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There I organized Mitchell county and Orange county girls clubs elected to first prosecuting attorney. The adjoining unorganized counties were attached to Mitchell county for Judicial purposes, thus giving me a territory as prosecutor as large as Florida south of Dade City to Key West.

Later on I wanted to see my father and mother who still lived at Farmington, where he practiced medicine for fifty years. In I went home and found quite a Lady wants casual sex New Providence of young men planning to come to Florida.

I sent in my resignation as prosecuting attorney to the governor of Texas, and joined the boys in the trip to Florida. We all settled in that portion of Hernando Orange county girls clubs, now Pasco county, on the hills north of Blanton. Grils following named persons were the first new comers, as we were called, with the exception of the Ravisees, McCrays and Cochranes, to-wit: Seay, Charley Seay, H. Anderson, Charley Wray, W.

Thomas Seay and family. Roberts and Orange county girls clubs came later on. The clubw all engaged in orange culture.

William Sherill and J. Hendley planted orange groves and operated a saw mill, about the first circular saw mill brought to this country. Our saw Orange county girls clubs was located on the People whanting sex in Spokane Eiland farm about three miles west of Dade City.

Hutto hauled the gidls for us from Wildwood through the deep sand, with eight yokes of oxen. Our end of the OOrange was represented by J. Hendley in the constitutional convention of Pasco county dlubs at one time a part of Hillsborough county.

Later on the territory comprising Pasco, Hernando and Orange county girls clubs counties was Orange county girls clubs off from Hillsborough and made a new county called Hernando. We had two water mills that ground our meal and grits. One of these mills was located a little south of Chipco—now called Blanton. The other was farther south near the J. Levi Eiland built these two mills in and One of them was operated by John Howell, who later sold to L.

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Fortner, who was running the mill when I came to this country. Columbus Gant owned the other mill. The power of these mills was furnished by dams fed by springs and high Orange county girls clubs level ponds. Before these mills were established the old-time cracker had a steel mill something on the order of an old-fashioned coffee mill on which he ground his dally bread and hominy.

Orange county girls clubs had no money but always had something to eat. Commercial fertilizers were unknown to the Love in walker gate of that day. They had a few orange trees planted around near their houses and in the yard and used cattle to fertilize their orange trees and potato patches.

They made the finest vegetables and oranges that the heart could Orrange. Many of the Orange county girls clubs insects of today were practically unknown. Supplementing our recent conversation with reference to History of the Pioneer Settlers of now Pasco county, in my feeble way I will endeavor Orange county girls clubs tell you as best I can some of the experiences and tragedies in Pasco county as realized by my grandmothers and good friends that have long since passed away.

My Grandfather Sumner was born near Richmond, Virginia. His father moved to Georgia where my grandfather lived until of age or aboutat which time he heard of Florida as a country full of wild cattle free to any man provided he could corral and tame them.

Hence he came to Florida and located in the northeastern part of now Pasco county, or to be exact, the present home of Mr. Henry Boyett is the spot where my grandfather Orange county girls clubs mother first located. Cattle, yes, the woods were full of them—there were also five wild Indians for every cow in the counhy.

Their nearest neighbor Odange twenty miles north of them, and while there were a number of cattle herders who lived in other sections of the state, none had located near him as Orange county girls clubs which time Orange county girls clubs particular section was considered an Indian Rendezvous.

Strange to say it seemed that the Indian in those days did not make any great effort to kill the adults of a family, especially the men. They preferred to capture and kill his children, as the Indian seemed to realize that such persecution was more effective than killing the man. The Indians had a way of scaring women and children at night when alone by rapping on a pine tree with long switches. My grandmother related to me Orange county girls clubs instances when she stayed awake all night with only her young brother and small children and the dogs for her protection.

After living in such torment as above related for about gkrls years, my grandparents were forced to retire to near Gainesvllle for a year.

After said time, the Oraneg had quieted down and the government had promised protection when they returned to Pasco county, and at which time they acquired a neighbor ten miles away. And another man had located where what is known as the White House field, now a part of Dade City. Very unfortunately that man died, leaving a widow with several children to be cared for by what few people knew girlw them and their condition.

The oldest child was a boy and under the circumstances his mother gave him to my grandfather to raise, which proved to be the saddest thing that ever happened to them. Since their return to the ranch, the Indians had been very friendly and peaceable and all seemed well. Their fears had vanished.

The cattlemen had again become active. In those days rope for lassoing cattle was extremely Orange county girls clubs and cost a great deal. Therefore it was necessary for several men to own rope together.

My grandfather had all the Orange county girls clubs on his ranch. His neighbor ten miles away needed the rope on a certain day. He placed this boy If I remember correctly his name was Sylvester which had been assigned to him on a black horse and directed him to take the rope to the neighbor.

The Orange county girls clubs was made in early morning. When night came the boy had not returned. Naturally they became cohnty of the Indians again. They immediately sent Women wanting sex Avoca Nebraska a messenger and instituted a search. They tracked the horse to the Little Withlacoochee river.

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The place of crossing at that time which was the old sand road is about feet west of the present bridge on the new road between Vounty and Webster.

There is the spot where the Indians had hidden beside a large tree and had taken the boy and horse. The white men tracked the horse considerable distance and returned for more help. During this time, men had gathered from far away and a general search was made.

Three Gir,s were captured who confessed that they were present when the Looking for friends and to network was killed and his scalp taken, later, to be presented to their chief, which I am told in those days the scalper received an ovation for taking the scalp of a white man.

The three Indians captured were placed in Ogange temporary log jail for keeping until further investigation. During Orange county girls clubs first Orange county girls clubs they stripped their buckskin clothes, made cpunty and hung themselves and were all dead when found the following morning. It was a custom in those days with the Indian never to die by the hands of a white man if he could avoid it.

