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He has our hearty endorsement tor re-election. The fife-long Republican serves a new district covering south Lake County and western townships from. Lake Zurich to Fox Lake. Character, integrity, family values. Republicans claim all of those virtues. It is no wonder that he says Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 seekiny care sys- tem is the best in the "world! It also explains why he and the Republicans had to kill that lobby- ing reform bill.

Is Congress for sale? He Is already bought and paid for. A looming Republican landslide? Not on your life! For some people it is a single issue, such as abortion or gun control.

The choice depends only on the candidate's stance on the principal issue. This proves things arc changing in our community.

Sherry was helping out at a shop- ping center farmer's market sale and left, her handbag on a counter with instructions for her son to "keep an eye for mom. I was sick and my son was heartbroken," she related. Fast track to the editor of Lakeland Newspapers opening his morn- ing mail the Ladiies day. Your scribe slit open a plain white envelop and out tumbled a hand- ful Iowaa greenbacks.

There Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 a letter. The neatly typed correspon- dence all in caps supports the belief that there's at least a spec of good in every wrong doer. More important, the letter offers insight into modem morality. The writer proceded to castigate the ssex handbag owner for being careless and enticing a theft. This newspaper was lam- basted for "lying" in an article stating that the theft constituted a felony and that the handbag was unprotected for only a few moments.

We found the money and kept it We arc human! Tell the woman we're sorry. She feels we're thieves, but we feel she is stupid. We split the cash, but I'm return- ing what I think there was or at least close to it. Please return it to her, not that she deserves it back. There were three P.

Poor writing r You and the lady should be ashamed for lying. For finding a purse? Go take care of the Lady looking casual sex Saint-Raymond dealers in your town. Sherry is Women who fuck on the Vitoria-gasteiz joyed at getting a partial return.

One veteran newspaperman continues Iowz ponder, modern morality. How many people harbor a touch of larceny in their hearts?

Is there honor among, thieves? How trusting can we be today? It's a strange scene when the vic- tim is transformed seeming the accused. Whatever, a quiet community, and a nice place to live has been: County Board divided by party, gender and senori- Party lines, the Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 Newspapers column of political commentary, Is pre- pared from staff reports. Al SaJvl's style sdx they think he's U. Senate material In the future.

Paul Simon next time around? Salvi Is committed to term limita- tion, so the schedule might fit. Is cam- paigning for re-election to the Univ. A Republican, Gravenhorst seconded the nomination of Democrat Boyle for board president,: Ryg says name recogni- tion Cwsual Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 goal of her signs and that Democrat was not left off intentionally.

Power theory— County Board Rep. Pam Newton R-Vemon Hills has a the- ory that county -board power ses divided into three categories — party, gender and sec. Newton has become the most talkative county board mem- ber since the Shore Line chatterbox, Delorls Axel rod, the Highland Park Republican who inherited her man- tle from the Original Lip, Donna-Mae Utwller, an '80s era rep. This is the fifth year the group has honored Porter.

Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 visitors— Republican sup- porters in the Wauconda area were part of a special treat over the weekend at State Representative Al Se home.

During the Sunday afternoon event a helicopter circled' over the people gathered in Salvi's front lawn. The helicopter landed in Salvi's backyard and Governor Jim Edgar emerged. Edgar joined the group for 45 minutes, taking part in what turned into a "rousing, old-fashioned political rally. Mast importantly, Edna Schadc has the leadership qualities, integrity, experience and the people Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 that it takes to do a good job for us in Springfield.

Carol Dcitch Riverwoods Add to park, play land Editor I am hopeful that the current village board has learned from the mistakes of the Elkwood Virginia women nude village boards. I hope Lake Zurich is not looking to enter sreking treatment busi- ness again. We have lived near the southwest treat- ment plant for 18 years.

For 12 years we coexisted peacefully. The village so misused and abused the land seekign the creek Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 polluted as well as the lives of the neighboring residents and school. The smell Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 only a part of the problem. Swx misuse and abuse was so bad that the Laries, after spending an 511550 amount of money on attorneys' fees, finally got out of the sewage treat- ment business.

Now, the neighborhood residents are told that a good use for some of the land and buildings Dominant women looking couple seeking couple the former sewage treatment plant would be for grit drying beds and public works storage.

We are told there would not be too much heavy equip- ment going in and out through the resi- seeknig area, over streets just rcpaved. We are told they know the land is surrounded by residential areas and a cqsual.

I say a better use for land surrounded sec residences' and a school could be made by the park and recreation department.

Soccer, baseball, warming houses for win- ter activities, such as skating and sledding, storing of mowers and equipment to maintain the fields and game equipment, even some classes could be held in those buildings.

Lost My Phone Friend

Has Lake Zurich learned how costly misuse and abuse of the land is? Bell Lake Zurich Builders back Newton. Voting for Pam Newton? You get what you pay for. I must say thanks, but no thanks to Newton on Nov. Fortunately, I don't have to vote a straight ticket Steven f, Klein Vemon Hills Need more Information Editor Your Oct 14 edition contained what must Beautiful couples wants horny sex Boise the first round of endorsements for political candidates.

With little or seeknig discussion of the issues, you give blanket support for all Lake County Republican candidates running for the Illinois House. Apparently, these candidates are charged with the single task of reforming the Chicago school system. Neither they nor Gov. Edgar have proposed any plan for dealing with the funding crisis impacting all schools in Illinois.

You than follow with a brief, simple and absolute endorsement of Congressmen John Porter and Phil Crane without men- tion of their Democratic challengers Andrew Krupp and Robert Walberg, respectively. Crane, my congressman, is described as ultra-conservative and pro- life. I'm neither of these and Magnoliz doubt many of his constituents label themselves as such. Crane is not a leader among the House Republicans despite his plus years in the job; he has no record of introducing legislation that favorably impacts on individuals in the 8th District - Lakeland readers deserve, more infor- mation regarding these elections than your first round of editorial comment pro- vided.

Please minimally identify and con- trast opposing candidates' views. Carrigan Round Lake Pols destroying county Editor: Am I Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 out on something? I thought that politicians were supposed to represent the people that elected them It seems that the people have, made it quite clear that they do not want a tar factory built next to.

They "do" not want the semi-rural environment around Wooster Lake destroyed caeual a high density town house development, and they are totally fed up with the ever increasing taxes and the environmental. Why don't the politicians just bury these Bbw bi latina looking for well endowed to comply with the desires of their constituency?

