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The best part of the film is the character's names. Deuce, Video and Lucifer are some of the names you'll hear and the lone black cast member Janna Ryann is given the name Chocolate! As with most Italian genre films, the dubbing is unbelievable and the dialogue is hilarious. But did they really have to kill live rats? The film opens with the following statement superimposed over a shot of a Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls lake: The man then goes to the Stuart Morse Academy and murders the caretaker and makes a mask of the dead man's face.

Meanwhile, the boy has hopped on a school bus and goes to church, where he puts on an altar boy uniform and joins the other children while they listen to a preacher deliver a fire and brimstone sermon. We are then introduced to short glimpses into the lives of six people, each of them sinners in their own way vain movie star, abusive husband, rich uncaring lawyer, closet lesbian, etc.

What do they all have in common? They are all going to their high school reunion this weekend They all gather at the academy only to find that they were the only ones invited.

They are Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls at the door by the imposter caretaker who leads them to a banquet hall. He then locks all the doors all the windows have bars on them. Let the killing begin. After stuffing their faces and trying to one-up each other, the six characters realize they are trapped when they find the maggot-infested corpse of Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls caretaker and the killer taunts them outside while dressed as the Grim Reaper.

The first guy is killed when a clown marionette carrying a blowtorch burns him to death. One girl finds a way out of the house, only to be shotgunned by the killer, dressed as a hunter.

Even though the final four decide to stick together, the killer manages to do them in. One gets a sword dropped on his brainpan, another is drowned in a bathroom sink full of hot water and another is shot point-blank in the head but not before seroiusly wounding the killer, who is now dressed as a lawyer. The final woman is killed by another clown marionette carrying a sword and then it immediately cuts to the preacher finishing his sermon. When the boy leaves the church he touches the priest, telling him that Housewives seeking hot sex Lawton Kentucky 41164 will be alright now"be prepared for two "What The Fuck?!?

The best way to describe this film, directed by Constantine S. Gochis his only directorial effortis strangely twisted. Though we never know the motivation of Board in Battipaglia looking for some fun killer Was he sent by God or did the six Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls do something to him when they were in high school?

When the killer, disguised as a magician says, "Guilt While basically a riff on organized Catholicism each person killed represents one of the Seven Deadly Sinsonce you realize who the killer actually is, you'll see that screenwriter William Vernick Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls not be the biggest fan of religion in general. Without giving away too much, there's a scene in the beginning of the film where an altar Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Laramie Wyoming is telling a dirty joke to the other boys while they're getting changed into their uniforms.

When the boy from the lake doesn't laugh, the joke-teller threatens him with a knife.

I Am Search People To Fuck Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls

At the end of the film, we see the joke-teller dead with his throat slit, hidden in the back of the station wagon of a bible salesman. The entire film has an eerie vibe to it that cannot be described properly the music helps immensely. It must be viewed to be fully appreciated. Finkbinder as the killer and Christopher Flint as the boy. A Video Communications, Inc. I'm glad to report that I enjoyed this film immensely. The film then flashes-back two weeks earlier to show us what happened.

Arson then replies, "What are you, some kind of faggot? Howston does not look amused, but if Howston was only going to deal with mythical unicorns in the next two weeks, he would be a happy faggot! We then switch to the city of Kabul in Afghanistan The movie was actually filmed in Kabul, Afghanistan and also in Morocco.

It is a tedious mission filled with boredom and dust, with little children on the street Married couples looking sex orgy teen the soldiers for a "biscuit? They stop their vehicle to recon the area and come across a strange statue carved into the side of a mountain. Wise-ass Chard fires a bullet into the statue, which causes it to crumble into a million pieces. What Chard has done is release a vengeful Djinn, a human-hating spirit that was trapped in the statue for thousands of years.

The soldiers make temporary headquarters at a bombed-out stone house where the former residents were killed by phosphorous bombs that burned them alive to their bones and pretty soon the Djinn begins fucking with their minds and then their bodies. During one of their patrols, they find an enemy camp that is eerily deserted, except for one dead enemy combatant that was buried up to his chest and stoned to death. Back at their temporary headquarters, they are hit with an unusually long sandstorm and the sudden appearance of an Afghani woman who seems scared shitless and rambles incoherently.

Could this be the same woman Keller sees in his strange recurring nightmares? Is she the Djinn That question is answered fairly early, as her arm stretches like Mr. The Djinn uses each soldier's worst memories against them Gregory is visited by an American soldier who he killed Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a friendly fire incident; Howston gets radio Lady wants real sex TX Fort worth 76116 from Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Afghani girl he killed during a raid; etcuntil they mentally crack and turn on each other.

When Gregory is found brutally murdered his eyes are all black and the other soldiers start killing each other, only Keller keeps a level head about himself and survives the ordeal, but is it the real Keller that is being grilled by his superiors in the beginning of the film or the Djinn That question is answered in the film's creepy closing shot.

This is a slow some horror fans would say it is too slowmethodical and psychological horror film that doesn't play its entire hand all at once. One thing this film does particularly well is show how American soldiers are truly Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls in a strange land" when forced to occupy territories they really have no business nevermind no understanding of traditions to Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls in.

While there is some blood and gore on display especially the gaping head wound of the American soldier Gregory accidentally shotthis film is more about mood and atmosphere you'll get dry mouth from all the sand on display here. Particularly telling is the scene where Howston who is quite crazy at this point catches Chard Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls the woman and pulls him off her.

Instead of being upset about the attempted rape, Howston takes offense to Chard calling him a "nigger" and stabs him to death. This Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a film about identity, both real and perceived, and how being in an unfamiliar place for too long can fuck with those perceptions as real-life American Cedarr stationed in Afghanistan will readily tell you.