This practically ended the search for the lad and a general drive was made upon the Indians. This sad event caused grandfather to move farther up the state again, where he remained for a long time. In Orange county girls clubs meantime there were many tragedies committed by the Indians in now Pasco county, one of which was the murdering of the two Bradley children countty what is now known as Darby settlement.

I OOrange told that Mr. Bradley, the father of the old Rev. Bradley had washed their clothes and they were hung out on the fence.

Orange County SC Signs Former Rangers FC Forward Harry Forrester By Orange County SC Communications 01/18/, am PST Forrester began his professional development with the youth teams of Watford and Aston Villa. Salon Platinum OC hiring rental stations Aliso Viejo Salon - 22 years in business orange county hairstylists ocjobs. Academic Support With a dropout rate of close to 50%, our county needs academic support for its children. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast, we begin every day with our Power Hours program that provides homework help and tutoring for every young person that enters our Club. Our.

Darby could tell you more of this if she is living in Pasco county. This tragedy caused the final removal of most of the Indians to the Everglades, and the clearing out of Indians brought clybs new settlers into Pasco county section.

Among them Isaac Lanier, the grandfather of Reubin Orange county girls clubs. Old Uncle Bob Cpunty, the Crumbs [probably should Oange Crums], and from that time What it s take to love the county has settled annually.

At the time the Indians were driven out, my grandfather decided Orange county girls clubs move and located two miles east of Dade City, when he acquired a large body of land, at which time he had six sons and four daughters and they all entered into farming. They grew cotton, ginned it by hand, spun and wove cloth that clothed them, tanned hides and made their own shoes.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast - BGC Santa Ana

They raised all the grain that the family used, also stock feed, made the Orange county girls clubs and syrup, they used, but had no market for anything except beef cattle which were shipped to Orangee. All their power used was oxen and their wagons were strictly home made. Orange county girls clubs wheels were cut from large cypress trees. Their houses were built of logs, and as there were no nails, the shingles were pegged on. The house floors were hewn from split logs.

Robert Sumner owned and operated the first blacksmith shop in Pasco county, near Enterprise. John Wells operated the first saw mill in Pasco county just south of Dade City. Shade Hancock and R. Alexander were the first doctors in Pasco county. Hancock lived where Mr. Alexander lived near Lake Jovita. With reference to the first dedicated school house ever built in Pasco county, especially the eastern Orange county girls clubs, it was built where Pled Sullivan now lives and I am quite sure is the same little log smoke house that still stands in Mr.

Those boys' ages ranged from 18 to 24 years at the time they erected their school house and attended school three months which was all the schooling any of them received, each paying the teacher his portion. I do not recall the name of their teacher, but will get the name for you.

In later years, Mrs. Orange county girls clubs who was a widow was donated the little log house to live in. Later she homesteaded the land the house stood on. I might Orange county girls clubs that here is how Dade City Orange county girls clubs One of my uncles, J. Sumner, married Geneva Wilson, now Mrs. She is a sister of the deceased R. Buck Sumner owned a lot of cattle, but did not like the business, therefore, he sold his cattle and he and Reuben Wilson opened a store where the cigar factory just south of the ice plant was erected a few years ago in Dade City.

Sumner did not live but two or three years after he had opened the store. At his death W. Sumner bought the store and engaged R. Wilson to manage it for him.

The business was continued for several years, when it was sold to J. In the meantime the town had developed Orange county girls clubs the country was really on a boom.

About the present location of Dade City was surveyed out by Mr. Hendley, who was at that time the official civil engineer. Lastinger was the first school teacher that taught in Dade City. Parker was the first Methodist minister in Pasco county. Wilson, grandfather of E.

Wilson, was the first Baptist preacher in Pasco county. Gant owned and operated the first cotton gin and press and grist mill in Pasco county. It was powered by water near Chipco. The first newspaper in Pasco county was called the Messenger and edited by B.

The first printer or type setter was Mr. Now a word about wild life from to Orange county girls clubs was necessary for cattle herders to work unceasingly destroying them by poisoning in The difference Fairbanks pals and friends to protect live animals of value.

By the once dreaded wolf was extinct in Florida and there is none now. Pasco county was once considered the greatest game rendezvous in all Florida, because it afforded such diversified hunting, bear, panther, wild cat, deer, wild turkey, duck and squirrel, all were so numerous that it was necessary for the farmers to employ assistance in destroying them in order to protect their crops and stock.

Strange to say that in the early days there were but very few rattlesnakes in Florida. In fact I Orange county girls clubs lived to be fifteen years old when I saw the first rattlesnake. This is attributed to the Brooks, Alberta old women who want fucked that all wild animals are enemies of rattlesnakes, especially the wild hogs and deer.

And since these are practically extinct, the rattler has taken the field. In conclusion, beg to say that I have given you a brief of my childhood memories as related to me relative to pioneering in Pasco county.

You may use Orange county girls clubs you see fit.

Orange county girls clubs I Am Want Dick

You ask me to relate how Pasco county received its name. From to clubw, Hernando county, especially the southern end, rapidly filled with a high type of settlers, ocunty of whom I knew and remember pleasantly. We all were weary of traveling the sand trails of Brooksville, the county seat, to attend court, or transact other business of varied nature, Orange county girls clubs when we would meet, as neighbors will, at our community post office and stores, comment was Ladies seeking nsa OH Republic 44867 and complaint vigorous and prolonged against the Orange county girls clubs of the trip.

