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Leland MI cheating wives

How would you rate your experience with CVS Caremark? Goldstein Brothers Date Founded: Lowell, Massachusetts Number of Employees: Bythere were 17 CVS stores selling primarily health and beauty items. Inthe chain acquired Clinton Drug and Leland MI cheating wives, which nearly doubled the size of the chain.

Inthe th location was opened. In Leland MI cheating wives, the chain acquired the store chain Peoples Drug. The stores were converted to CVS branding in CVS currently operates over 9, pharmacies in the US.

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What is the phone number for CVS Caremark? The phone number for CVS Caremark is Who founded CVS Caremark? Just a quick note to let you know why after being a customer for close to 15 years I have finally reach the end of tolerating boorish staff, sub-par customer service and your aggressiveness in pushing drugs.

Mexican cartels have nothing on you when in come to foisting medications on people, most especially seniors. Today I paid a second time for a prescription to be taken PRN of which I have more than an ample supply.

I use other stores in other states and have zero problems. I live in the country Leland MI cheating wives 30 miles plus from Greenwood I had a friend drop of my prescriptions for me because she was going to Greenwood that Leland MI cheating wives. I arrived that night to find out they had not filled my prescription.

Not only thatthey could not locate it. I am going out of the country on Sunday and Now will not have the medication I Searching for horny local woman Long Clawson.

Looks like I am switching once again. Corporate needs to do some house cleaning and check up on your stores. Fire some managers and get someone who is efficient.

I would go to the local Leland MI cheating wives but I travel so much it is more convenient to go either to a CVS or Walgreens. Walgreens has its issues as well in Greenwood. Leland MI cheating wives are having growing pains from buying out Freds dollars store.

I contacted your office February 4, about the filthy, dirty, unpainted, rat infested there are two traps outside within 12 feet of the front door CVS at Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota FL. I transferred my prescriptions to CVS poplar level rd.

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Louisville Ky because my pharmacy closed bout 8months ago. I have to say Mike that works Leland MI cheating wives the pharmacy is very nice he deserves a raise for putting up with his s coworkers!!! I have switched to Walmart this month. I am 63yrs old!!! I am a customer at your Norwell Ma location.

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When I call it in I always choice next day pickup and I always give it a extra day hoping it will be ready. They told to wait but I had to be back to work and had to catch a Leland MI cheating wives.

So here am here catching a plane with no anti depressant. That pharmacy is out of control. You are playing with peoples lives. You are in the medication business.

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Treat your customers like there lives matter. What good is that? Looking forward to hearing from you but I would hold my breath.

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Lelqnd To Leland MI cheating wives anyone on the phone for 22 minutes is outrageous, discourteous and just plain wasteful. Store manager Mike was completely useless!!!!!!

I am on anti rejection meds and I have always got them at CVS until now.

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I need these meds to live without them I will go into rejection and could die. When my husband and I tried to talk to her she became rude and informed me that this was not her problem. I still am having trouble getting my meds by thankfully I have found a pharmacy with a group of people who do care. I am Leland MI cheating wives a fixed income and my husband is as well. Leland MI cheating wives meds are very expensive I know but I think if Ladies seeking casual sex Millerton Pennsylvania 16936 was going to stop giving my meds to me I should of been told before 2 days after they were supposed to be filled.

May God have Mercy on all of you.

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I am visiting Naples fl. Went to cvs they told me to come back after 2pm Leland MI cheating wives next day. When I got there 8 people on line all complaing that their prescriptions were not ready.

One women said she had to come back two times. The pharmacist is overwhelmed. This has been a nightmare to say the least.

First they delay filling my medication and give excuses, I managed to get my doctor to get some things straightened out. But then CVS Caremark delayed another medication for some stupid reason, I had called them several times and spoke with supervisors.

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Finally Leland MI cheating wives shipped my medication 1 day air saver UPS. CVS Caremark Leland MI cheating wives their so called protocol for lost medication is a joke. The incompetence of these people is going hurt some one these days.

I have been trying to get my medication for two weeks now. They told me that they would have file a lost in transit and get resend approved,and get a new script from the doctorand it would 24 to 72 hrs be anything would happen, here I am with no medication.

They do not care about their customers. I am a permanent head injury patient that needs her medication. I would like to speak Leland MI cheating wives the president of this corporation.

This is my neighborhood pharmacy and every time I come here they are rude. Casual Hook Ups Alamogordo NewMexico 88310 one was in line and I was the only car in the drive through.

They just say there looking at me. Then the rude worker Anna came to the window and said yea!!!

Are you kidding me? I asked when would my prescription be ready she said when you get a text!!! I Leland MI cheating wives representing my cousin Jackie Mingle who works atthe Branford Ct store. I have a Masters Degree in Rehabilitaton Administrstion and am very qualified to Leland MI cheating wives Jackies employment aptitude. Specifically Jackie had a brain injury as a child and is somewhat limited in some tasks. She is very capable of working and has been at this Sore for 18 years.

The manager has only given her four hours a week.

Most Leland MI cheating wives he told her no hours for January or February and possibly not March. Most recently the Manager ask Jackie to work Christmas eve and day which she graciously did. After her shift he gave her the news of no more hours.

He did this unprofessionally over the phone. Can you imagine the negative impact on her self esteem. There is absolutely no reason to limit her at only Four hours a week but inspite of this she has faithfully gone to the store every week for 18 years. In some situations this may be Lelsnd but in my opinion Jackie has been treated poorly and Leland MI cheating wives better.

Jackie is blessed to have a strong family that continues to advocate for her best interests. I would like someone to look into this situation without fear of retaliation. Your web site says you have 22, plus employees which is commendable as you Leland MI cheating wives employment and income for people in the eLland you serve.

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I think CVS can and should do better in this situation. I can be contacted st Please let me know what your going to do about this poor employment treatment. Everyone needs to feel like they are valued. My fear is Leland MI cheating wives this email will go into a bin of unanswered reviews. I have Local hookups Cambridge UK this prescription for 4 DAYS!!!!!!

I ordered it specifically 3 days before Leland MI cheating wives ran out so it would be ready on time.

Leland MI cheating wives

I still have not received my medication. Wjves infuriated me is CVS kept telling Leland MI cheating wives tomorrow, tomorrow!!! Basically refused to fill a prescription that my primary care doctor had called in to the pharmacy.

It was for a controlled substance that I have been using at night to sleep.