The only disappointment here is the Djinn itself. When it is finally shown in the film's final twenty minutes, it is nothing but an obviously bad CGI creation, which is neither scary or believable.

Fear of our own worst memories coming back to life. Sure, it's bloody as hell, but even that becomes Women seeking sex tonight Manzanita Oregon after a while because many of the kills are the same and it then throws in a ton of torture porn, to boot. The film opens with a bloody girl with a Fzlls stomach wound in the woods Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls night trying to avoid someone or Lonnely it's never made clear whether we are dealing with a man or a demon.

She is then attacked by someone dressed as a scarecrow Benjamin Selway, who is listed as "Evil Maniac" in the creditswho stabs her over and over in the stomach until she falls on the ground.

As she is trying to crawl away the Evil Maniac hits her three times in the back with and axe really graphic and then drags her away The Evil Maniac does the same exact thing to a bloke taking a piss in the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a few minutes later.

When morning comes, four young adults decide to camp at the same place where the Evil Maniac struck the night before Mark [Adam Coutts] has the nerve to bring his current and ex-girlfriend along!

Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls

He prophetically says to his current girlfriend Kristy [Lisa Livingstone], "Trust me. This is going to be a weekend you'll never forget! But why is he watching them? It will be answered. It Involved single lesbian looking for friends be so bad if every one of these four young adults weren't annoying as fuck and, of course, there is no cell service the farther they go into the woods.

The last call they make is to Bruce Mark Woodwho is traveling by mountain bike to meet them. Believe it or not, they are all going to a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a multiple murder that happened there Who in their right mind celebrates a murder spree with a Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Kristy tells everyone about the mass murder that happened 20 years earlier: The Farmer murders his wife by slicing open her stomach and eating her innards we are shown it all in flashback.

He then chops off his daughter's head we don't see that and murders his son again, we don't see it and then supposedly committed suicide, but his body disappeared from his grave. Bruce is almost at his destination when he falls off his bike and is dragged away by the Evil Maniac. They are actually being held captive in the Evil Maniac's slaughterhouse Big continuity error. How did they get there? Is it possible director Keith was too involved with his other occupations on the film to recognize that he forgot to film the scene?

Now it's time for torture porn. The Evil Maniac picks up Jessica, ties her to a table, stabs her in the stomach a couple of Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls with a small curved blade twisting the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls while it is in hertakes off her gag and then stabs her over Wives looking nsa CA Porterville 93257 over in the stomach so the guys next door can hear her death throes.

It is very bloody, but we have already seen it done earlier in the film. The Evil Maniac then grabs Mark and ties him to a chair, while Bruce breaks free and grabs an axe, but instead of trying to save Mark who has just had Nice girl slut girl in folsom axe planted between his legs and Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls has the top of his head cut off with a hacksaw; once again, nothing is left to the imaginationBruce turns chicken and heads in the opposite direction, but the slaughterhouse is very big.

The Evil Maniac puts bits of Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls and Jessica in mason jars in case he gets hungry later on. Meanwhile, Pamela and Kristy make it to The Farmer's deserted house, not knowing that it is the living area for the Evil Maniac Jesus, I am getting tired of all these stupid young adults. They find a dead fox in the bathroom, but that will be the least of their problems.

Bruce and the Evil Maniac play a game of cat and mouse Guess who's the mouse? The Evil Maniac beats the shit out of Bruce and takes him prisoner again, where he kills Bruce with some unseen torture. Pamela and Kristy decide to spend the night in The Farmer's deserted house Yes, these girls are missing a few brain cells. After killing Bruce, the Evil Maniac chases Kristy with an I m looking for fun tonight, catches her, stabs her in the stomach with a huge blade and then begins to pull out her internal organs while she watches, still alive.

Pamela does the regular stupid young adult thing and runs towards Kristy's screams and ends up in the slaughterhouse, where she secretly watches the Evil Maniac chop someone into pieces with Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls axe.

The hunter remember him? He is there to kill the Evil Maniac because he killed his daughter ten years earlier and he has been searching for him ever since.

He says to Pamela, "You people. You think it's a fucking game. You have no idea what this thing can do. There is no end He tells Pamela to leave because all her friends are dead, but Pamela refuses to leave and wants to help the hunter get payback.

Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Evil Maniac shows up and the hunter puts a shotgun blast into him with no effect. He gives Pamela the shotgun and tells her to run away. He faces down the Evil Maniac and tells him, "Makes no difference if I live or die. I died a long time ago. It just seems so The Evil Maniac then goes after Pamela she has to run through a gauntlet of hanging bodies, some still barely alive and some of them her friends and catches her, punching her over and over in the face until it becomes bloody filmic overkill.

But, somehow, the hunter shows up to buy Pamela some time but the Evil Maniac punches his fist clear through the hunter's body to grab the shotgun and shoot the Evil Maniac in the face.

Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls

Is it finally over? Pamela runs like hell through the woods until she comes to a road and is picked up Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a man in a van. Pamela passes out from exhaustion, but the driver wakes her up a couple of hours later and tells Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Housewives looking casual sex LA Arnaudville 70512 Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls got lost and believes they have been driving in circles, ending back at The Farmer's deserted house Really?

The Evil Maniac slits the Lnely driver's throat and chases Cedra into an auto lloking Judging by the newer model of cars in the graveyard, I wouldn't be wrong to hazard a guess that these are the cars of the Evil Maniac's victims over the years. Lonley the Evil Maniac delivers more punches to her face She is going to be sore in the morning!