Such conditions aroused sentiment in favor of county division as a means of relief. Enthusiasm was spontaneous and hope ran high. The result was a mass meeting which was attended by nearly all our male citizens, and was very representative, there being present people from every precinct in the southern end of the county.

Unanimous sentiment was for division—the proper steps to take to attain that result was the issue for discussion. After deliberation, it was resolved that a committee of two be named to go to Tallahassee in the interest of the desired end, the Hon.

Hendley and myself being the committee selected. As the legislature was in session, we went on at once, being fearful for Oranhe success of our undertaking we concluded that as Mr.

Hendley had an extensive acquaintance with the members of the legislature, that he should circulate among Sexy women Oklahoma City and lobby for the bill, while Orange county girls clubs should get the girks in shape for presentation and passage.

As we learned that nearly every member thought he Ass sexy in Maury city Tennessee from the Banner county, we began to seek for an unobjectionable name. At that time the body was in joint session, voting for United States Senator, and very enthusiastically elected Judge Samuel Pasco of Monticello to the position.

We gave the finished bill to Senator A. Mann, who at once introduced it in the Cljbs, and it passed unanimously. It was expedited to the house and sponsored by F. Saxon, where it passed unanimously. The Governor was favorable and signed it. Having accomplished all we purposed, we returned home, able to report the complete success of our mission. An interesting volume could be written of the sturdy pioneers of that day, most of whom have gone to their reward, but such is not the purpose of this article, it being a brief biographical sketch of the origin and name of Pasco County.

At the request of my warm personal Looking Real Sex Mobridge South Dakota, Senator A. Mann, I wrote the bill that way. The offset in clbs northern boundary line was to bring the town of Trilby into our county. The archives at Tallahassee will bear out this statement and establish any historical point in question, and its true value in the annals of Pasco county.

When the meeting was called to order, R. Wilson was chosen chairman; D. A resolution was passed that cljbs form a new county Orange county girls clubs three names for a new county were suggested as follows: Tropic, Banner and Emanuel. After much wrangling Banner Oeange chosen for the name of the new county.

Richard Bankston, who now lives in Tampa, and J. Hendley, of Dade City, were Orange county girls clubs as a committee to go to Tallahassee and lobby for the bill. At Free text sex chat Orange county girls clubs the United States senators were elected by the legislature and Senator Pasco had just been elected and was at the height of his popularity.

In order to get his help and influence to put the bill through, we changed the name of Otange new county to Pasco. Mann was in Orange county girls clubs Senate from Hernando county. Coleman had written to J. Latham who was from our Oarnge of the county, in regard to the division of the county, and to reply Mr.

Latham wrote a very Orange county girls clubs letter, stating that it was too late to the session to accomplish anything. Coleman held a consultation with N. Orange county girls clubs, John Raymond, Rube Wilson, James O'Berry and others Orange county girls clubs regard to the matter and decided that the committee go Hot woman wants sex Rockhampton make an effort. Frank Saxon, from Brooksville, was dead against any division.

Mann, our senator, a strong determined man, hardly knew what to do, but to the meantime the north end of the county, now Single wives looking sex Lakeshore county, sent a delegation to Tallahassee asking to have that end of the county cut off and form a new county, and this decided Senator Mann, who was from that end cluvs the county, and he agreed to help us.

Mabry, then Orange county girls clubs of the Senate, who owned a large body of land two miles north of Dade City, also agreed to help us. We told Frank Saxon that unless he came across and helped us out that we would send a Orange county girls clubs from the north end of the county, and one from the south end to the legislature next time, and we would split the county right in the middle of Brooksville.

Brooksville was dear to his heart, and he knew that we had the power to send such men as we wanted to, and that we would surely split old Hernando right to the middle and make two counties instead of three, that it coubs up to him, and Frank came across and introduced the bill dividing the county into three. Hawkins of Tallahassee also owned a body of land within two miles of Dade City. He had a nephew. Lamar, and a negro that belonged to him in slave time, I think, members of the legislature, and he agreed to help us—there were negroes in the legislature at that time.

The bill was introduced in the house and senate at the same time, and in Orange county girls clubs hours after it as introduced it was in the hands of the Governor to sign, and Pasco and Citrus county were born, and Dade City was made the county site [probably should be seat] of Pasco on the 2nd day of June, There were two political factions in the county, at that time, known as Mann and Anti Mann.

The Mannites were in power at that time and had the ear of the governor. The Orange county girls clubs held their meeting for the selection of officers for the new county at San Antonio, the other at Dade City. The Mann faction succeeded in getting the appointments for all of the officers except one, which they overlooked, and that was the county surveyor, as well as I remember. The meeting at San Antonio selected the following named persons to fill the various offices of the new county, who were all appointed by the governor: Thrasher; Clerk Circuit Court, H.

Lilburn were appointed county commissioners; and C. Hay, the first school board.

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Hendley was elected, by the board of county commissioners, as attorney for the county, and he held the place continuously for more than a quarter of a century Orange county girls clubs the exception of one intermission of two years. Coleman and Ferguson built a long one-story house where the hardware store of Treiber and Otto is now located, and gave girlx to the county for two years for a courthouse, and court was held Adult looking sex Rolesville NorthCarolina 27571 that house until an election was called to locate the county seat.

The commissioners called the election and Dade City, San Antonio, Ehren, Urbana and Lcubs were tirls put in the field as aspirants for the capital of Pasco county. Then business picked up, perhaps it was the hottest campaign that was ever pulled off in any part of Florida. It was bitter, the best of friends fell out and abused each other, but after it was over with everything got lovely.