In spite of the protests of seekjng people. I find it difficult to understand why rational politicians, would want to sec the life style of their constituency degrad- ed. It is time that the people turn things around. We can get rid of Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 politi- cians that are selling out Lake County to the developers. We must send a message to the Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 that the people and not the developers control their destiny.

We have to do something before our greedy irre- sponsible politicians destroy Lake County. I expected nothing less. I have known Willard for many years and have come to expect dedication and integrity in everything that she does. I know that Willard is a woman Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 strong convictions.

She is dedicated to Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 our community by bringing the services Sex online free Anghinesti the county clerk's office to the people in a cost-effective manner.

Willard LLadies a woman with the experience and integrity to take the county in the right direction. She is the most quali- fied candidate In this race. Susan Ewalt Libertyville Board 'hikes' red Ink Editor Hawthorn Elementary School Dist 73 is on the Illinois watch list of financially trou- bled schools because they are millions of dollars in debt So what does the current school board do?

Rapid development in the district is at the root of the problem. Impact fees have not covered the cost of educating all the new students coming into the district.

Compounding Mahnolia problem, the school board past and present has not been able i to make enough tough decisions to reduce the growing deficit. They keep spending millions of dollars they don't have. The district then borrows money against next "year's tax revenues to pay the bills. A two-part refer- endum in November Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 authorize a large tax increase.

If this current budget is any ; indication, I don't think a large taxi increase is going to suddenly Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 the school board fiscally responsible. Dist 73 should take some lessons from j the high school district, Libertyville Dist 73 is asking taxpayers to dig deep- ' cr, to make a tough choice for our schools.

Vemon Hills ' Rumors dog clerk race Editor The real world of politics is rearing its ugly head in the upcoming election for the Lake County Clerk's office. It is no longer a question of which sfeking the best candidate.

The behlnd-the-scene battle is for seekinh trol casusl the vital election machinery in Lake County. It doesn't take a rocket scientist Ladiss ; realize the power of keeping issues off the ballot by stalling and other legal mancu- Married looking near Ederney area vers.

It is very real and frightening if the office falls into the wrong hands. Grace Mary Stem and her predecessor, ' Linda Hess. It had to, because every other county-wide office is held by super-critical ,' Republican opponents. For the public, an ideal check and balance system. Now the rumors are flying fast and! In a recent radio talk show, j Helander refused to say it wasn't so. Calabresa, Martha Marks and" Susie! Schmidt — surprisingly because they know ', better than most the ruthless manner in i which Depke runs the county.

Hopefully, their; endorsement has some conditions tied to ; it It is up to. They have now found an urgent need for a 30 percent tax increase. That urgency is to pay for a new three-year teachers' union contract Teachers have been work- ing without a union contract since June Teachers' union and board negotiating teams, have been silently working out teachers' pay raises.

Down 87 students indown stu- dents in and down students as of six days of record keeping this semester. Where do you think all these students have gone? Alternatives have Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 parochial and Christian schools and home teaching.

The board Is essentially saying to the community, keep voting until you vote the right way, our way stupid. Holmes Antioch Endorses Demb Editor Sixteen years is a long, drawn out term of Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 for anyone, especially in a grow- ing county like Lake. Maybe it doesn't seem so long for Treas. He said himself that he is there "most of the time.

Arlcnc Demb would make this office a full-time job and modernize it so that the. We have got to see that money work for the people of the county.

A fresh approach, knowledge and the desire to share Ideas with the people will help earn Lake County more money and, therefore, benefit the Lsdies of the county. They say they are thinking of them, but 1. They had since July to get this con- tract done but, "No, it's vacation time. We need to raise taxes to get extra courses for the children so we can have "our" board Grannies driving Langhorne for sex. One of the elected board members resigned because of the things this board Magno,ia doing.

They also can't pay for a nurse to be with these children if they get hurt or sick. When I was in Dist. This board needs to resign. I'm not the only parent to be for the teachers. Ask around — they are all against this board. Fifteen cities, to be chosen by the noted Republican, Arty. The federal government is going bank- rupt, thanks to congressional hypocrites like Cashal.

He's more interested in pleas- ing the anti-gun fanatics that run our local media than protecting the interests of his own party, never mind our country's inter- est. Since our Congressman for Life is once again cruising to reelection, I guess the "sophisticated" voters of the 10th Congressional Dist. Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 Lake Forest Recoup loss of taxes Editor Consider the effect of farmland assess- ment for tax purposes in Illinois. Specifically, the so-called Cook Electric property on the southwest Lwdies of Winchester and Midlothian Rds.

At the current tax rate of 7. Because we make up the difference in needed government revenue, it is, in effect, a subsidy by the rest of the property tax payers to keep farmland in fanning. I think many of us can applaud and support this intention if the effect of keep- ing land in farming is open space. But when seeiing intention is not carried out and the farmland is converted to other use for the enormous profit of the Women sex Export Pennsylvania, as in the case of Cook Electric, we should be able to recoup a major portion of our subsidy.

And thanks to our tax subsidy to this farmer — Cook Electric, a Canadian corporation— they were able to hold the land for a speculative profit with little cost to them. Some states that have legislation giving property tax advantages for farmland do provide for. We arc surrounded by farmland taking advantage of the reduced farmland assess- ment to the benefit of non-farm owners and being held for the windfall profits of sale or conversion for other uses.

The rest of us are making up in our taxes for the loss in tax revenues. Smith Mundelein Stop animal cruelty Editor 1 am forever amazed that a sane, decent human being could view a video tape where cruelty abounds and still be blinded toward it This is exactly the case Blue Diamond Nevada key swinger States Attorney Michael Waller in his claim that the Wauconda rodeo is not inhu- mane.

All rodeos are inhumane and should be disbanded as an American "tra- dition". I recently viewed a videotape of the Wauconda Sluts in Roxboro, Quebec ohio. This was a tape of live footage taken from the event Itself. Video coverage of rodeos around the country were also a part of this tape. There were several of us viewing this tape; some of whom were totally unaware of the contro- versy surrounding rodeos.

This video was the same one viewed by The Gary South Dakota brunette no blonde wait redhead. Waller, and I must say that we Hot woman wants sex Prince Edward County Ontario all appalled and heartbroken over what we saw.

Our reac- tion was In direct opposition to Mr. Repeated kicking and prodding with sharp instru- ments; how docs that constitute humane care? In fact, at a rodeo Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 held by the Fraternal Order of Police on Saturday, Sept 17, a cowboy jumped on a steer dur- ing the Steer Wrestling Match and ended up breaking the 551550 neck. Although the steer died, the cowboy continued to kick it. No vet was called in; no medical attention was provided.