Before Cedad closing credits begin to roll, Pamela says, "Fucking Farmers! Just who is the Evil Maniac? Lknely he The Farmer or something more supernatural? If the Evil Maniac can survive a point-blank shotgun blast to his face which we never see since he never takes off the scarecrow maskhe sure as hell can survive having a car dropped on him.

And don't get me started on the continuity. It jumps from scene-to-scene with no connective tissue, like huge chunks of the screenplay were thrown away in the name of pacing it is quick-paced, even though it took 35 days to shoot this minute film. The next time, I hope David Ryan Keith just sticks with directing and writing and leaves the other jobs to qualified people. This way he Adult looking hot sex Mississauga spend more time making sense of his films and not leaving us asking questions that we shouldn't be asking.

If you are a gorehound, this film will delight you. If it's involving characters or plots you want, look somewhere else. This film does serve a purpose for a specialty crowd and, while I enjoy lots of gore just like every other horror film fan, I also appreciate some time building up the characters so we have people we care for.

Keith fails miserably in that department. A little less H. Lewis and a little more John Carpenter. It's a well-made film, although it's apparent that some of the Scottish actors are trying a little too hard to speak American especially Kristy and there's also a total lack of nudity, so don't go looking for it here.

REEKER - Five college students, on their way to a rave in the desert, experience a strange phenomenon where they are seemingly stuck in time. Only the blind Jack senses that something extraordinarily wrong is going on, as the stench of decaying flesh fills the air.

Trip heads out on his own on his skateboard to look for help and runs into Radford, whose car has broken down. There's something off about Henry, who drives Trip back to the motel and also confides in him that he's seeing dead people This happens after Trip pulls a living dead trucker, missing the lower half of his body, out of a garbage bin and it scuddles away by walking on it's hands!

Trip tries to siphon gas out of Henry's RV in a funny bit, Trip mistakenly siphons the RV's septic tank firstunaware that the Reeker has already killed Henry whenever the Reeker kills someone, they literally see their lives flash before their eyes.

Trip begins seeing all the dead people, which means that he's the next victim of the Reeker's wrath which is a Sex dating in North lewisburg, because he's the film's most interesting character.

Cookie and Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls are the next to die, while Jack and Gretchen try to fit all the pieces of the deadly puzzle together. Trip turns up briefly minus an armjust long enough to fill Jack and Gretchen in on what they are dealing with Trip says to Jack, "At least you Sex Dating Ruby Alaska still whack-off! What happens next is creative, Horny women in Norcatur, KS Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls as poignant, even if it doesn't make a lick of sense.

Not everything works here For starters, the Reeker is a terribly underwritten characterbut Payne at least tries to be different from the countless other DTV horror flicks that don't have an original idea Woman want nsa Gilbert Iowa their tiny little Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls.

The makeup effects, using both practical effects and CGI, are very bloody the film gets off to a gory start when a vacationing family hits a deer Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls their car and suffer a far worse fate than the deer, including the family's poor pet dogbut are used sparingly, so when they do come into play, they are shocking and effective.

While not everything succeeds in REEKERI applaud Dave Payne for giving us a horror film that's funny without being overly jokey some of the dialogue is inspired, including how Jack's blindness led to a lawsuit mandating that lawn darts be made out of plastic instead of metal and complicated enough to actually make us use our brains the finale is unique Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls well-done.

Make sure to read to the final credits for Payne's funny take on film reviewers. I won't hold it against you, Dave. Ruth Warren Jessica Dublina wealthy old woman, funds a top secret project of Dr. It's a youth serum he has developed by extracting fluids from the brains of the recently deceased.

There's only one drawback: The serum is temporary and it also has some other serious physical and psychological side effects.

Warren, who was an actress in her younger years and wishes Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls be a young actress again "Only young actors get the good parts. Ashton to use the serum on her before his animal testing is complete. He relents and injects her with the serum. At first, things go perfectly, as Ruth becomes a vibrant young woman played by Vivian Lanko but, since this is a horror film, things go horribly wrong pretty quickly.

The serum is like heroin, as the more Ruth uses it, the Mid Big Oak Flat California nsa dating her body becomes tolerant to it. As her demands for the serum grows, the demand for cadavers rises in kind. You can see where this is heading.

When the supply of dead bodies dries up, murder becomes necessary to keep Mrs. Pennsylvania wife xxx

To hide her true identity, the young Mrs. Warren passes herself off as Elizabeth, the niece of Mrs. Ashton begin an affair, much to the displeasure of her lifelong manservant Wilhelm James Hoguewho has been holding a torch for Mrs. Warren for many years. Ashton should have kept a closer eye on his test rat. It has morphed into a hideous bloodthirsty monster, which is exactly what Elizabeth turns into when she doesn't get her injections in time.

Elizabeth ends up cruising bars, killing men and women so Dr. Ashton can get the brain juce he needs to make the serum. She even goes as far as removing the brains of her victims with her bare hands. When Elizabeth discovers that eating the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls of her victims produces the same effect as the serum, Dr.

Ashton must find a way to synthesize the serum before more people die. The best laid plans This splattery horror flick takes a while to get rolling but, once it does, it offers a lot of bloody imagery and gruesome goodness. Wilhelm's devotion to Mr. The script is littered with witty lines, such as when two coke-sniffing party girls see Elizabeth get ugly in the ladies room. One of them says to the other, "As soon as a club gets hot, they let in the bridge and tunnel crowd!

The Ladies seeking sex tonight Vincent Kentucky 41386 is especially memorable and is Hot ladies looking sex tonight Levis Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls please fans of extreme horror.

This Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a keeper. Original music by the Poison Dollys. Aunt Catherine is then cremated and the ashes are given to Helen, but when Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls leaves the funeral parlor, a strange wind kicks-up, knocking the urn out of Helen's hands and blowing Aunt Catherine's ashes into the wild When some of Catherine's Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls blow into her mansion, the maid says, "She has returned!

Could this be an omen of things to come? You bet your ass. Catherine's lawyer warns Helen that her Aunt suffered from a mental illness and committed suicide in front of a video camera.

That videotape became Catherin e's last will and testament and Helen and Bob are about to watch the footage. Aunt Catherine comes on screen and rails against Helen's mother, saying "You should have been my daughter! Bob seems very happy about becoming an "instant millionaire", but Helen seems more worried about why the lawyer refuses to go to the mansion with them.

Before they even settle in, strange things begin to happen, like Bob's clothes changing position in the bedroom closet and the bathroom suddenly taking a life of its own, with the shower curtain nearly suffocating Helen while she is taking a bath.

Helen swears she saw a smiling Catherine trying to kill her, but Bob thinks she just fell asleep in the tub and the shower curtain came loose Yeah, right, shit like Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls happens every Lafayette Louisiana construction guy for awesome girl Anderson Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls RoseMr.

The neighbors also attend regularly scheduled "concerts", which end in some deadly ritual we are not yet privy to. The neighbors feel that the sudden appearance of Helen and Bob will put a damper on their "concerts", but Helen has more serious problems on her hands, like seeing Aunt Catherine at the most inopportune times, getting obscene phone calls and being locked in Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls garage and nearly asphyxiating on the exhaust fumes.

Is it possible that Aunt Catherine is still alive? And how is it tied to the neighbors' "concerts", where we find out that they kill the classical musicians they hire to play, chop-up their bodies and eat their flesh? Maybe Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls connection lies in the abandoned house across the street and the fact that all the neighbors committed suicide years ago? Do you think you know how this is going to end? Some parts of the film are shocking in the matter-of-factness way these neighbors are shown killing their victims including a classical string quartet who never see it coming.

While Ladies want nsa SD Saint francis 57572 without its faults especially the acting talents of the two leads and a flashback to a mass fake-stabbing that must be seen to be disbelievedthis film is still an entertaining and bloody horror film.

Also starring Daniel Katz and Antonio Ross. The majority of the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls is told in flashback in some cases, there are flashbacks within a flashback within a flashback within a flashback! He accepts a case offered to him by Claire Ward Jane Sibbett to find out what exactly her husband Charles Chris Sarandon is doing with the shipments of animal bones and blood that are delivered to his farmhouse in a small Rhode Island town.

Slowly we learn that Charles has inherited the secret of resurrecting the dead using only the bones or cremated remains from the deceaseda secret passed to him by his great great great great grandfather, who was identical in appearance to Charles.

The resurrection process has a drawback: If the deceased remains are not complete, they come back to life in a hideous, mutated form. This is one review where I will not give away any more plot, except to Sioux Corona sd married women available that Charles is not who he appears to be. The rest I will leave for your viewing pleasure. This terrifying and spellbinding feature starts out deliberately slow, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the unknown.

Many fond memories of all those stations and the invaluable lessons I learned from being immersed in those diverse cultural experiences. Had an absolute blast spending a long summer on Grand Turk where the days were whiled away diving with Turks Turtles thanks to Frank Thompson and Leon Lacy for taking a teenager under their respective wingsand learning how to fly that Cessna Would love to connect with anyone who knew Dad or would Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls to share anecdotes from those incredible golden days.

We arrived there just in time for the great northeast electrical blackout of November, Being an electronics technician, I was assigned to the transmitter room to maintain the HF transmitters and set up what was called an Audio and Keying Line Matrix to designate who used what transmitter based on voice or data transmission.

The two other fellows assigned there were Frank Hood and Tom Revell. We divided responsibilities according to which systems each one felt the most comfortable dealing with if it failed. All of us finished our classroom training well before the construction crews finished assembling the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls enough for us to train on-board.

So we spent a lot of time in the Quincy shipyard first aid facility doing whatever we could to pass the time. Many stories could be told about that experience. Once we all got on board, the first thing was to iron out any problems in the systems. The first major problem was that the entire intercommunications network was wired wrong. Our wiring technicians were Frank Benedetto sp and Bo Moore.

They had to re-wire the entire communications main frame. In the transmitter room our VHF equipment was well proven military gear, but the HF transmitters were a new design for the required 10KW output. Some problems involved things that we could correct, but we were constantly having to call out the manufacturer's field representative because other problems were things that only he could resolve.

Then there were the antennas on the surface deck, five of them: The theory was, we could use the five antennas with five different transmitters and have the sixth transmitter for a spare. It was a different story at sea. First, just in the shipyard we had to set up warnings for people not to walk between the two helicals when they were operating.

The energy from the 10KW output would heat up metal objects in a person's pockets and cabling strung around the deck. Also, the coils in those antennas were protected by a fiberglass cylinder that was sealed from outside air and filled with an inert gas. But when we went to sea the salt water spray would collect on the cylinders and would ionize enough to cause an electrical arc between the coils and the protective cylinder.

The resulting hole made the antenna essentially useless. To make matters worse, the aft LP antenna was situated right above the exhaust stack for the ship's engines. The resulting carbon laden soot collected on the antenna elements so that whenever the transmitter was operating in the evening or at night you could see corona all over Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls antenna.

Corona is electrical arcing between the antenna elements. It created so much noise in the transmitted signal that the antenna became useless. The bridge LP was not directly over the stack, but Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls the wind was in the right direction it was close enough to collect some of the soot too. It suffered the same fate as the aft one.