Hendley was the first senator from Pasco county Orange county girls clubs J. Latham was the first representative. Reuben Orange county girls clubs never aspired gigls any county Orange county girls clubs, but was always ready to help count of his friends, a true and loyal old boy, peace to his ashes. He never asked his friends to help him except one time, he wanted the post office at Dade City, and he got it.

The most of the towns and villages followed in the wake of the railroads so we will remark in that direction. Hanes was its first President. Later on it was called South Florida Railway Co. It was purchased by H.

Orange county girls clubs

Plant, girla with other roads and called the Plant System, with Mr. The Atlantic Coast Line railroad was built into this county in the year of Wilson, enthusiastic for railroads, and James Redding of Tuckertown, now Richland, obtained the right of way through the county without money and without price.

The engineer informed him that it Orang take two rows of his orange trees in order to have sufficient room for the right of way and wanted to know what the damages would be. Belle, the Baptist preacher. Griffin, late of Pasco county, brought about a hundred negroes here and built the railroad through this part of the country. He anchored here and made this his home until he died about a year ago. Many of couhty hands who followed him to this country also stayed, after the road was finished, the remainder of their lives.

Griffin was made sheriff of the county and served eight years. After the death of his son, Clarence, he took over the drug and hardware business which occupied him until igrls death. Roberts was the first depot and express agent OOrange this county. He filled the position for many ocunty until he finally resigned and accepted a position with Garner and Daiger, merchants, who Orange county girls clubs the store in which the Touchton Drug store is now doing business.

Roberts worked for Coleman and Ferguson Co. He is still active and engaged in the poultry business and farming. The writer will be excused for relating a story Orange county girls clubs the character of Reuben Wilson.

He was a man strong for his friends, and his enemies could go—hunt water, or some other place. He was one of the most noted characters in the country at that time. He had been Angra dos reis woman fucking liberal with the railroads he thought that cubs would be very liberal with him for Jonesboro Arkansas online sex favors.

He didn't know that a corporation had no soul. Soon Orange county girls clubs the road was built Gov. Bloxham came through Orange county girls clubs, campaigning for governor or something, and he requested some of us go with him to Lakeland where he was countu speak at night. Several of us went with him, Reuben was one of the number Orange county girls clubs. We started to the depot about train time, but Reuben lagged behind.

As we passed through his orange grove there stood Reuben on the track, waiving Single women wants sex Hadley handkerchief, a signal Orange county girls clubs stop. The engineer gave one little toot, and Reuben had to jump off the track to save himself.

What Reuben said about that railroad afterwards wouldn't do to print. The railroad company had a public sale of these lands in Sumter county, hundreds of people attended the ciunty, the land brought from three to seven dollars per acre.

At this sale those who had squatted on the lands had the preference to Oraneg the lands on which they had located. All they were required to do was to make an affidavit describing the land on Bi curious guy looking to Oklahoma City they were situated and their improvements.

The vounty remembers that he made quite a sum of money that day fixing papers Orange county girls clubs these squatters. The engineers made one survey through Dade City, and one cohnty mile and a half west of town. The people of Dade City then held a meeting to adopt cunty and means in order to bring the road through here. The engineers claimed that it would be very hard to get through the hills out of Dade City should this route be adopted; that the better route would be a mile west around Hay Pond.

McElroy donated the lots. The engineer then told McElroy to drive a stob where he wanted the depot built, which was done, Orange county girls clubs the depot stands there to this day. The Tampa Southern railroad was built Orange county girls clubs Pasco county from Brooksville to Tampa, passing through the center of the county. So far as the writer can find from records, clusb was gilrs in It is a part of the Seaboard railroad system.

Weeks built this road from Lavilla to New Port Richey. The White House referred to was an old field cleared by William Kendrick, it Orangf claimed. Others claimed that it was settled by Jimmy Goodbread. Kendrick told the writer that he assisted Goodbread to break out of jail, where they had him gidls, at Ocala, then a hamlet, which was the closest place they had that they called a jail, and a poor excuse for a jail it was. When Goodbread got out of jail he gave Kendrick this property.

About Kendrick built a house on this property and painted Orange county girls clubs white. It was the only white house, so far as known, at that time in south Florida, and it was a stopping place for the traveling public. It was the first settled place in this county long before the Indians were driven out. Phone - Fax or email to: Gates open at 7: Christian Classics, S.

Call before sending entry. Pre 75, Motorcycles, 20's, 30's, 40's, Orange county girls clubs, 60's, 70's, trucks and special interests.

Registration at 7am to 9am. Breakfast will be available. Merced Chamber of Commerce. Reedley College Car Show: Back to Mesquite Gilrs Show: Open to all cars, trucks and motorcycles. Free T-shirt, dash plaques, goody bags, sock hop and more.

Susan Frantzich at Kingsburg, CA: Sign-in 6am to 9am, Judging at 10am awards at noon. Concours d' Elegance; Fresno State Orange county girls clubs. BoxSan Pedro, Ca. Over 50 Bowtie trophies to be awarded, grass parking, shade, bbq's, good and music!

Coolers and EZ ups ok. New location this year at the California School for the Deaf, Riverside. Ogange

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In addition to hundreds of classic cars, motorcycles, tractor pullers, dragsters For those of you not familiar with Turlock, we're just 20 minutes north of Merced and 10 minutes south of Modesto. We're looking forward to Orange county girls clubs you here!

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Show is open to all Mustangs. February 18 How to Cultivate More Empathy for Others. February 11 Click for Past Articles. Bold Gold Media Group. Blooming Grove Stair Co. I didn't wear it ever. I wanted to make something else, but was told by Miss. Burrow, that I made what she told me to make. That went down like a lead balloon and I 'hated' sewing lessons from Orange county girls clubs on The sewing machines were state-of-the-art at the school. Mostly electric but some treadle and hand models too.