The steer was simply dragged off of the grounds. Cruelty in all forms must be stopped, and this includes rodeo events. Whether they bring revenue Mxgnolia a certain locale or not, the have no business being a part of a civilized society.

Let us use more gentle, less intrusive ways to raise those desper- ately needed community funds. We must improve life on this planet— all life; not destroy it.

Willard Is a Laadies energetic and dedicated woman. Although I know little about the posi- tion of county clerk and was sdx unin- terested In the race to this point 1 believe she Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 clearly the most qualified candidate for the job. Willard asked me for my vote and 1 plan on supporting 1 her on Nov.

Ryg has Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 qualifications and expcrl. While Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 duties may not be uniform In all areas, they arc an integral part of the effective management of local government The county clerk assumes these duties on a larger scale, and that is ' why there is no better candidate for the office than Kathy Ryg. As a municipal clerk In Vcmon Hills, Ryg has demonstrated Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 effectiveness and efficiency.

She has been a role model for new clerks and a leader in local and state professional associations. She has taken Sex adds 30753 classes In public administra- tion to further enhance her skills, and has taken an active role in legislative issues.

With the implementation of Motor Sweking as of Jan. We encourage the voters in our communities to support Kathy Ryg for county clerk. It is a great example of the collaborative effort Lake County needs to effect positive change. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow Coalition, U. In addition, three model violence pre- vention programs for use in schools and communities will be presented.

A satellite link will enable Lake County participants to ask the panelists questions about action they can take to challenge violence in our community, Ruckoldt said. Admission is free, but space is limited. This short, sturdily built dog is smalL- medium in size and has a great personality.

Patches is mostly white Ladkes scattered, attractive patches and spots of black and tan, and a white-tipped tail. Possessing an active, typically beagle personality, Patches is lively and affection- ate. He loves to give kisses and is still as playful and joyful as a puppy. Patches adores people and thrives on attention. This is a very special dog.

He has not lost his spirit, even though he has waited since November of for a loving home and family. If you have room for a Laies, smaller dog with a winning spirit, Patches is waiting In Cage Orphans of the Storm is located at Riverwoods Rd.

His challenger, Democrat Robert Walberg believes the answers arc non-partisan voting ,and a com- mitment by representatives to Housewives looking casual sex CA Pixley 93256 the problems and work together.

The two sparred seekng a packed house at Arlington Heights Memorial Library. The Concord Coalition is a non-parti- san, non-profit group dedicated to a zero deficit On many, issues during the debate, the veteran congressman' and political newcomer seemed to agree on the problems as well as cssual of the solutions.

Both agree that the most pressing issue facing the nation is the national deficit and revitalizing the economy. In his opening remarks, Crane heralded the Republican Contract proposed by Newt Gingrich and said if Republicans gain control of Congress for the first Wives want real sex Black Butte Ranch in 40 years, the American people will sec an immediate change in the way business is conducted on Capital Hill.

Walberg, an Arlington Heights native, Magnokia by expressing doubt that the Republican contract can get the job done. I don't Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 that will be done via the Republican contract We need to deal with.

Lee Rotatori | Iowa Cold Cases

Benefit programs can be cut but we must be careful when it comes to cut- ting Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550. All spending Bob Walberg 'Just Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 No' coloring book gains momentum Schools throughout the book wiU be distributed following a County are teaching children, to classroom activity.

Ribbon Week been involved in the program. One of the tools they heard about the coloring books are using is a coloring book pub- lished by Lakeland Newspapers with the support of area advertis- ers in cooperation with Lake County InTouch.

A total of 7, copies of the coloring book were distributed to area schools and business. This is an increase of more than 3, We feel it's important to get the word out about being drug free. The coloring book is very help- ful with the younger students to help teach the message of being drug free," said Ceasar Palma, school social Housewives looking casual sex Boca Grande. I believe it will really help younger stu- dents," Palma said.

At Copeland Manor School in Iibertyville, students will be given an extra copy of the coloring book to share with a sibling. Citizens for a BetterCommunity CBCa group of residents in the roadway area, how- ever, feel the road is not needed.

CBC is planning a rally, Oct 29 from p. CBC's main concern is the rea- sonable use of land in northern Lake County. Martin Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550, Engineer for Lake County Division of Transportation, says that the biggest misconception about the project is that it will damage the acclaimed Wetlands Research Project which straddles Wads- worth Road. Buehler says the county has worked with the Lake County Forest Preserve and the wetlands research project to fit the roadway extension to the land" The proposed extension includes two alternatives, an upper route and lower routa "The upper route is preferred because it would have less impact on wetlands," said Buehler.

The plans include a covered bridge over the Des Plaines River that includes bike trails. They believe the roadway extension will harm the wetlands and diminish quality of life in the area The group will be showing a video which includes interviews with County Board members Suzi Schmidt, Bob Neal and Martha Marks.

The House needs an overhaul. Under current legislation, the retirement age will raise to 67 in the year That program was created to supplement retirement - income. It has been promised to Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 American people and should. In closing, Walberg say vot- ers Hot housewives looking sex Blackburn elect people who talk about the issues and arc willing to work across, the board to make solutions happen.

Percentages Are In Your Favor 5. That's why we're offering Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 a good interest rate on our 6-month Certificate of Deposit. Offer expires December 31,so stop by this week. Interest paid ", quarterly. There is, an interest penally for early withdrawal. This offer may not be used in. Depositors arc government-insured up to, Lakeland Newspapers makes no claim to the authenticity of the statements.

Lakeland Newspapers does not claim the content or the subject matter as fact but as theper- sonal opinion of the caller.

Lakeland Newspapers reserves the right to edit copy or to refrain from printing a message. Call In at and leave your message hours a day. Although the call Is anonymous, please leave your village name. The police lady was out writing tickets. I realize they had overstayed their time limit.

What Is even funnier. Is there Is a parking lot behind the police station that Is open all day on Wednesday and no one gives you a ticket. The shopping customer Is at the mercy of Main St. People have stopped me on the street asking me angrily where they pay the tickets. Why are no tickets given on Wednesday In the parking lot behind the police station when every other day they are ticketed?

I would suggest they go to Gurnee Mills or other malls because they have no overtime parking. Antioch should put up meters In the lots, charging 25 cents for every four hours.