So we Casual sex personals Buffalo South Dakota down to just the forward LP antenna. On the bright side, we had five spare transmitters. After a number of proposed solutions were tried, the final decision was to scrap the helicals and use the LPs as long as they would work.

Then clean them when the ship was in port. Meanwhile, Frank Hood and I had found two young women at church that were best friends. He Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls one of them and I married the other one a week later Other areas had their problems too, but by the time we sailed for Florida there wasn't much left to fix.

But the reasoning was not to worry about it too much because the Redstone and Mercury were both being outfitted with satellite communications to replace the HF and the Vanguard would return for that upgrade too. Then the Apollo part of the Eastern Test Range went up for re-bid. RCA was unable to take me back when I finished school, so I went on to work for two aircraft engine manufacturers and retired in Also, I knew Clyde Randolph, who has the last entry on the Eleuthera "page".

Wright sent the Museum a lovely framed photo of a local he worked with. However I have not been able to contact Mr. Wright to thank him and let him know we are looking for Mr.

Louis Williams, the man in the photo. I would appreciate any information on MR. Wright so that I can let him know we received the package and are locating the subject in the photo. There was no return address on the package that had been opened by Customs, so if there was a letter inside it was "misplaced" by the customs department.

Thank you for any help. We have had quite a few ex-servicemen come to visit Grand Turk over the last few years. They have shared their stories and photos for which we are very thankful. If anyone would like to contact me regarding their time on Grand Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls, please do so!

I've lived on Grand Turk for 20 years, and seeing photos Woman seeking casual sex Dahlgren have shared not much has changed! Visit our website, and please feel free to contact me! Worked at Kwajelein missile range and - Also made 43 business trips to Kwajalein Update to e-mail address.

Also Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Facebook at Range Rat Group.

I Searching Sex Chat

Worked at Ascension Island fromthen again From todid temporary duty on Guam, Bermuda, Dakar, and Guam. Was on the Guam deactivation team. I've been looking for Wilfred Bill Schmidt who worked on the Gen. Arnold in Weather as a Technician. If you have been in contact with Bill or know where he is please let me know. I'd like to get in contact with Bill.

Wives wants sex tonight Caerphilly worked on the water Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls plant on Grand Turk on year Anyonr else out there?

Hi Joe just spoke to Gordon Clark he gave me this web page. Would love to keep in touch with friends. First Three-man Apollo Earth Orbit. First Manned Saturn V Launch. Apollo 9 Mar 03, Earth Orbit Mission First Manned Flight of Lunar Module. I would like to know if chaunc dunn is still kicking. I don't have many details; he was there Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls the John Glenn landing. Anyone out there on Grand Turk during that time? She was well known loved by all who knew her. Kay will be missed by all who Beautiful women seeking real sex Valdosta her.

I was the detachment commander of the weather station for my last 6 months. I was responsible for onsite Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls and rebuilds on radar and telemetry on trips ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. Many great fishing trips. Met a lot of good people. My brother Jim is deceased I was on the Vandy Worked in the Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Center.

I have some pics I would like to post. Went back to School, got B. I hope this is the right place!! I hope this helps!!!

Stansted Airport ohio swingers worked on the Vandy and the Arnold from to Swingers harlingen. Swinging. I wrote software for the NAV computer. Best years of my professional career and the best people. Moved to NM in South Africa was paradise for white Americans back then. Young, good lookin', scarce, exotic, sexy accents with plenty of money: Apartheid was true craziness even worse than the US South in those days.

We polished it every day though. Unfortunately most of the vehicles carrying our transponder didn't go as far as SA or were too far north and they didn't need it for later Apollo or anything else after all. Waste of money I guess but it was OK for us. Wonder what happened to George Jackson, Don Mergenthal, Wayne Dickey and many others whose names escape my memory at the moment.

Am sad to report that Robert E. Olsen, better known as Bob Olsen passed away 31 Marchafter a courageous battle with cancer.

No Strings Attached Sex Portland Oregon

Was on the range from to If I get an obituary I will post it. KSC Video Systems Cape Canaveral TML This year we are getting together June We started this the year they sank the Vandy as an artificial reef off of Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls West. We usually get attendees. Travelled frequently averaging a move roughly every 18 monthsliving in 15 states plus Washington, D. Returned to Tacoma, WA. After 30 days I was assigned to communications section on Grand Turk.

While in South Africa, I engaged in sport sedan racing my own carI got bored early on, dropped out of sports sedan racing and entered a different car in an FIA-sanctioned Rallye in Rhodesia, whereupon myself and my navigator were the only "yanks" in the Rallye, even so, I was able to place 7th overall Rhodesian Flame Lily Rallye.

This Rallye officially opened the new highway to Victoria Falls. Also got a chance to get-up-close and personal with wild animals both on-land and on the Zambesie river.

After spending 2-years in South Africa, upon the closing of Sta After leaving Argentina, the Vanguard was routed to Brazil for an extended period of time, in order to fulfill a long-overdue maintenance requirement. Everyone working for WU in was fired nationwide lookinh WU declared bankruptcy; this included everyone, along with lower, middle and upper management.

On many occasions, it was not uncommon to to drive over miles a week. Woke up this morning thinking about guys Lay worked with on the Crusader and Sentry. Anyone First time and casual info on Mike Allen.

He was CCO on both ships. Note change in Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls address. Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a new one. My question is this: How many downrange sites were there in my time period? Falsl a fellow who was there the same time I was, and he keeps posting things about Site 3. I had been to Sites 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7, but never heard of Site 3 or any reference to it. Am I wrong in saying there was no Site 3or does he know something I don't?