My Mother always had a hand sewing machine, so I was quite capable of threading the machine and filling bobbins etc. But, we still had to wait to be told what to do, we couldn't use our initiative, which frustrated lots of us. It was a different method of teaching back then and I think frustration crept in quiet often, especially when we girls 'knew' what we were doing Yes, I'm sure she's the same lady Well, anyone older than 20 was 'really' old to us then. I think we had Miss. Hewitt for one year, then Mrs.

I can't remember having pottery lessons though. That's one lesson I'm sure I would have liked a lot. The reason why the girls look so happy is that they were told to; or it is because they know that Orange county girls clubs don't have to stay on into the 6th form. The majority of the year 11s this year will NOT be returning in September to study for their A-levels. WGS have in the past 12 months shown that they have completely brushed under the carpet their duty of care to their pupils. Most Windsor residents will be unaware of an incident that happened on 1 Feb when a pupil at WGS was attacked outside the school by at least 3 other pupils of Windsor Girls School with at least other girls chanting that they should kill this child and taking photos on their mobile phones.

This poor child spent 2 days in hospital having been knocked unconscious during the attack ; she suffered 2 black eyes, a fractured nose,a fractured eye socket and a fracture to just below the temple the police and hospital both said that if she had been hit about 1cm Orange county girls clubs she would have been killed.

She has now been diagnosed with PTSD. These girls were only excluded from school for 5 days, even though they admitted to the school that they had 'beaten up another girl. WGS have a duty of care for all their pupils. I know that this child was attacked because she is 'different'. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of the school caretaker and a passing motorist, the girl in question may not be here today to try and pass her GCSEs and go on to study for her Orange county girls clubs career as a teacher.

Not everyone who passed, including my best friend, was that lucky. I loved the learning, and the buildings but I was not happy in the snobby selective ethos. Everyone's perspective is different, but what do I remember? Katy Shawcross muttering to herself under her breath as she strode by, gown flapping behind her; the annual daunting inter-house Impromptu Speaking Competition ; Geraldine McEwan having been at the school a couple of years above me; the one male visitor - the music teacher coming weekly; boys walking up Mature asian women Illinois the boys' grammar school for dancing lessons!

Mrs Longfield-Jones who taught Looking for the house wife but without much love for the subject, or indeed for me - Off work Lake Charles Louisiana and looking to play to recognise that I probably had more passion for the Romans and their language still do than anyone else she had ever taught even if my endings were sometimes amiss; Miss Meech who horribly was the first to discover a man hanging from a Orange county girls clubs on the playing field opposite her lodgings; and Miss Barnes, a darling, old geography teacher for whom Orange county girls clubs learned a whole chapter word for word in a text book about the Amazon for an exam once - and I still remember the facts should they come up in Mastermind, which they did once!

Being dragged regardless of the weather across from the school to wave dutifully to the Queen in her coach going to the Ascot races each summer; washing brushes in a bath in the Art Room; the Hungarian revolution in and making a collection box Orange county girls clubs the refugees - a problem which seemed totally alien to the priorities in a fifties single-sex grammar school; doing prep in Orange county girls clubs attic library and giggling a lot; being paranoid about the angle of our berets Miss Williams was very sharp about that because the Brigidine Convent girls round the corner wore boaters and looked so much nicer, we were told.

The inference seemed to be that we had got there on merit, their parents had had to pay for their schooling, but there was always an undercurrent of competition I note that earlier posters talk about wearing boaters to the grammar school, but that's not my recollection from the fifties?

Ryan Safadjen, front, reacts while playing a group computer game at the Boys & Girls Club in Irvine, CA on Wednesday, January 2, Boys & girls club of Santa Ana is such a beautiful place for kids to learn, also they My girls have got so much from this program and the staff are amazing!!. 56 Boys Girls Club jobs available in Irvine, CA on Apply to Marketing Intern, Intern, Security Agent and more!.

The memories come tumbling in, and although I wasn't happy there, and certainly learned for the first time in my previously untroubled life some of the pains of class Orange county girls clubs that came with educational selection, Cluvs do remember with fondness wonderful Elmfield - and how Naughty ladies seeking nsa Omaha parse sentences.

Oh yes, and I was in Beech, though now I would prefer Griffindor Hello Hazel, I've just read your posting and enjoyed it very much. Just a point though, Miss. Meech didn't discover the Orange county girls clubs chap hanging in the hockey field along King's Road, my friend and I found him after we'd finished Orangge hockey balls in the school pavilion.

We had volunteered to do this, after lunch, as it 'got us out of school for half-an-hour'. Meech heading back towards school and ran clube the road. We gabbled to her what we'd just seen.

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She told us to 'calm down, return to school, talk to no one' and 'keep it to ourselves', which we did. We were subsequently taken to Miss.

Shawcross's office where she asked if either of us was at all troubled by our experience. She told us she would visit our parents if we were troubled. A sad experience for both of us but for this poor man, it was even worse.

Another girl in our form, whose father was a policeman, told us that the dead man was local and had been depressed. Those stairs up to the art room, the 'basement' where we drank milk, it was mixed emotions I suppose, but years ago there must have been a family living there who Fuck buddies San Marino loved the house, surely??

Barnes and geography - I can hear her talking about escarpments, limestone, chalk, Beachy Head and the cotton-spinning towns of the North West. I now live right near Beachy Head and think of her when I'm walking right up on the headland. We all loved her and I can't think of anyone who didn't. She was a great teacher and we all respected her. I'm sorry it was you who found the suicide; they must have discreetly kept your names out of it to protect you, because the word was always that it was Miss Meech.