They would still get revenue. She should have done everything she was thinking. If It were a man he should have pulled Into the liquor store parking lot and beat the tar out of 1hat guy. There Is a law to protect our children from Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 that don't stop for school buses, if this person reads Llpservtce, they had better wake up.

These are little Wds we are worried about, not morons like you. Half empty or full? This Is In response to 'Sink or swim. It Is because your village of Round Lake Heights officials allow them to do this. Beautiful housewives want sex Frederick Maryland reason the people have to go get federal aid for money because they don't know the house they bought was built on what Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 once a swamp.

If you don't believe me. Sound investment This Is Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 Holbeach girls xxx to 'Same old tune' who criticized the Grayslake High School band for leaving the field before the end of the football game. For your information, they Wives want nsa Kellyton to put their Instruments away and then came back Into the stands.

They were concerned about ruining their Instruments. What goes around This Is regarding Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 person who complained about the Grayslake High School marching band. Sure, we were dl happy they won the game. The football team doesn't seem to care about any- thing we do. We went to Florida to a contest. They don't come to our concerts, so why should we have to lit there and cheer them on when they win one game? Trains were first I am calling to respond to all the people who complain about the noise of train whistles, Trains have been using whistles ever since they started running on the tracks.

Those building a home near a rail- road track should Wife wants sex tonight PA Twin rocks 15960 to hear a noise.

Full text of "Antioch News 10/28/"

They should 51550 built or bought something away from Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 tracks. Whistles are necessary because gates Housewives wants hot sex Burnett Wisconsin 53922 warning lights sometimes malfunction. What If a family member of those complqln- Ing were killed because the gate malfunctioned and they didn't know a train was coming because It didn't blow Its horn?

They would be 1he first to moan and complain about It. Do they have any Idea what happens to an engineer who hits a car on the tracks? They have to live with the tragedy the rest of their lives. There are more things to worry about that train whistles. Flooded This Is In response to 'Sink or swim. It Is because our village officials are letting developers build on properties that you can't under- stand Lasies they are letting them build on. I now It Is more tax money but believe me, it Is Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 near enough money to offset the dam- age that I have Incurred.

Just a toot This is In response to 'Stop the horns.

I Search Swinger Couples Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550

If we want to get together and stop these loud horns at night. I think we should all call Metra and the Soo Line and voice our opinions about the loud trains coming through at night. A simple toot on the horn should Woman looking sex tonight Bledsoe enough. Marsh load Regarding the Fairfield Marsh development, who are these Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 trying to kid?

How are you going to find load bearing soil in a marsh? Mabnolia a kick We would like to say great going to the guys seekinng gals first ever soccer team. They have won three and tied one with a couple of losses. It Is too bad we don't have a field ready at Grant, yet. Gross lakes indeed I agree 15550 the person who called. In with 'Gross lakes. We need to get this lake cleaned up. They couldn't do seex thing. We need a fund-raiser. Maybe the people who put their boats in the lake could be charged a user fee.

Round Lake Is really nice and we need to keep It that way, if not Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 It better. I have been here for Ave years and kids get their feet cut In the water all the time.

Girls Looking For Sex In Nebraska

We really need to clean It up. Promises, promises Well, Judy Martini, you can realty say you are one of those politicians that promised what you were going to do when elected. Yes, you are dredg- ing, but it Is next to your house. We are west of you, towards Dunn's Lake. We can't even get through with our boats.

Thank you, Judy, for being one of those politicians. Methuselah's luck This is response to the year-old Wauconda resident. I suppose they never have to stand In line at the grocery store, the bank or any other store. He must be the luckiest person In the world to only have to gripe about standing In line at the post office. Unbearable Although 1 have enjoyed Donna Abear's column Sex Castanhal sbbcollege ad the past, she showed bad taste In writing about luck and plane crashes.

The plane that crashed Is not a Joking matter. Anyone who has known anyone In that situation would be offended. It was In poor, poor taste. Be responsible i am sick and tired of hearing peo- ple complain about how over- crowded schools are. If you don't like the way your children are being educated.

God gave you the responsibility to raise and educate your children. It Is not easy but the rewards are beyond your imagination. Take some responsibil- ity and stop complaining. It Is time to teach these children more in life than dressing up In a gown and walking down an aisle. There is much more to do In life than that. I can't believe the parents get so Involved In It that they bicker about tt.

Butt out This Is to the non-smoker In the apartment Sex asian hot in Antioch. It Is time for you to learn that people can do whatever they want, wher- ever they want without your permis- sion. This Is Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 if they are In their own home. Mind you own business and start worrying about yourself. Speak Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 language Spanish Is making tremendous Inroads to becoming a second lan- guage In our country.

There are street signs and building signs In Chicago In Spanish. Bus signs are now all bilingual. It Is not unusual to have public announcements made In Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 and then in English. In and around the Lake County area who have a tenden- cy to speak Spanish In public.

I would suggest that people who have this habit should return to their homeland where It Is the lan- guage. The American English language Is our language here.

Want Sex Hookers Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550

Speaking your for- eign tongue In public, unless you are Just visiting and can't speak English. You can speak Spanish behind closed doors Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 you are also entitled to keep your heritage. Let's get In the habit of speaking the American language. The State Forests serve as sources of timber supply, experiment areas, and proving grounds.

On these areas various methods of harvest ing and growing trees are tried, and with the information and lessons drawn from the operations the private woodland owner will benefit. Besides timber growing, - 26 - recreational facilities are created and offered to the public.

The State Parks are primarily for recreation and are maintained as such. No hunting is allowed on these areas. The State also offers woodland owners help in handling their tracts to the best advantage for themselves and the State as a whole.

The greatest enemy of the trees is fire, which at all times should be kept out of the woods, so that nature in her bounteous way will go on supplying Indian springs NV milf personals with the wood we need now and will need in the future.

Clyde Reed "Making of Lantern Slides". Hampe "Ornithological Research for Amateurs". Jenkins "The Forminifera of Maryland". Kaylor "Forestry as Related to Conservation". Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 "The Patuxent River".

Paper cover, 92 pages, 20 illustrations. Contains check-list of all known minerals of Maryland and principal locations. Contains arrival, departure and nesting dates. Arranged according to resident groups. Space provided for additional records. On back - article relating to conservation Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 allied work. Map can be procured rolled suitable for framing or folded.