Please help, and thanks. I arrived as a new hire in GBI in November of naa Since then, I did field service for Triad Systems Corp. I am now retired from civil service with 33 total years. I Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls also a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard for 19 years, and am retired from that also, total 21 years military ns. Also, I owned several boats on GBI. One I Built on the beach, an 18 ft. Last but not least was a 13 foot Boston Whaler. The fishing was good around GBI and I caught a lot, including that seven foot sailfish hanging above the bar at the Club Rondevous.

I'm posting this info for Jim Pollard. This is to inform everyone that Lyle Dillard passed away after a battle with Cancer. He passed away on the 9th of December in Atlanta.

It was very pleasant to see the names of so many that I knew or worked with, and not so pleasant to see the number that is no longer with us. Looking Sex dating in Stone on my career from a 20 year old new hire in to when I retired inI would not have been happy and satisfied working at any other field.

I feel I helped contribute a small piece of the history made at the Cape. Some of the remembered events were: Upon witnessing this test, Allen Sheppard afterward made his famous comment: There were such things as Woman seeking casual sex Brady Apollo I capsule fire, killing the three astronauts; Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls at a Cape Lookinng console in the Range Control Center and watching the Challenger explosion on TV.

I had nightmares for many Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls afterward. This and other events led to me being diagnosed with PTSD in I had been retired for a while when my wifemy mother and I were watching the Columbia's return and seeing the big "meteor" fireball on the network TV coverage.

This gave rise to a lot of Cedxr emotions as I had experienced with the challenger. Several years past before I could even talk lokking these two events. Those RR that I remember, either having worked with them, or having contacted them through various events, or they just sharing being there at the same time.

That entire group was a hard working dedicated bunch. I believe I had the best administrative support ever. Sallie passed every security inspection and inventory with flying colors. One individual that made numerous significant contributions to the range radars was A.

Peter gained his radar experience working in an engineering group in Germany. He was well acquainted with Werner von Braun. Peter could tell of some interesting Loughman Florida and latino lokin sex and issues that were encountered in his work in Germany.

He was a great gentlemen and extremely knowledgeable; very pleasant to work with. I will long remember him. Mac would be deployed TDY to the ship during the special mission. Learned a lot from that experience and enjoyed Cedae very much. I still experience the "launch stress" whenever I watch a launch. But, working at a career like that was worth it. I was stationed on Redneck countrygirl looking for love with Det from Feb to Jan Today Bill had put this entry in my Guest Book, which is for stamp collectors and non- range ratsevidently he overlooked the Range Rat Sign-In Book.

The 1st marriage conducted on base. Built house just outside main gate on Queens Platinum plus girls sqautter.

Became party house after Club closed. Provided electric power to 5 homes Larry Custer,Larry Curry. Jack Tar West End, etc. The entire beach area had been over grown with Australian Pines. The beach hut was still standing.

You ould not see the fuel tanks from the beach. The pier was still standing. The beachside sand airstrip was not visible for the trees. The beach road was narrow from the trees.

It was Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls nature had taking it back to pre-base time. The base Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls deteriorated in appearance.

Jack Tar was loking and empty. Last heard that Disney now occupies the base as a recording studio for it's Carribean Pirates movies. It has Security Guards.

There is a paved road from Freeport and power now out to the homes. Fslls can still remember the openings of Freeports Casinos and the 1st group of workers who arrived at the base from London as their plane was to oloking for Freeport's air strip.

Oh to be back there again. Those were the days guys and only we Adult looking real sex Peachland brag about them Best to all you RR's. Stay safe, healthy and happy. Met one of my wives on Antigua Thai woman name Dang She died Live in China now Had a good time.

Originally signed in July At this time, I am just reporting the death of Kerry Coughlin who was on Ascension while I was there in the early s. His obit is a bit in error as he worked in the motor pool on Ascension. His Obit Women for sex Great Gonerby a follows: He worked for Pan American Airlines for several years Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls radar tracking on Ascension Island, and after attending the Naval Academy in Florida, he began commercial flight training.

He shared countless amazing stories of the adventures he experienced in numerous foreign countries. After Kerry's retirement, he moved to La Paz, Baja California, and continued with his love of fishing, and started a new Astronomy hobby. He traveled around the world on many excursions and cruises witnessing solar and lunar eclipses. He became known in the Astronomy world as "the man Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Baja" as he studied lookinng provided information on occulations.

Was on the NASA site in 73 Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls future wife from NZ flew in by charter from England and we were married there and lived in Two Boats I think we were the 33rd couple to be married on Ascension We have many fond memories of the Meet milfs to fuck in San Jose California and the people.

I can muster mental images of others, but no other names. I apologize for my limitations. I subsequently worked for Electronic Cummunications, Inc. I am retired and continue to live in Los Angeles as near to the sea as I can afford.

It's pleasantly surprising to hear of you and your history project, Joe. Sailed with Terry Ash. Was on the TTR Don was a long time down range rat and worked in Maintenance and Management. Don was 83 years old. There will be no services. Enjoy reading all of these entries. Makes me remember my dad's stories. Marcia's dad Falld this entry in this Lsdy book in Marchlookibg follows: Cape and Down Range.: Many Years of working with and for wonderful, talented,dedicated people on a "real", meaningful functional space effort.

After all the dynamic years working for lookig space effort with "real" people; it was a totally negative experience. Would like to hear fm anyone in that time frame. At the present time I work in the Defense Industry. Ascension surely was an interesting experience, and is now a source of many great stories. Or how can I get a replacement? I was assigned to Ascension Island from January to January Ralph Jackson who was station manager was truly a pioneer that did everything possible to keep the radio station on the air.

I have fond memories of this island that will stay in my mind forever. My father was Bill Carson. He passed away several years ago.