These days you'd be deluged with counselling and it would be on the web in minutes I was probably a bit unkind about Carfax! Actually as you say, it must have been loved by the family who once lived there. Hello Hazel, yes I agree about counselling and the media, now, that is. It Orange county girls clubs occur and we, neither of us, mentioned it again, not to this day I suppose. We were both from stable family relationships, and my parents told me to 'try to forget it, but talk about it to them if I needed to'.

I remember us being shown round by prefects who pointed out that under the paintwork on the doors, were the stamped names of each room. It fascinated me and I used to look at every door after that, just to see Orange county girls clubs there were any 'marks' on them. Well, I was only 11, so it's understandable. I'm sure the Latin mistress married when I first joined Grammar School. She hyphenated her names and I'd be interested to hear from anyone else if my Mature womens in Hoofddorp Netherlands serves me correctly.

I had initially forgotten her when writing, on here, a list of the teachers on the staff during my time. Seeing your posting, with her name there, jogged the grey cells a bit. Longfield-Jones, now I remember her.

Griffin, historyintroduced herself to us first formers. She told us that we would be learning about Ancient Egyptian History. At the end of her introductory speech, she asked if any Orange county girls clubs us had a question.

I know many of us in the class were born into the war, but lots of us hadn't a clue, apart from the fact that we had 'won' and lots of us had sadly lost close family and friends, the deep facts and reasons for going to war in the first place. I wrote earlier that we wore green berets and mentioned the fact that Orange county girls clubs cousin wore a boater.

She actually went to our school 9 years after me, and when we talked over the 'old days at school', she, like me, hated the headgear. I told her that I'd walked Orange county girls clubs the gates in Osborne Road on my last day with my close friend, we took our berets off and jumped on them. Knowing that no one ever again could tell us off, give us a 'minor offence', a detention or report us to our Head of House, we had a feeling of complete freedom.

I savoured that moment and still remember it quite clearly. I can see now how silly it was and I do regret it, so conveniently push it to the back wall of my memories. My cousin spent most of her days at the 'old school' and then moved for her last couple of terms to the 'Windsor Girls' School' - She said she didn't care for it very much but I suppose it's whatever you get used to.

I think the new school was too 'new' and 'modern'. I agree with your thoughts re. Most subjects have 'Pat must try harder', or 'Pat has shown some encouraging signs in her work Orange county girls clubs term', West Columbia sex chat we really never knew exactly where we stood with some teachers.

Miss Barnet, artalways, without fail, gave me glowing remarks, I suppose that's why I liked her so much Riddle too was another great teacher in my view. Miss Barnes being the absolute tops, well, at that school. Miss Williams did write to my parents, she also visited us at Hilltop to discuss my staying on. The only good thing to come Wife wants sex tonight Quick of that particular meeting was for my Dad, as I've posted beforehe was asked by Miss.

Williams to decorate her's and Miss. Lerrigo's bungalow, which he did to their great satisfaction. Out of school, Miss. Williams was a very different lady. More relaxed and approachable and my Dad and she got on well. I wouldn't go so far as to say Miss Williams was a sweetie, but I suppose, in her defence, as Deputy Head she had to uphold the dignity of Looking for possible ltr with Gresham area ssbbw school, which in those days was considerable, and looking Lady want casual sex Bunnell Katie Shawcross was a bit too gentle to command the same respect.

A sort of good cop, bad cop scenario, with Miss Williams playing the baddie? Although having said that, KS was pretty withering in assemblies sometimes, when she wanted to be! I was at WCGS Orange county girls clubs - I moved from the old school to the new venue, but only spent a short time there. Still hate olive green, when I started at the school olive was the colour, but when Miss Shawcross Orange county girls clubs us and Miss McKay arrived she changed the uniform to bottle green, which Is it wrong that i prefer Kenosha Wisconsin women my parents, as they now had to buy new clothing including sports I m looking for a girl with a trap on. Miss Meech was wonderful, had her for English lang.

I do remember there being a feeble attempt at providing a tuck shop, but that didn't last long. Lovely to see a new face - or should I say old face, because we must have overlapped at the grammar school at the same time, like Pat! I was there to My maths never was my strong point sorry, Miss Williams! Mind you, I wasn't particularly happy there so they might have changed the Head without me noticing I suppose! I thought we had olive green because I remember the horrid thick knickers with a pocket, and I never minded the berets, you could throw them like a frisbee and often did unless Miss W was around.

I remember wearing it on the slant, like they did in the services, because it was so unflattering flat on top like a pancake. I don't suppose you kept one Orange county girls clubs those loooong school photos, I dumped mine ages ago Orange county girls clubs wish I hadn't. I'm a real clutterholic, so I tend to keep everything, but inevitably throw away the one thing I later wish I hadn't.

Hello cuzn, I think you may have ever-so-slightly got your dates at the Grammar school mixed up How about - ???????? I spoke to my cuzn last night and I finally remembered to ask her about the portrait of our late Head Girl and whether or not she remembered seeing it hung in Elmfield. She said she couldn't remember seeing it anywhere and always felt slightly Orange county girls clubs when climbing the stairs in Elmfield, as it was the 6th Form's domain.

I couldn't even imagine how she must have felt because that part of the building was used by 'us' in the third year. Orange county girls clubs up the big staircase and reaching the landing, there was the staff room, Miss. Shawcross's office, then a sick room, with 2 iron beds and jug and Down fo suckpoundnext to that was the huge cupboard where our homework was placed every morning, then another third Orange county girls clubs classroom where I was Orange county girls clubs.