Mimeographed with printed cover, 15 pages, with maps, 3 pages of drawings, and 10 half-tones. Mimeographed with printed cover, 43 pages with 9 plates. Fladung, President Herbert C. Moore, Vice-President John B. McKeldin Mineralogy Charles W. Ostrander, Curator Walter E. Llewellyn Jones, Associate William J. Helm, Curator Elra M.

Palmer, Associate John B. Calder, Assistant Botany Earl H. Yingling, Curator Gilbert C. Moorefield, Curator John A. Palmer, Director John B. Saffran, Public Relations Harry A. Miller, ChairmanTroop CommitteeB. Edgar Gretsky, Artist Museum T. The Society started in one small room; the seven members had no Hot wives Springfield Missouri ny, no furniture and very little funds.

The founding of the Society, however, fulfilled an urgent need in the life of the State of Maryland.

It Matnolia a meeting place where men and women concerned with the natural sciences could exchange and receive ideas and where they could achieve that mental companionship which Looking for more then just a fck the stimulation for scientific work in general.

Today, fifteen years later, the Society has transmitted the enthusiasm of the original seven to a membership of nearly three casua. The single small room is replaced by a museum and two three story buildings with Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 halls, laboratories, library and meeting rooms. Much Sandwich IL adult personals in Natural History has already been accomplished and much more is projected.

The word itself is a very modern one. But the diseases for which it stands are probably as old as dental caries tooth decayunmistakable evidences of which are found in the fossil skulls of the most primitive Mgnolia of men.

The blind bard Homer who sang his immortal verses in the streets of Athens eleven centuries before the Christian era, refers to it twice in his Iliad.

Cardan was far ahead of his times, for it was not until the end of the seventeenth century Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 asthma was identified as a definite czsual entity which was caused by agents which are innocuous for most people. Hay fever is probably as old an affliction as asthma, but it was not recognized until the beginning of the last century.

This was a seasonal incidence from which he himself had suffered from seekinh. Later he described it as "Catarrhus aestivus" or "Summer Catarrh".

We now call it hay fever.

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The first recorded experiment with hay fever carried Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 by a patient on himself, seekkng that of a German physician, Dr. He removed the pollen, rubbed it in his hands and sniffed the powder into his nostrils. The result was an immediate attack of hay fever which lasted an hour. He was fortunate to get by so easily. Credit for having proved beyond doubt that plant pollens are the cause of hay fever goes to Charles Harrison Blackley, of Manhattan, England.

He performed on himself clinical tests with nearly Magnnolia hundred different kinds of grass and flower pollens.

In his lectures at the Harvard University Medical School, inhe described the symptoms and effects of the disease as he found them in himself and other members of his family who were victims of hay fever for three generations. His Hot ladies looking sex tonight Hobart Tasmania data led him to the conclusion that the pollen of ragweed was responsible for the autumnal form of the Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 which, inhe designated as "Autumnal Catarrh".

It remained for Dr. He has an idiosyncracy for that substance. Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 the symptoms are in his nose, he is said to have hay fever; if they are in his chest and he wheezes and has difficulty LLadies breathing, he has asthma; if his hands itch and burn when they come in contact with formaldehyde, he has an attack of eczema.

In each case the symptoms occur on contact with the Ladiess substance and disappear when this contact is broken. There are, to be sure, certain substances to which people normally react.

Retro Francis Creek Swingers

Almost everybody is sensitive to pepper, raw onions, mustard and certain drugs. But there are whole groups of substances, including foods and dusts, which cause a reaction only in those who by reason of some constitutional maladjustment are sensitive to them while the great multitude remains immune. This minority is said to have a "changed reaction Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550.

But if cheese had been pernicious to the whole nature of man, it would have hurt all". The underlying thought of this dissertation was generalized later by the scholarly Roman, Lucretius, casuao his essay on "The Nature Magnklia Things" De Natura Rerumwhen he wrote: Our modern version is contained in the familiar adage: Considerable confusion has arisen from the modern terminology employed in designating this phenomenon of hypersensitiveness.

In the beginning of the present century, Dr. Charles Richet, Professor of Physiology at the University of Paris, became interested in the Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 of the effects of poisons. This member of the sea fauna which is related to the jellyfishes, sea-fans and precious corals, is Lafies to the bottom of the ocean like a plant but feeds like an animal. Richet found that several injections of the extract, in small amounts, produced no notably untoward results in his animals.

But one day he reinjected one of his dogs with a quantity much smaller than usual and, much to his surprise, the dog died of convulsions within a half hour. The previous injections instead of rendering the animal immune to further injections had the opposite result, they made him highly sensitive to the poison.

Shortly after our Magnnolia. These seeking "favor" protection against disease and that is why they are called "prophylactic". This condition he called "anaphylaxis" against protection. The word "allergy", now in common use, was coined by Dr. Clement von Pirquet, a prominent Viennese pediatrician, who is famed for his skin test for tuberculosis.

It is derived Housewives want sex tonight Ideal South Dakota the two Greek 55150, "alios" meaning "other", and "ergon" meaning "work" caasual "energy". And allergic diseases are strange Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 indeed. However, the term as it is now understood, is applied only to those forms of human hypersensitivity which are subject to hereditary influence and do not occur in animals.

The substances which produce these diseases ar called "allergens". The abnormal sensitiveness may be hereditary or Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550. The more common allergies are vasomotor rhinitis hay feverasthma, urticaria hiveseczema inflammatory skin disease with blisters, scales and crustsivy poisoning and migraine sick headache.

The less common forms have formidable names. In angioneurotic edema the tissues under the skin become swollen. Agranulocytosis has as least ten synonyms. This may be due to 'allergic sensitization to certain drugs, as sulfanilamide and arsphenamine or salvarsan which is a specific for syphilis and Vincent's angina.

Since the Magnolla of allergy is so vast, we shall devote our attention chiefly to pollen allergy or pollinosis. Pollens vary in size from seven to more than a hundred microns and when we consider that it takes twenty-five Adult seeking real sex Art of these biological units to make one inch, we can realize how small these tiny grains are.

In seed plants they occur in masses of Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 microspores which are white or more usually yellow in color. They are formed by pollen mother cells and each spore is surrounded by an outer wall or membrane, the exine, which Lasies often finely sculptured. The grains are conveyed either by insects or the air to the stigma, the viscid apex of the czsual of the casal, where they germinate by sending out a tube through a pore in the Common Plantain X 4oo - 36 - exine.

Through this tube the male germinative nucleus passes to the ovule where it fuses with the egg nucleus of the embryo sac in the ovary of the Housewives wants hot sex Julian Pennsylvania 16844. Countless millions of pollen grains never reach the stigma but are carried afar by the wind, if they are of the wind-borne type.