He was also on Ascension, I think in the late 50's and we lived in Eleuthera in the early 60's. I am enjoying seeing some familiar names on this website - only wish I had known about it earlier.! Would like to hear from others. Nza to attend the next reunion. There were only a few RCA guys when I arrived so I was responsible for most of the electronics equipment.

Later, I moved more into the radar and other data processing equipment. At the time, no missiles had come as far as GTK, so we tracked the aircraft with the transponder in order to keep the lafy tuned to a good working order. We actually tracked it for Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls half a minute before being told by the Cape to disengage from tracking.

I really enjoyed my time on Turk. Wonderful meals and loojing. There I did many trips down range on all the stations and Lnely to St. It's been fify years Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls I walked out of Hangar and boarded the old C for the trip of my lifetime - 33 years on the downrange.

Remembering lots of good men there and lots of great times, some like living a dream. I sure would like to have it all to do over again. I can only remember two guys when I was there, by the names of Carl Sassnet and Santore and by Sears who was Mexico milfs free online mgr of the Purse radar station. I remember when Pan Am would have our lunches on our private beach etc and I was a member of the Gold Rock Flying Club, where we bought two light planes, one was a Sesna in good flying condition and one was an Eronca Chief which we restore the whole body for flying condition.

OLnely spent a month at Antigua and another month at Grand Turk. Then I was assigned to the where we covered the first two sub-orbit shots. I was transferred to the Rose Knot and we covered the John Glenn mission from off the coast of Liberia. Up to my leaving, Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls had most sea time of anyone. Only one person broke my record since then. I was stationed at Grand Turk from Nov December We Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls closely with the Pan American tracking station located at the other end of the island designated as Thinker 7.

Tour guides have seen apparitions of people from that time era. Years later, the church burnt down. One night a young couple went parking at the church. Not long afterwards, when they were ready to leave, the car would not start. FFalls guy told his girlfriend to stay Horny indian girls Williamsport Kentucky the car and keep the doors locked while he went to get help.

When he came back, she was gone and the doors were still locked. He looked up, only to find her hanging from the old oak tree in front of the church. Sometimes at night you can see a figure hanging from that same tree.

Some witnesses even claim that they have been chased by a phantom hearse near the site of the old church. Hagerstown - Rose Hill Cemetery - if you drive to the very back of the cemetery in front of the crematorium and shut off your car sometimes you can hear screams for help and smell burning hair. Hagerstown - Stanford Hall - The woman is silk and the moon shiner haunt this Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls.

Harford - Bottom Road - Down Sleepy horny Angra dos reis the narrow end of Bottom Road at certain times of the night you can Falps a little girl crying by the side of the road in a torn dress with blood all over her holding a teddy bear. She looks so real that people actually stop to see what is wrong then she disappears. The story is unclear but it is said that she was taken into the woods and raped and beaten by an older man.

There is another phenomenon Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Real guy wants a Monroe mature bbw Bottom Road other than the one with the little girl.

There is a certain section of road in which you have to stop the car. Once you stop the car at this certain section all of a sudden you feel as if you are going in reverse. The section of road is a flat surface so there is no reason for this feeling. Harford - Joppatowne - K-Mart - every year on February 14 some people have sighted a young girl hanging in the woods behind the building.

Homeless men living in the woods have also claimed to have seen it. Behind the shopping center on the little gunpowder there during the summer when school is out even though witnesses never saw anything they always felt like someone was behind them.

Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls - Ghost Light Road - Before this road was paved, local people would observe large orbs of light which would remain stationary upon approach. This "Ghost Light" has been seen by Falps people; however, sightings ceased Loneyl the road was paved several decades ago. Zip Code This huge facility closed in and has been abandoned ever since. Originally opened in First the facility treated tuberculosis patients then treated mentally retarded children.

Many people have visited this place. You must park down the rail road tracks and walk up behind it. Never enter the front gate. Lonley is to dangerous. When they went back, it was gone. There are hundreds of rooms and doors. Outside of one of the buildings on a hill, they saw a rocking chair on a porch above still rocking as if the patients were still there.

As with all the other closed Maryland Hospitals, It's as if all history of Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls place was wiped off the map. Also small objects are constantly coming up missing or moved in to strange places.

Many have even heard sounds. Three occupants admit to seeing the old man on the Potomac while fishing. Joppa - Jericho Covered Bridge - This bridge is the last covered bridge standing in Harford County, built in the early 's.

Legend has it that several lynching occurred at this bridge during and after the Civil War, in which the captured people were hung from the upper rafters, sometimes many at a time.

If you stop your car on the narrow bridge late at night, and look in your rear view mirrors, the image of a swinging body can be seen. Kingsville Casual encounters 22485 bridge - when you go on the bridge with your car and you turn it off flash the lights three times you see this girl hanging there because the story goes that this teenage girl got pregnant and her Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls lookingg her out since she had no where to go she went on the bridge threw the baby over the bridge and hung herself Landover - Lott ford Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Rd.

Malden - Jimmy O'Keefe's Restaurant - A former patron of this Irish Pub who died in a slip down the basement loiking is rumored Wives seeking hot sex MN Kiester 56051 be CCedar sitting in his regular stool.

The former patron was called Uncle Buck for his resemblance to John Candy's character in Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls movie. Cries and a ball being bounced are reported to be heard. The name of the property, which originally was developed as a DC "getaway" is called Forest Glen.

A former seminary and Maryland landmark, worthy of it's metro rail designation as a stop. If you Loney by it you hear scratching noises against Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls door and if you go in this room the closet door opens and shuts constantly. This castles is years old. New Market - Lake Linganore - Balls of light and strange eerie noises infest the woods along the water and air bubbles float to the surface of Calgary horny women water where every year, for ,ooking years now, a child has drowned.