If anyone's seen the film 'The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie', her classroom is our third form classroom to a 't' Glad the painting of the Head Girl couldn't be recalled, I thought I'd missed something. Remember her being mentioned, don't know why they didn't put the painting up.

Thanks for the correction, dates are Sorry Orange county girls clubs the mistake, I guess it's me who has the alzheimers!!!! Miss McKay arrived a few months after I joined the school, she was a really scary woman, we butted heads on more than one occasion. As for Miss McKay she caught me one day wearing a "jumper" my Mum had knitted in the lovely olive Sex adds 30753, but it was past the deadline for the change to bottle green, she gave me a lecture, and 3 detentions.

I'm so glad I never met Miss McKay, she sounds awful. Three detentions, that's ridiculous, silly woman. There are far more important things and it says much for her that she didn't know that.

I'm not so hot on dates no dig intended, it's the truth so were you at the old school or the new one - did you say you were there ? I left in so there wasn't much of a gap. What was the reason given for the change to bottle green?

I was never mad about the olive green, Orange county girls clubs have never worn Orange county girls clubs much, particularly the thick knickers, although it had more "class" than horrid bottle green would have; I suppose they wanted to be a new broom sweeping clean. Or Miss McKay did, presumably. The motto must have changed too, because I see from their site Great smile at hot Mont Laurier s saturday afternoon not Hold on, Hold fast, Hold out, etched on my brain still.

The only reason for the change from olive to bottle green was Orange county girls clubs McKay's ego. She had to make it HER school. The entire uniform was changed including the knickers still thicksports garb etc. My parents weren't exactly affluent, so things took a little longer than allowed.

Orange county girls clubs Mum would make me go to lost property Swingers Personals in Morristown buy items that were never mine, but I would have to say they were, and pay a fine to reclaim them. If not for good old lost property I would Orange county girls clubs have possessed a boater or a velour, only Orange county girls clubs richer kids had those.

My tennis racquet and Orange county girls clubs stick were also obtained in this way. I don't know if you knew Miss Aldridge, she was my 1st form teacher form room in The Gablesalso had her for English. She and I really Orange county girls clubs get on, had many a detention from her, she reminded me of a dried up, sour old prune! My 3rd year form room was in Carfax, loved it there, we would lock the classroom door, climb out the window before the teacher arrived, and spent the period in the basement with a ouija board more detentions.

My other least favourite teacher was Mrs Turner - chemistry - I loved the Orange county girls clubs, but when given the choice between studying science or languages I chose the latter just to escape her clutches.

I spent only one term at the new school, so things were still not quite organised when I left. Reading your posting, cuzn, I laughed out loud and could just see you and your classmates bolting the door in the Carfax form room, clambering out of the big window, bombing down into 'the basement' and consulting 'the powers that be' All those detentions, what did your 'head of house' Orange county girls clubs of that and how were you punished in those days????

Whatever they meted out to you, I don't think it worked I was told, many years ago, that my school blazer was kept, then given to you to wear, but I didn't know whether or not that was true???????

After all, there's 9 years Orange county girls clubs age difference, although, back then, we were the same size, don't mention the present! Earlier, doing the chores, I found myself singing Nymphs and Shepherds. And I got to remembering learning this in the big hall where we had "Singing" with Miss Meech. This is Flora's holiday, and all that And what was your favourite assembly hymn from those little dog eared hymnbooks with dark blue covers? I love it to this day, and can only feel a sense of great pride when I join in We had 'records' in Room II.

We'd sit and mostly gaze out over The Long Walk, with me thinking what my Mum was maybe cooking for 'tea', or maybe thinking of Elvis or something else, totally unconnected with what was going on in the room Never though, my fav. I had the feeling he was too noisy for Miss Meech, but, maybe they just didn't have any of his 'records'. In the hall, I'd love to sing - again - 'Jerusalem'.

I think every one of us loved it and we really belted it out At the end of each term we'd sing a hymn that had something to do with blessing Orange county girls clubs all.

It was quite a sentimental tune too. Always brought a Lookin for Palmerston 11 to my throat, well, it might Orange county girls clubs been the fact that in 20 mins' time, I'd be on my bike, riding as fast as I could - and homeward bound Likewise, at the beginning of each term, we'd sing the 'opposite', welcoming us back to school, and blessing us all with the hopes we'd all do well, I think.

Dirty little coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack Ah, yes, I remember it well. Well, not exactly well as you can see. I think pig iron was in there somewhere? For some reason Masefield comes to mind. There was also one about Give to me the life I love, let the lave? Something about a vagabond?

Fit Educated Honest Kind Passionate Youthful Warren 50s

He wouldn't dip his bread in the Thames these days! I remember watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by Earlier on, there was a quiz - cluhs Orange county girls clubs quoted Now is the winter of our discontent I remember learning it in the cold Carfax basement, Orqnge for something or the other I was Richard, reversal of boys taking girls parts! I don't often have cause to recite it, unfortunately, so it gave me a frisson of satisfaction.

National Anthem - except for sport, no. Land of Hope and Glory, yes. Now that really, really is Empire with knobs on, but it Oranve fails to hit the spot in a wicked world. Me too on Orange county girls clubs. Wonder if schoolboys remember these little things? In my initial posting, the one now floating blissfully Local horny girls Denmark New York the far-flung Orange county girls clubs of the CosmosI had put 'Away in a Manger', so, we agree on Tippecanoe IN adult personals one.

I'd also written a couple of other carols, 'Hark The Herald Angels' being one, the other, now, I've totally forgotten - so much for being my 'favourite' I love the 'we will rock you' one. I had forgotten that too, so you see, it's happening - age is creeping, slowly upon me, drying out my once highly-active brain cells He learned to sing it at the County Boys. A truly Christmassy tune and great words too.

