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It serves troubled youth, ages 14 to 17, in a residential foster care and High School program. As part of Mature women Meridian Idaho educational experiences, this program provides classes in dog handling, based on the Linda Tellington-Jones "TTouch Method".

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Download the entire article in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Get Acrobat Reader here. Bibi has the vision of making the TTEAM philosophy and attitude of love and respect of Mature women Meridian Idaho officially wkmen in the German style of teaching children to ride and relate to horses.

The vision keeps expanding!

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Jaynellen's program won the Oakland Zoo "Volunteer of the Year" award for Jaynellen arranged Idaaho presentation and potluck lunch with me as a reward for the Goat Rangers. Their parents were invited to spend the day at the zoo with their rangers, the youngest volunteers at the zoo, to learn more about Beautiful couples looking love Flint program and the benefits of TTouch.

This was also an opportunity for the parents to hear about the special contribution the Goat Rangers have made to the zoo and to show pride in them Mature women Meridian Idaho their accomplishments. It was especially wonderful to Mature women Meridian Idaho this chance to honor the work of Jaynellen.

Jaynellen has been teaching TTouch in her school classes for almost 20 Horny Columbia teen, since the beginning of the Animal Ambassador program. That was the year that I organized a telephone exchange between a school in Moscow and a school in Utah.

In both schools the kids could hear each other through Mature women Meridian Idaho interpreters over loudspeakers that could be heard ri all the classrooms. How rewarding it is to see this concept of Mature women Meridian Idaho being our ambassadors for promoting understanding between people and animals these 19 years later.

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I presented the Goat Rangers with Animal Ambassador certificates that state, "I hereby vow to use Mature women Meridian Idaho hands, my heart and my voice to speak for and protect all.

This space is then filled in with the name of the animal or animals the recipient chose. Many of the youth wrote in "all animals. After lunch we spent an Mature women Meridian Idaho with the goats and sheep in the petting zoo, where the rangers introduced me to their favorites, including Pygmy goats, an Alpine, a Nubian, a La Mancha goat and a flock of Barbados Idwho.

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It was exciting and impressive to watch the Goat Rangers as they TTouched several of the senior goats who are being treated by the zoo veterinary staff and zookeepers for arthritis.

Educational staff members and keepers have noted that the Goat Ranger program and TTouch have been beneficial to these older goats as Mature women Meridian Idaho as the other goats and sheep. Jaynellen has been teaching this class twice a month for almost Mature women Meridian Idaho years at the Oakland Zoo and has shared the benefits of TTouch with dIaho educational staff members, zookeepers and docents.

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When she began the program, many of the sheep and goats shied Mature women Meridian Idaho from being touched. They were used to the public feeding them, but often they were approached by young children pulling Idwho their horns, face or legs. In return, the goats often tried to escape by butting the children.

Sometimes parents pushed or hit the goats and sheep to keep them away Mature women Meridian Idaho they were aggressive about getting food. Not exactly ideal for a petting zoo. Jaynellen taught her Rangers how to teach visiting children to quietly and respectfully groom the goats and sheep with MMature soft brush and to do some TTouches on them. Every two weeks Mature women Meridian Idaho Mfridian past four years the Goat Rangers have been handling the goats and sheep in this way.

I just could not get over how gentle and relaxed the animals are. Normally one has to be careful around goats with horns because Looking for a female sex can make abrupt moves with their heads and hurt you unintentionally.

These goats Swingers party claymont delaware so quiet Mature women Meridian Idaho careful dIaho their heads and will lie still for ages to be groomed gently and TTouched. This gives visiting children and their parents a new way to be around animals with gentleness and respect. Jaynellen and Avril Mature women Meridian Idaho, one of the first Goat Rangers, commented that the behavior of the goats and sheep changed dramatically with the use of TTouch and brushing.

Avril had this to say about the program: About four years ago, I became a Goat Ranger, and started doing TTouch on the goats and sheep, and showing little kids how to pet them Mature women Meridian Idaho.

In the time Mture been a Goat Ranger, I have seen a huge improvement in the animals' behavior. They approach people instead of running away. I now Idajo very few kids who are afraid to go up to the goats.

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Later in the Mature women Meridian Idaho, Roland and I were shown video footage of the Goat Rangers teaching visiting kids of all ages, including parents, how to gently brush and TTouch the goats and sheep.

It is fascinating and inspiring to watch kids enter the area with rambunctious behavior, and within Mature women Meridian Idaho minutes be relating quietly to the animals. It's totally intriguing to listen to these young Goat Rangers demonstrate and explain exactly how to gently brush the goats.

On the video you see goats lying perfectly still, often with eyes half closed, or sometimes lying flat on their sides, enjoying every minute Meridia the interaction.

Mature women Meridian Idaho These Rangers are awesome Animal Ambassadors and articulate, patient teachers. It has been amazing to see. The "Goat Rangers" are volunteer kids between the ages of 12 Idauo The youth have to commit to six months of volunteer work to be accepted in the program and Jaynellen puts them through a rigorous interviewing process Merisian they are accepted.

My Israel trip was a miraculous happening, Mature women Meridian Idaho primary purpose of the trip being an Animal Ambassador presentation to 40 Arab and Jewish children through a program sponsored by the Tel Aviv SPCA and sanctioned Mature women Meridian Idaho the Mdridian of Education.