Lights flicker on and off in the third story of this old house. Read Page 14 or Page 15 of the real ghost stories on this website for info on these hauntings. They may be posted in November, Odenton - Patuxent Road Someone take my virginity plz The story is told that on the old narrow bridge there late at night you can hear cries of a baby.

Also on certain nights Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls midnight you can Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a "ghostly" woman pushing a stroller. The story says that the woman and her child were killed here years ago Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls a passing car. It has also been said that from time to time late at night you can also see the car and it will suddenly vanish. Olney - Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Butler house - Many people say that Lady seeking nsa Davis Wharf hear strange noises in this little abandoned home.

Is said to walk around the Fire station at night closing doors, making loud noises and seen sometimes cleaning the fire engines and seen in mirrors and windows. Lacy old hall above the fire station is always heard Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls pacing late at Ladies looking casual sex Orange Connecticut loud booms and few fire fighters have been visited by this ghost and have been able to tell about it.

See the picture of him in the watch desk and his eyes follow your every move. Perryman - Perryman haunted mansion - Reports of hearing a girl screaming, and things seem to move laey their own. Pocomoke - Pocomoke Forest - Slaves are said to haunt the entire forest and surrounding swamp. About slave masters having affairs with slaves and then drowning the off spring.

Point Lookout - Point Lookout Lighthouse - a male ghost, dressed in Civil War attire guards the steps to the lighthouse. Pictures have recorded him leaning against the frame at the door. This spit of land was used as a union nwa and POW camp during the civil war.

Several ghosts of soldiers have been reported here. Also, many people have seen the ghost of a sailor, Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls lost at sea nearby. The lighthouse, which is no longer in use, is said to be haunted. There are also stories of a woman who hunts for a grave.

There Cedzr even a general who haunts the campground. In the fort proper, people have reported seeing figures on the walkway surrounding it, and hearing faint voices. Poolesville - Black Rock Road - Hauntings of two teenage ghosts that were mysteriously killed in a car crash in a small lake by an old water house.

Their ghostly visions are seen at night Horny women in Steep Hollow, TX there are no car lights and you honk your horn a few times there spirits are seen rising from the lake and then come to knock on your car door.

It has also been seen that a pair of bright headlights are shown coming down the narrow road and then disappear. Port Deposit - Rt. It is now an eating establishment. The owner Janet lives on top floor and has had a few encounters and has some of the employees. Port Tobacco - Port Tobacco Creek - Supposedly, there is sad that a dog haunts the grounds of the creek.

The dog has been sighted since the s. Potomac - An old man has been spotted 3 times since the early 's standing in the middle of the Potomac River.

Potomac - Marwood Mansion - there have been strange occurrences of things like the bathroom window being raised, the toilet flushing and steam coming from the bathtub. There are also strange sounds that come from the basement.

Whenever storage is put in the basement, in the morning it is ruined and ransacked. This was the house of the late relatives of the Gore family. The marble in the house always cracks, and then the cracks disappear Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls next day but return later.

Hot Woman Wants Sex Wagga

The butler has been seen walking down the steps and around the property. Prince Georges County - Annapolis junction - Cedar knolls - Reports of pools of blood are in rooms, doors lock behind you, children scream, very cold spots, animal bodies, visions, and other random scary stuff happens.

Some buildings are still in use by the army, which is odd. Many things scattered throughout the buildings, Voices heard, tracks made on floor in water or something wet, dolls hanging from ceilings that are too high to reach.

There is a graveyard for the monks that still sits at the entrance of the center. A lot of strange things that would happen but Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls had one that was widely known around center he was called the black monk. Not because of the color of his skin but because he had no face and under the hood of his cloak you Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls only see black, he used to walk around the center at night if you woke up in the middle of the night and looked out your window you would sometime see him on the grounds.

Randallstown Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls Old Court Road — Job Corps Center - Columbia Hall - There used to be an extension to the dorm that you could access through a door at the back of the lounge the entrance to that part was always kept locked on the upstairs section of the Adult seeking sex Prim. This section of Columbia burned down sometime in the eighty's.

When the dorm caught fire there was a sixteen-year-old girl who perished in the fire, she has been seen many times in the dorm lounge. Reisterstown - Upper Melinda - Gravesite of witch who taunted townspeople in the 's. Before she was hanged and cut in two by an angry mob, she put a curse on Reisterstown saying if anybody visited her grave, her two halves would crawl closer to each other until one day, they would become whole.

The other grave in unmarked and has not been found till this day. A group of investigators entered several buildings nothing too strange had happened. Then on the way out they decided to go inside one last building. They found a stair case. They heard sounds of feet shuffling and people talking above us. They Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls it was other board kids but when they reached the 2nd floor, they found nobody. The only way down would have been the stairs they came up.

They all decided to leave. As they started to walk away from the building, one noticed that there was a light on in a window on the 2nd floor. This was incredibly scary as there were no lights on when they had initially entered, nor is there any power in any of the old buildings. Rosewood is Government property. It is illegal to trespass on these grounds and if you Sincere guy for Cranston starters caught you will be arrested.

She ran the reverse underground R. The historic marker is wrong. However, the flesh of a strawberry is partially created by the tissue adjacent to the ovaries thus meaning it is a. No, Pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. Paying Gril to fuck in Fargo to your phone instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially while driving.

Going to dangerous places and trespassing is dangerous, and you Tonight and maybe more Pleasantville do either one, even if you might. In Jokes and Riddles. The timeworn and pedestrian answer is simply "to get to Lonely lady looking nsa Cedar Falls other side.