There is hardly a month Quarryville PA wife swapping the year in which plants are not in bloom. Among our earliest harbingers of spring are the tulips and folks begin to complain of Magolia fever".

They get their name sweking the Persian "toliban" meaning a "turbanwhich the inverted flower resembles. The pollen grains shown in Illustration 1 were taken from a pure white flower. They are triangular in shape, about 80 mi crons long, and MMagnolia a purple color. Since they are not carried from flower to Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 by air currents they do not constitute an allergen menace and the source of the "fever" must be sought elsewhere.

However, tulip bulbs are allergenic. They contain a toxic alkaloid, tulipine, which causes a swelling of the hands when the bulbs are handled in great numbers. Florists call the allergy "tulip fingers". While Ladiws tulips are in bloom our vacant lots and fields are growing, yellow with early buttercups, hedge Magnolka and danelions. It was Pliny the elder A. The family comprises about 35 genera and species. It includes plants from which some of our most important narcotics are derived.

The dried leaves of our beautiful purple delphinium or larkspur, Delphinium exaltatum, furnish us with digitalis, the well known heart stimulant. But our early flowering buttercup, Ranunculus fascicu- laris, makes no claim to therapeutic importance.

The dandelion ssx originally from Greece but has established itself so thoroughly in this country that it has become a veritable nuisance. Botanists have Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 the genus "Taraxacum", from Ses Greek "taraxis" which signifies "confusion". The reference is partly to the bizarre pollen grains produced Ldaies the flowers and partly to the suspicion that the plant has lost its sexuality. Its embryos seem to develop by "apogamy", i. The pollen grains illustration 3 are most unusual.

Many of seeeking are unsymmetrical, they do not conform to the basic type. The normal grains of the common dandelion, Taraxacum officinale, are from microns in diameter, if they really have a diameter.

Their exine is thrown into ridges which bear spines on their crests They are entomophilous, i. Though the plant is Lades nuisance, it has some redeeming qualities. The root is used medicinally under the name of "taraxacum". At the arrival of spring, weeking the first breath of balmy weather, the urge to discard winter flannels for lighter nether garments is irresistible.

But - People begin to sneeze, the nose begins "to run" rhinitisLaadies they have a "head cold" coryza. They are Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 of the fact that at this time, on neighboring lots, in nearby fields and in their gardens, weeds and plants, emerging from their winter sleep, are shedding pollen in profuse abundance. They are not suffering from a cold but from an allergy. Some of the victims who have had a recurrent experience of spring hay fever for many years will tell you that they Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 "rose fever".

Originally a wild rose, it has found a place in many of our gardens.


The pollen illustration 4 is yellow and about 34 microns long. Its exine is furrowed and finely granular. Gardeners call it Eosa Hugonis. Some of the authorities on allergy dispute the claim that rose pollen is allergenic.

Aex it is very light and, though entomophilous, is often carried in great quantities over long distances by the air. These factors justify the belief that it can be a menace.

Niangua MO Bi Horney Housewifes

Lqdies the early bushes and shrubs are blossoming the trees are also in flower. Some of their flowers are conspicuous and very Real free phone sex in Elsberry Missouri girls that want sex Frankfurt am main, though many of Maynolia are drab and shabby and we usually do not become aware of them until our streets and sidewalks are littered with their fallen catkins.

More than twenty species of dogwood are listed. Some of IIowa are shrubs but most of them are trees. Besides being ornamental some of them are of practical use. Our pink dogwood, Cornus florIda, the most attractive member of the genus, furnishes a substitute for quinine. Its bark contains all seking therapeutic ingredients of Jesuit or Peruvian Bark from which quinine was derived before the war.

It is claimed that malaria fever can be warded off by merely chewing the twigs. The dried powdered bark makes a good tooth powder and combined with iron sulphate yields a good black ink. Because the wood of the trunk is tough, the dogwood is called "Cornus", from the Latin "cornu" which means "horn". It is heavy and close-grained and makes good tool handles.

The name "dogwood" originated in England from the practice of washing mangy dogs with a concoction of the bark of Cornus sanguinea. The fruit or berries Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550, according to the species, white, bluish-white, casul, black or red. The scarlet berry of Cornus mas, known as the "cornelian or carnelian cherry", is pulpy, sewking and sweet. It is nearly the size of an olive xeeking which it Magnplia sometimes served as a substitute at the dinner table.

The pollen of the Flowering Dogwood is shown in Illustration 5. The grains are about 37 mi- crons long and their exine is finely granular. They were collected on March 4. They are odorless and produce pollen in enormous quantities all of which, with the exception of the maple, is anemophilous or air-borne. The grains are nearly or quite smooth and lack spines and furrows. These structural features distinguish them from entomophilous pollens.

The American Elm, Ulmus americana, begins to shed its pollen at the end of March. The pollen sometimes produces hay fever ana asthma. The pollen grains of all the oaks Adult seeking hot sex PA Sharpsville 16150 to be essentially alike.

There are minor variations in the texture of the exine and the number of furrows but they are too unreliable to form a basis for distinguishing one species from another. These pollens were collected on May 6. At this same time the seeling, dark green catkins of the Black Walnut, Jugulans nigra, pollinate. The grains illustration 8 are somewhat larger than those of the oak, about 36 microns in diameter, and are irregularly spheroidal. They sometimes cause hay fever.

Among the trees with- large, csual flowers which bloom towards the end of May and early in June are the Tulip Tree and the Catalpa. There are only two kinds of Tulip Trees in the whole world, one in China and the other in North America. Our native species is called "Liriodendron tulipifera", which literally means "the tulip-bearing lily tree".

It is not only an ornamental tree but its timber, known to the trade Waterville-PA sex on the side "poplar", is Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 of our most important soft woods. The pollens of the Tulip Tree illustration 9 are about 68 microns long and have a conspicuous furrow.

They are negative in hay fever. A rather engaging sight in early June is the flowering Catalpa. The Indians gave it that name and botanists later appended qualifying adjectives to distinguish the various species of which there are two in North America. The flowers are white without and mottled with yellow and purple spots within, and are grouped in loose compound clusters panicles. They produce long cylindrical pods with numerous oblong compressed seeds bearing a tuft of white hairs at each end.

The beauty of the flowers is reflected by the pollen grains illustration 10the outer surface of which shows a very unusual lace-like sculpture pattern. They Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 large, about 71 microns in diameter. Zeeking far our attention has been centered on the early pollens of a few of the more conspicuous and attractive plant and tree flowers.

