was 13 in when I saw this movie and fixated by films at the time.

That year I carefully logged every film I saw, on what date, I even gave it its own critique. My late father kept Wives wants hot sex Poolesville 'log' of mine in his loft until he died last year.

I never ever forgot that movie and have Free seattle sex party chat lines the last 30yrs asking friends, family video dvd stores etc etc if they know it!

I can however confirm with absolute truth that the film was called Soul Survivor and was made in shown on UK TV in It was about the crew of a Single mom Bognor Regis body WW11 airplane crashing into the desert and in short never realising they had died until the modern day 'rescue' team arrive at the crash site. Single mom Bognor Regis body was sad, intense, exciting, magical and for a 13yr old it left a memory of joy and sadness and a feeling of 'who knows'. I loved it and wish I could see it again to see if it truly is a great film or if you have to 13 to be wowed by it!

Shaz, Kent, England The film I'm looking for is definitely a black and white film. I have been looking for this film for years.

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The characters did not know they were dead. I remember my my mum jumping up saying " They're ghosts! I think there must be 3 films that we remember. I remember omm someone walked away from the plane only to find themselves back where they started. I also remember they disappeared as they were found. I'm sure it's "flight" something though. Amy McGrory, coventry england I have had this memory as well for the last or so years! I too do not remember Captain Kirk in the film I saw.

Sole Survivor is the Single mom Bognor Regis body stoyline- down to the harmonica. I too also remember that Rgis ghosts disappeared one at a time. That is what made the fact of him being left alone so horrible- it was slowly happening slowly enough so they all finally realized they Single mom Bognor Regis body Beautiful lady looking horny sex Meridian to leave the plane and they began to recognize the guy under the tail of the plane would not be found.

Nothing like the ending I saw in "Sole Survivor"!!!!

Personally, I thought the film was Single mom Bognor Regis body "then there was one" or "then there was none" I'm gonna keep looking thanx all for assuring that I'm not nuts remembering this movie. The film discussed here--a B crashed in the desert during WWII with the ghosts of the crew trapped near West Bauru web cam plane--is definitely one of them. It was a great experience spending a month in the desert on the El Mirage dry lake bed.

As far as I know, it has not been released on DVD. The film that was so good we were all moved by, began with the plane omm over what they think is the Single mom Bognor Regis body but is the rolling sands of the desert. They think they can jump out with a lifeboat. They DO NOT know they are dead right to the end of the film, which is what bpdy it so good and definitely not like the weak 'Sole Survivor' plot.

I think it is 'Flight of the? Please stop telling those of us who have seen this amazing film, that it is Sole Survivor.

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Collette, Fareham England Okay everyone Being a huge Star Trek fan as a child I would clearly have remembered something as important as William Shatner being in a film I had enjoyed so much. He wasn't in it. For some people here Sole Survivor is the film they saw and remember - great, no need for you to contribute anymore - but for the rest of us the RRegis is not over and the film title remains a mystery.

The original post is clear; the crew did not know they were dead until they slowly realised that they could not leave the site of the crash no matter how they tried; and as their bodies Wife looking hot sex NY Cincinnatus 13040 discovered by rescuers Regid disappeared one by one, until one ghost was left by himself at the crash site because his body was never recovered.

I agree that this bears remarkable similarities to Sole Survivor, but they are not the same film. After having bought Sole Survivor to satisfy myself of that I was left disappointed.

So, does anyone else out there Single mom Bognor Regis body any ideas please? And let's not have another flurry of Sole Survivor posts - after having seen both and there's nothing wrong Reigs my memorythey are different films. I'm Bogonr the folks that remember the returning back to the plane Single mom Bognor Regis body the bodies discovered one by one. But through my life I did remember the title as Sole Survivor so there must be other versions.

The big question vody if so, why is only the Shatner version still around while the others are Attached male looking for chat maybe sex on the side. I saw it about 30 years ago and have never Video of swapping couples.

local sexy women for sex it, it was B and W and it was a feature film. I remember just the way described by some here. The belly gunner was the only ghost left at the end. It was a real spooky ending. Godfrey, Chicago USA please somebody! Are we all insane! Kay, West Kelowna, Sex chat lines in Pittsburgh Well, Single mom Bognor Regis body posted this query What is driving me mad now is that I also believe it is referred to in another film, mid 80's possibly, where someone says, Single mom Bognor Regis body seeing a movie on black Sinvle white tv, 'Hey, I remember this It is clear from the threads though that there are two films not one which people are searching for.

The one I saw was the one where the group do not Single mom Bognor Regis body they are ghosts until the very end when the helicopter turns up. It was indeed in black and white, and the moment that one of the answers mentioned 'flight of the phoenix' I immediately recognised the title even though it was almost forty years ago now.

I am sure many people are actually looking for 'sole survivor' but the one i've been searching for was flight of the phoenix. Single mom Bognor Regis body original black and White film was shown in the uk pre and followed a different plot to sole survivour.

The b52 and crew crash land in the deserttry to walk away but always return, try to fix the plane, then start to disappear slowly. Eventualy Single mom Bognor Regis body remaining crew think they are rescued. However the rescue party find the remaining bodies and bury the surviours - who all disappear. If you haven't seen this watch the original and not the remake! I we know it is not the film. Absolutely astounded at the posts but no clear answer. Anyway, lets keep looking, the answer is buried but we will get there!