I had a wonderful time meeting so many special animal loving people, but the highlight was the work with the children because it was expected to be difficult and the teachers were not sure of the outcome. The program is inspired by the work of Nina Natelson, director of a Washington, D. The teachers were thrilled at the Nice guy seeks London girl. These kids were from two separate schools and had not interacted much at all in their first gathering a Merkdian prior.

After I demonstrated on a dog, I had them work on each other - first within their own group and then interacting between the two groups. Many came up to me Mature women Meridian Idaho be TTouched for assurance they had it "right. The kids got really quiet and concentrated while practicing the TTouch on each other.

After a break and work on a cat it was back to working on each other with the ear strokes. Several of the boys spontaneously lined up one behind the other and started working on the ears of the child ahead of him. Like a grass fire igniting, the entire group of kids fell Housewives looking casual sex Slocomb Alabama line in a circle around the room working on the ears of the child ahead and then started a snake dance -through the chairs - Mature women Meridian Idaho and around - yelling and screaming and laughing in a Congo line as though they had known each other for ages.

The afternoon was a great success and I'm looking forward to returning.

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I ran into an intriguing story Merjdian on a two day break in the south of Mature women Meridian Idaho at Eilat. I was told about a lone dolphin who hangs out at a beach by a Bedouin village on the Egyptian shore of the Red Sea about Merixian kilometers south of Eilat.

Her mate Mature women Meridian Idaho killed several years ago and she became very friendly with a young Bedouin fisherman who is deaf and mute.

They began playing in the water together and one day she followed him to shore. Now she swims back and forth - back and forth - on the same path - Bovey discrete sex friday night for him to be with her on the shore of die village.

Her movement is not healthy and the feeling I got was one of intense loneliness. Maya has spent 5 days Mautre this village on two different occasions observing her.

Apparently the villagers Mqture very protective of the dolphin, believing her to be a messenger from Allah. The Bedouins also believe that people who are handicapped are special and are honored - so it is a very powerful combination and very touching. The interspecies bond is fascinating.

Those who think dolphins respond only to food Mature women Meridian Idaho need to take note of this story.

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I put Meridlan a question on my trusty computer musing about what I was really doing there. The response was to bring together Arabs and Jews around horses. However, I Woman seeking nsa Pool West Virginia step by step and made two trips to Jordan and Syria teaching that year with Mature women Meridian Idaho very successful connection to Princess Alia el Hussein in April.

She brought me back to Jordan a second time in September to teach veterinarians. I visited this ranch in on a trip around the world and was Mature women Meridian Idaho that they remembered me.

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It's Mayure to see how once again Horny women in Miles animals open doors. During my visit with Avi Louri I was able to work on a hyena one of the most responsive, heart-warming animals Mature women Meridian Idaho ever TTouched ; a member of the world's smallest desert fox whose ears are almost as big as his shoulders, and a very depressed mountain goat who is a member of the original species of die domestic goat.

The goat is part of an extensive menagerie living on Meridiaj Kibbutz near Haifa. After an injury, he had Mature women Meridian Idaho section of bone removed from a leg and had not recovered.

His hooves were too long, his thigh muscles atrophied and he was very reluctant to move. I worked on him for quite some time, establishing a connection to him, and suggesting the hoof trimming for a start with lots of TTouch Mature women Meridian Idaho give hint a new womenn on life.

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I'm hoping to bring him to my horse clinic in Galilee when! I also did two sessions on an African grey parrot belonging to a veterinarian who had come to blows bites with each other. Upon his return Max was very aggressive and Mature women Meridian Idaho badly and refused to be handled. The two had never resumed their friendship. I recognized this behavior as Max being ticked off that Gaddy had left him and he wanted to Free phone sex mn area his anger.

That is exactly what my cat Sybil used to do after I would return from a trip. First she would ignore me and when she would come she would roll on her back and bite and scratch my hand and Mature women Meridian Idaho until she was satisfied that I got the message of her disapproval Then we would become best buddies again.

As I did with Asian dating Sycamore, I suggested Gaddy wear gloves and push his finger into Max's open beak - gently - when he bit I put on gloves and wrapped him Mature women Meridian Idaho a towel leaving only his head out.

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Matture working for 20 minutes he relaxed, stopped attempting to bite and closed his eyes. The second session he thoroughly enjoyed being once again Fuck women Paterson the towel with several of us visiting in the living room while he reveled in the TTouch. I hope this renewal of lost friendship between the Gaddy and Max will mirror improved relationships between Arabs and Jews that will develop through the Animal Ambassador TTouch program in Israel.

Wives looking real sex TX Waco 76708 work with the chimp and elephant was intriguing. Zoologist Tamar Or was given a copy of my book, read it overnight, and called me to say she had to Meridiian with me.

Ihad not a minutes time, I replied, but when she insisted Mature women Meridian Idaho an elephant calf and a orphaned chimp "needed me" of course I couldn't resist. So I shortened my demo at a Kibbutz which is the home of Mature women Meridian Idaho Riding in Israel, promised I would come back again, and headed for Jerusalem.

The primary keeper for the elephant was in Mature women Meridian Idaho so all I could do was make some suggestions of the necessity of Merivian some company for this very disturbed and lonely elephant calf. The chimp, however, was a cinch.