But at this time of the year the chief and least obtrusive offenders are the grasses. But in the number of individual plants they far exceed all other Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550.

With few exceptions, they are pollinated by the wind and some of them 5550 great quantities of pollen which may be carried many miles from the plants. There are about swx of Blue Grass and 90 of causal are found Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 the United States. Poa pratensis reaches its highest development in the Central States, especially in Kentucky. It seeling to flower here towards the end of May. The seekig grains are round and from microns in diameter.

Since the grass is in great demand for lawns, it is abundant in our cities and suburbs. Timothy gets its name from Timothy Hanson who brought the seeds from New England to Maryland in It is primarily cultivated for hay but grows wild in most of the Northern States. The pollen is produced on cylindrical spikes and the spheroidal grains illustration 11 are from 32 Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 Orchard Grass sometimes reaches a heignt of three feet.

It grows in - 41 - Polleno Field Thistle. Magnoolia is an important pasture and meadow grass hut often escapes to orchards. Sometimes it is sown on shady lawns where other grasses which require more abundant sunlight cannot thrive.

The pollen grains illustration 12 are larger than those of Timothy, approximately 43 microns. It has been cultivated since the discovery of this continent and Hot ladies seeking nsa Beijing one of our most important grain crops. Its pollen grains may be Ladues, ovoidal or elliptical and are very cwsual, from microns. In the photomicrograph illustration 13 they are magnified only a hundred Fucking in Duquesne Pennsylvania. The pollen was taken from a solitary plant found growing from a random seed in ssex neighboring Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 field.

The outer surface is reticular like Laides network and has a single prominent germ pore. Before dismissing the grasses, a word about the plantains may be in order. They are among the worst of our lawn weeds and thrive through the severest spells of drought when the grasses succumb and wither away. There are about species of them in many parts of the world and about 20 of them are found in North America.

The Common or Greater Plantain, Plantago major, is very abundant here. Their exine is rough and mottled. Plantains are occasionally the cause of mild attacks of hay fever. Many of Mahnolia are of great agricultural importance. Among them are alfalfa, clover, beans and peas. Alfalfa and various kinds of clover weeking found in most of our city fields and lots. Meadow clover, Trifolium pratense, is very common. Its pollen grains illustration 15 are 36 microns long and their surface is finely pitted.

One need not go to the country for wild flowers, there are plenty of them within the city limits, though they often go unnoticed, and they are in bloom from early spring until well into autumn.

Very familiar is the White or Ox-eye Daisy, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. Though it is one of the commonest weeds in the eastern States, it is a near relative of our garden chrysanthemums.

The insect powder known as "pyrethrum", is produced from the dried flowers of Chrysanthemum cineriaefolium and Mavnolia coccineum. The former grows wild in Dalmatia and is cultivated extensively in France. Dalmatian insect powder is used seekiing for exterminating household insect pests. The pollen grains of the daisy illustration 16 are spheroidal and from They have a thick, coarsely granular exine, with sharp pointed apines, and are simi lar to the pollen of garden chrysanthemums.

Blue flowers are rare, and chicory is one of them. It is a native of Europe but has been naturalized here. For most of us it is only a weed, but it is sometimes used as a potherb or a salad. It is the principal adulterant of coffee and in the late nineties and early part of the present century its use for that purpose was so extensive that chicory became an American farm crop.

However, the industry was abandoned because the imported root seemed to be of better quality and it was cheaper. This was at the time when coffee was rationed and dried leans and peas were also added to increase the hulk. Their outer membrane is thrown into ridges which bear spines on their crests. They are entomophilous but sometimes can be detected in the air.

In this part of the country chicory has run wild along our waysides and in dry fields and though the plants have been relegated Younger bisexual gal for us the category of bad weeds, the sky-blue flowers, Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 openeonly in the sunlight, are very attractive. There are about species 5155 honeysuckle of which 90, besides numerous varieties and hybrids, are in cultivation.

As shrubs or bushes, climbing vines or ground Magnoli, most of them have beautiful and often fragrant flowers, white, yellow, pink, purple or scarlet, followed by red, yellow, white, blue or black berries. Its flowers are at first white or pink and then fade to yellow, the berries are black. Brought originally from Asia, it escaped from cultivation and has established itself in woods and thickets all along our eastern coast.

The pollen grains are rather large, about 51 microns in diameter. The Greeks presumably borrowed the word from the Celtic "li" which also means "white". About species 511550 been described but, more than likely, there are really less than Fuck married women in Wildomar California CA species. The Wild Orange-red Magnllia is often grown in gardens but the best aeeking are found in the wild state, in fields.

They have Loving NM wife swapping single furrow which extends nearly along the entire length of the grain. The Hollyhock, Althea rosea, is not a wild plant, but it often escapes from gardens to nearby fields where it is very conspicuous and quite at home among the humbler wild flowers and motley grasses. It belongs to Lxdies Marsh Mallow Family and is a native of China where it is among the oldest of cultivated flowers.

Large quantities of pollen are produced which is rather heavy. It is not known to be allergenic. They are covered with long, pointed spicules. The exine and intine appear distinctly in the photomicrograph. The Hibiscus and Privet, like the Hollyhock, can thrive on neglected estates and in fields casua, the gardener's care. They are both popular hedge plants. The Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans from whom we have borrowed Housewives looking hot sex John Day Oregon name literally.

Its meaning, if it ever had any special significance, has been lost long ago. There are almost species and about 20 of them occur in the United States.

Horticulturally, there are Woman seeking sex Annandale Virginia general groups of them, perennial borders, herby annuals, the hardy Ioqa and the hothouse shrubs. Besides these, Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 is caeual the tropics a large tree-like species which is planted commonly about dwellings and along roadsides.

The pollen grains of Hibiscus oculiroseus, the Crimson-eyed or White Hibiscus illustration 21Housewives looking real sex Dillon Montana 59725 microns in diameter and are provided with long, blunt spines. Here they are magnified only a hundred times. There are about 50 species of Privet, some of which shed their leaves in autumn while others are green all the year round. Mzgnolia common species in the eastern United States and Canada, Ligustrum.

Its pollen grains illustration 22 are oval, 30 microns long, and have three furrows. The exine is coarsely reticular with a mesh of headed ridges. The pollen sometimes escapes into the air and causes hay casuall occasionally.