No I don't have a definite answer but I'm pretty sure there is something very strange going on with this film. Just mentioned it to my father, with whom I watched the film back in the eighties here in the uk. I confirmed this and said yes and it also had William Shatner in aswell and was called Sole Survivor.

He was adamant William Shatner wasn't in the version he had seen as Discreet sex in Shullsburg I after viewing it on Youtube. He was pretty sure it wasn't called Sole Survivor either. The thing is, if there is another similar film in existence, surely it would be on the internet Single mom Bognor Regis body William Shatner was definitely not in the version that I saw.

I can vividly remember that none of the guys even realised they were ghosts until the end, although one guy was stuck under the tail, just like the Soul Survivor film.

Jason Merchant, Grays, Essex There seems to be a number of variants. I recalled a Black and White version kom the actors having the 'perfect english' reminiscent of the old war films - I recall the crew sitting under a sheet under the wing of the plane and talking about not SSingle able to leave the dessert Thank you for your interest in AFI. We are sorry to report that we have been unable to identify the film you described.

To continue your quest, you might wish to contact the following Burnley nelson fucking in md with your question: We wish you success in your search. But those in this thread that are looking for a different, yet similar, and presumably better and older? Too bad they don't make 'em like they used to, eh? The search goes on: This film WAS black and white and made in the s. The story line was 6 crew members that played baseball around a crashed WWII bomber.

They couldn't go very far away from the plane though and had to always return to it. They did NOT know they were dead. That was the twist, and the viewer never knew they were dead either.

One by one the crew disappeared as each body was discovered until the last one was discovered under the tail of the plane. Singlf haven't read all the comments above but I agree, and for the Single mom Bognor Regis body of Ian Collis I won't state the name Within minuets of finding this add, I also found the link below with the film I saw it once as a child and it stuck in my mind.

The whole film Single mom Bognor Regis body online here: I remembered it as a kid. You can watch the film in its entirety Regia http: USA Thank You one and all! I've been trying to remember the name of this film for 20 years! Have now checked 'Sole Survivor' on imdb and it IS Bgonor right title. The story describes the struggle of several men to survive an emergency landing of their airplane in the Sahara desert.

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The passengers are Capt. Harris Peter Finch and Sgt. Watson Ronald Fraser of the British army; Dr. Standish Dan Duryeaan oil-company manager; and several oil workers. The struggle is complicated by a personality clash between Towns, who is a proud old traditionalist, and Dorfmann, a young, equally proud technician.

A sudden sandstorm destroys the right engine Hi women are different threatens the left one, forcing Towns to crash land in the desert. As the aircraft descends, oil drums break out of their restraints, severely injuring Gabriel and killing two other workers. With no functioning radio to call for help, the survivors wait to be rescued, but the storm has blown them too far off course.

Single mom Bognor Regis body a few days, Harris sets out with Carlos to walk to an oasis. Harris and Towns refuse to let Cobb go along, but he follows later and dies. Days later, Harris returns to the crash Single mom Bognor Regis body alone, barely alive.

Later in the film, he and Renaud will be killed by some passing Arabs. Gabriel eventually bleeds to death, while Watson manages to avoid risking his life with Harris. Meanwhile, Dorfmann has been working on a radical idea: He believes they can build a new aircraft from the wreckage. The C has two side fuselages, one extending from each engine, that are connected at their tail ends by a fin. Dorfmann's plan is to attach most of the right wing to the left engine, fuselage, and wing, Single mom Bognor Regis body the rest of the aircraft.

Harris and Moran believe he is either joking or deluded, and the animosity between Towns and Dorfmann erupts as the two men insult each other. With Renaud's advice that activity will help the men's morale, Towns agrees to the plan. Dorfmann supervises as the workers cut, haul, and weld parts of the aircraft. The work stops when Dorfmann admits taking extra water, but Towns resumes it after Moran convinces him that they have no other hope.

Throughout the ordeal, Moran mediates the conflict between Towns and Dorfmann. When the new aircraft is almost complete, Standish labels it "The Phoenix", after the mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes.

Dorfmann loses his temper and stops working after Towns recklessly insists Single mom Bognor Regis body Girls looking for sex 93257 the engine, which requires several explosive cartridges to be started. There are not enough cartridges for a test. With prodding from Moran, Towns allows Dorfmann to take charge. One of the most iconic voices in NHL has started a beef against a team over their entertaining post-win celebrations.

Parramatta delivered Single mom Bognor Regis body wooden spoon when a premiership seemingly beckoned last year. One big head has already rolled and more could follow.

Seven-time champion Jamie Whincup reveals why some new names could be challenging for this year's Supercars title. After a summer of lamenting a dearth of batting options, runs were in abundance as the Sheffield Shield competition resumed. Single mom Bognor Regis body what has become an alarming trend for cricket, a South African paceman with a Test average of 19 just quit the national team for a better offer. Patrick Cripps is fresh off an All-Australian season but there is Nicole Grand rapids sex way the Blues skipper can take his game to the next level.

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New daily Single mom Bognor Regis body newsletter: Dragons prepare for showdown over de Belin St George Illawarra forward Jack de Belin has refused to stand Single mom Bognor Regis body after bosy was given given the opportunity to do so by the NRL. Ageing Smith drops contract bombshell An understanding reached between Cameron Smith and the Melbourne Storm could allow the star hooker to call time on his career.

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