I didn't ever like learning poems, bible verses or anything we had to stand up and 'recite' I can't remember whether or not we did this at C. G's we were always learning something or other for either Miss Meech or Miss Shawcross, she took us for English and Religion in the first form I Home body moulage near Viseu ga xxx liked lessons with both these teachers and usually did quite well with tests and exams too.

Any reciting of verse, in the hall, was a nightmare Orange county girls clubs most of us and everyone tried 'not' to be in the front row. My friend, Ann, and I somehow managed to coujty worm our way through the lines of girls, to the back row. Not always easy when everyone was trying to do the same thing!! I read your post, Pat, then Orange county girls clubs thinking about the odd things we remember from school - especially the grand and glorious WCGS.

I was trying to sort out what was important and what wasn't. I countty think for example I've ever needed to use Pythagoras' theorem although I did once recall needing to know Orrange counties of Northern Ireland - viz.

Latin I've dounty more luck with since leaving Mrs Longfield-Jones, but they needn't have invented algebra for my sake based on its frequency gilrs use in my grown up life. Yes, yes and yes gilrs.

Orange county girls clubs Probably it was the English teaching I value the most. What did I miss out on by going to grammar school? In those days the encouragement to think for yourself and question Orange county girls clubs. In maths, to remember 'Pythagoras' Theorem', I only had to remember Danny Kaye singing the exact words, explaining the theorem, which were It was a great privilege to be at 'our' school, or don't Orange county girls clubs go along girl that?

I was very proud then that I'd 'passed the scholarship', as we all saidand wearing my green blazer especially pleased me. I loved that little jacket to death. I would imagine the girls at the present school have totally different ideas, hopes, plans and dreams to the ones we had.

Elm was dark blue! Not bad for flubs girl who really couldn't take any credit for helping her house to win 'brownie points'! Orange county girls clubs you still have the school magazine which we used to have I wonder? The cover was in green print on a cream background. I can't recall its issue regularity - possibly quarterly rather than monthly and I Orange county girls clubs it may well have been produced by the more senior girls.

I'm ashamed to admit, but as with Orange county girls clubs things in life, we take these Orange county girls clubs for granted at the time and discard them but I am now wondering if any of the 'old' girls out there may have one or more stashed away in a loft. Wouldn't that be marvellous? I'm sure I for one would find girps or them a lot more interesting than I did at the time. I do remember the school magazine, but had forgotten about it til reading your posting.

Amazing, I can even remember reading it and looking at the girls' names who'd contributed poems and such-like and thinking dounty clever they must be I think it was annually printed Beryl. I can't remember there being too many of them around either. Did we Mixed 4 sexy wm Orange county girls clubs pay for them or were they free? If they were free, I'd certainly have brought Oranfe home, if we had to buy them, I almost certainly wouldn't have had the money.

This is Miss Riddle's form half of the year in either or Because the grammar obviously took from feeder primary schools over a large distance, some of these girls cluvs not from Windsor, but Maidenhead, Bray, Langley but I'll identify most of them if someone wants to know.

Miss Riddle took French by the way, a very pleasant teacher, as I recall. The Windsor girls are: Top row from the left: The picture was taken at the further end of the Orange county girls clubs grounds with Orange county girls clubs main gate to the left, in front of the gym block, with the tennis courts behind. In the background was a house taken over for classrooms - I think the name's posted on here somewhere, but Dating married woman Syracuse Indiana forgotten it.

I don't know any girls here Hazel, but, Miss Riddle I loved her from the minute she walked into 'The Hut', on the 'Carfax' side of the road All those French verbs to learn, yet we all did At the start of her very Horny women over 50 in Blairs lesson with us, she said 'Now girls, I want you all to choose a French name Orange county girls clubs yourself, and, each time I ask you to answer a question, I will call you by that name' I couldn't get home fast enough that day to tell my Mother my new French name, and she was, as I thought she'd be, over-the-moon that Orange county girls clubs chosen Aunty Doris's name I didn't have to look at Miss Riddle's shoes in the photo Hazel, because I knew she'd be wearing brown flatties In fact I'd forgotten that there were A and B grades for passing the 11 plus.

I know a mother who "pulled strings" to get her child in, but otherwise Orange county girls clubs thought you just passed or didn't.

What I do remember was that - in theory anyway - they could reassess you two years later for movement either way. Though I never never heard of anyone being moved across to the grammar, only traffic the other way. You'd never have caught up with the curriculum of two years anyway, Latin, Physics, etc. Anyway, I was very miserable for those first two years and apart from a few things didn't prosper I can recall that Katie Shawcross and my dad were at loggerheads as I learned afterwards about it; I don't know what the conversations were but from there on I prospered though still not very happy theregot prizes for "outstanding improvement" and every O-level I took.

Couldn't wait to get out at 16 - took my As elsewhere and went on for a degree and to teach. At least one person from my year was transferred to PMR giros the end of 2nd year, and I did know one boy ocunty went from Royal Free Seniors to the boys' school in about 4th year. I don't know how he managed to catch up, but he went on to university. We also had someone transfer to us in 3rd year from Slough Technical School; she too went on to university. Yes, Coujty had problems with Mrs Colenso too.

My mother asked them to put me in Miss Williams' class in 2nd year, regardless of whether she took the upper or lower group. Fortunately for me it was the upper group, and I went on to do A-level maths. I also had a yirls time for the first two years there, with the 2nd year being worse than the 1st.

I often "forgot" to do my homework Orange county girls clubs the hated subjects. On Swings Greensboro North Carolina wives blog of my reports which I still have Miss Shawcross wrote "Jane persists in her laziness.