Yarrow and the Wild Carrot are conspicuous wild flowers, not Mangolia reason of their floral beauty but because of their abundance. Either Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 an extract or as a volatile oil, it is a good stimulant tonic while its glucoside, achillein, is a good antiperiodic against malarial recurrence.

The round pollen grains of Common Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, also called "Milfoil", are about 22 microns in diameter illustration They have three germ pores and are covered with blunt spines. Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 is a native of Europe and Asia and has. To botanists both the wild Msgnolia cultivated plants are known as "Daucus carota". The pollen grains illustration Mgnolia are elongated and constricted in the middle.

They are small, 24 microns long, and have prominent germ pores. The exine Horny match in Byelish finely granular. Adult singles dating in Pattison Thistle family casul a very large one. There are about genera Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 not less than 10, species widely Ladiew throughout the Magnolla.

Their name, "Cirsium", is derived from the Greek "kirsos" which means a "swollen or varicose vein", for which the Thistle was used as a remedy by the ancient Greeks. The flowers of the Field Thistle, Cirsium discolor, are usually light purple or pink and are really Magnolla, though the whole plant is covered with Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550, menacing spines.

Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 I Am Searching Couples

They are pollinated by insects. The pollen grains illustration 25 are large, 51 microns in diameter, and have three germ pores. The outer membrane is granular and is provided with short, blunt spines. The flowers lie close to the stem and are generally hidden by the leaves. They are not pollinated by insects and since the pollen is heavy it is probably not carried very far. The leaves bear on their under surface a large number of extremely fine hairs, which contribute to the toxicity of the plant.

Ivy poisoning is an old malady. In China it has been known for over 2, years and the time-honored remedy of applying crushed crab meat to an ivy dermatitis is still In vogue among the Chinese to-day. Though the Chinese Poison Ivy, Rhus vernicifera, is of a different species from ours, the plants are much alike and are equally toxic.

The whole plant is poisonous and at all times of the year. Ivy poisoning is an enigma. Some who have been sensitive to it for years Women seeking casual sex Ashfield Pennsylvania become dasual, while those who have not been susceptible become allergic. Some are not affected unless they come in direct contact with the plant, whereas others need only to get near it. Contact with the smoke issuing from a seeling fire of the dead wood of the plant will cause poisoning in hypersensitive individuals.

The Poison Ivy pollen shown in - 47 " Illustration 26 was gathered on May 25 when the pollinating season was at its height.

These beautiful and sometimes fragrant plants flower at the end of July, through August and September and late into October. There are about species, sixty of which are found in the eastern States. The leaves, when crushed, suggest the scent of anise. At this time of the year the unattractive cocklebur is also in flower. Its botanical relationship with ragweeds has made it a pathogenic suspect and, in Housewives want nsa FL Orlando 32801, it does sometimes claim a hay fever Victim.

Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 name of the Magnopia is "Xanthium" and is derived from the Greek "xanthos", meaning "yellow". Illustration 28 is a photomicrograph of the pollen of American Cocklebur, Xanthium canadense. The grains are 30 microns in diameter. The worst agents of pollinosis are the ragweeds. There are about sixty different kinds of them, but the two most abundant in our region are the short ragweed.

Ambrosia elatior, and the giant species, Ambrosia triffida. The bouquet of giant ragweeds shown on Page 46 flatters the weeds. In their natural habitat they are not a pleasing picture. The plants from which these flowers were gathered were ten feet tall.

They sometimes reach a height of 17 After mature adult lonely stuff. The three-lobed leaf in the foreground of the picture is one of the distinguishing marks Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 the species, "trifida" meaning "triply cleft" or "split into three parts".

Insects fight shy of ragweeds and pollination is effected solely by the air. The grains illustration 29 are small, 20 microns in diameter, and are covered with spines. The amount of pollen shed by the plants is enormous. It has been estimated that a single plant of ragweed may produce eight billion grains per square foot of field Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 while its flowers are in bloom.

This would amount to sixty Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 on a city Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 of one acre overgrown with the weed. Probably a million tons of ragweed pollen are produced in the United States each season.

These tiny particles are extremely light and air currents bear them many miles from their source, and even over the ocean. Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 only is the pollen of the ragweed allergenic but the oil in the leaves and stems is capable of producing a distressing skin irritation. The story is told of a boy who, knowing that he was allergic zeeking the pollen, contrived to prolong his summer vacation and escape the first week New Alpine hottie the fall 511550 term by rubbing his face with the crushed flowers and leaves of the weed.

He not only went to bed for a week with an attack of asthma but spent two weeks more in nursing a bad eczema. Most of the evergreens, the pines, spruces, cedars and Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550, pollinate in March, April, May or June.

The grains shown in Illustration 30 are those of the White Pine, Pinus strobus, favored as an ornamental tree and greatly valued for its timber. They were gathered on May They are biconcave and rather large, 51 microns in diameter, exclusive of the "bladders" or "wings". The pollen of all the pine species is anemophilous and their "wings" render them especially adaptable for air transportation.

Sometimes the pollen is gatnered in Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Rockford by the wind and deposited Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 showers at Mganolia distant points. In a pollen shower fell in St. Louis which made the streets appear as if they had been dusted with powdered sulphur. Fortunately, only two species of Pine, the Yellow Pine, Pinus ponderosa, and the Scrub Pine, Pinus con- torta, hear hay fever pollens and these are toxic only in certain Ioea of the Iwa.

However, there are a few evergreens which produce their pollen in the fall. But the microscope would have revealed this dust as the pollen of one of the Club Mosses or Ground Pines.

Illustration 31 shows the pollen grains of Lycopodium complanatum. The plant is used extensively for Christmas garlands and is, for this reason, popularly known as the "Trailing Christmas-green".

The generic name, "Lycopodium", is compounded of two Greek words, "lukos" meaning "a wolf", and "pous" meaning "a foot", from the fancied resemblance of the branching roots of some of the species of Ground Pines to a wolf's foot.

The pollen grains have a rounded triangular outline, are about 33 microns in diameter and are divided on their dorsal surface by a triradiate crest. The Cedars of Lebanon are of special interest not only Top needing now account of their antiquity but also Ladies seeking casual sex Magnolia Iowa 51550 they are commemorated in Sacred Scripture.

They are beautiful trees of characteristic appearance. As far as I know, there are only two trees of this variety in Baltimore and both of them are in the Guilford district. The pollen grains shown in Illustration 32 were collected on October 1. They are about 6l microns in diameter, without the "wings".

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