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The article was promoted by GrahamColm Alabmaa article has been waiting in the queue for a while, and has passed GA and A-class reviews some time ago. I look forward to working with reviewers to ensure this article meets the highest standards and exemplifies Wikipedia's best work.

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Thanks to all who take the time This birthday sucks review Alaama article.

Support on prose per standard disclaimer. I've looked at the changes made since I reviewed this for A-class. These are my edits. Support - I added the note about the burn rate to the article from the FA class article, looks good for promotion. Image check - mostly all OK PD-age, own work. Sources and authors provided.

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Support I have reviewed at milhist A-class and have nothing to add now. Interesting story about a medieval French queen. The first nomination was unfortunately Drty because of a real life scheduling conflict. Thanks to Ceoil for copyedits and a push to finish this. Thanks to Wehwalt for many useful suggestions, and to Tim riley for the peer review.

I Am Search Sexual Encounters Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama

Support — My comments at PR — all pretty minor — were addressed thoroughly. This article seems to work to meet all the FA criteria. The prose is a pleasure to read, the article is well proportioned and thoroughly referenced, with a good range of sources. I commented at PR and repeat here that the skill with which the nominator has made clear the goings-on of Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama large and complicated cast of characters is very impressive indeed.

This is an attractive article on a subject of which I was previously more or less ignorant. I have a few issues from my reading of the earlier sections; perhaps you would consider these while I continue reading:. These are presentational points rather than major criticisms.

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I will read the rest of the article and if necessary post further comments. I will also do a sources review.

Looking Real Sex Naperville Illinois All sources Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama reliable and of A,abama high quality. A couple of minor points:. No other sources issues spotchecks not possible Brianboulton talk You will see that I have made a number of fairly minor edits to the prose. I think you have done a good job in largely disentangling a hugely complicated network of family alliances wt feuds, made all the more exaspearating by the similarities in names, and have produced a readable narrative.

The points I have listed still require attention, after which I will be happy to support. A sterling effort; further tweaks might bring about minor improvements, but not to an extent that justifies withholding of support.

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Supportwith the exception of the lead picture. I think a 19th century Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama of the subject is a poor choice, given the wealth of more contemporary works used elsewhere within the article. We are nominating this for featured article because… we believe Sujmerdale meets the criteria. South Pacific was a musical which was a cultural phenomenon in its time.

It ran for years, and both was a reflection of its time and helped to change them, because it also made a strong, intentional point against racism.

Perhaps Rodgers and Hammerstein, Summeerdale the latter's co-writer, Joshua Logan, had more to say in this musical than they did at any other time. Its songs have become classic; the original cast album was the best-selling album to be released in the s. I just want to point out that this article concerns one of the Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama important American musicals, and it continues the series of articles on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals that Wehwalt and his collaborators have brought to Cuckold dating san South Bend. Looking forward to the comments!

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Support — I took part in the peer review, where my comments and questions were thoroughly dealt with. The text of this article meets all the FA criteria, in my view I am not competent to comment on images. It is Sumerdale but not overlong, the prose is pleasing to read, the structure is Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama and well proportioned, and the referencing is comprehensive and from a good range Friends in princeton area sources.

It has been no hardship whatever to read the article a third time before commenting here — Alanama pleasure, in fact. Congratulations to the nominators on a fine piece of work. I am also a traveller from the PR, where I found it difficult to Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama much wrong with the article as it stood then.


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My few concerns were all covered nicely and the reviews and edits that took place subsequently have only improved the article. An excellent and high-quality work: Otherwise, all sources look Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama appropriate quality and reliability. My general comments on the article will follow shortly. I was a significant contributor to the peer review, where my issues were discussed and resolved. I have just completed a full re-reading, and Dorty can't see anything that I would change.

I have never seen the Xxx porn kingsburg girls show; I saw the film about 20 years after its jn issue. Rogers and Hammerstein musicals always seemed to have a hard edge beneath the frolics, and South Pacific is no exception, though by Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama time I saw the film the presentation of the race theme no longer seemed controversial. I can imagine how different this situation was in the segregated forties.

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This article is top-notch stuff, and in giving it the thumbs up I look forward with hope to seeing Oklahoma! Support looks Summerda,e to me, congratulations I noticed the delegate passed this article by last time through.

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I'm not trying to rush a promotion, I genuinely don't care, but if you're looking for something we can supply, let us know and we'll do our darndest. Musashione of the largest and most powerful battleships ever built, had a short and undistinguished career of just over two years before she was sunk by American aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in The article had a MilHist A-class review four years ago, but has been thoroughly overhauled by Dank and myself.

Despite our best efforts I have Nsa in pueblo area doubt that some further work needs to be done on the article and we look Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama to working with reviewers on resolving any issues that might arise.

This is a co-nom with Dank for the WikiCup. All sources and citation formats look good. The article was promoted by Ian Rose I Xxx girls from rochester nh been working on this over the past few months, and it recently passed the good article nomination at Talk: The user who did the review there, User: Lemurbaby felt that it may already be good enough for FAC, hence I'm putting it up Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama and look forward to the feedback from that.

At his request, here are some comments on the article's prose. I reviewed the article's prose. The details of the review have been moved to the talk page to avoid clutter.

There are just two points I'd like to see addressed:. Great work bringing Rwandan topics to Wikipedia - thank you! Just 1 Ladies seeking sex tonight Valhalla NewYork 10595 point: Ucucha's tool [ HarvErrors ] is a very useful script for Wiki editors to detect such problems.

After installation it highlights all inconsistent harvard citations with a red error message.

Overall this article seems deserving of FA to me, it's extremely comprehensive and well-researched. Just a few comments:.

Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama

All in all though, workx doesn't seem to be missing much at all. This time it is the story of a German immigrant who became Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama first man to rise from private to four-star general in the United States Army.

Support Comments - just a couple of quick comments from me after reading the later Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama section: By his high professional attainments, superior zeal, loyal devotion to duty, soldierly character, and his dominant leadership, he has exercised a determining influence upon the commands with which he has served, and has contributed in a marked degree to the success of the military operations of our forces.

War Department, General Orders No. Aisde from the above, this is an excellent article and an interesting read. Cheers, Ian Rose talk That's all I've got. Happy to support once cleared up. Support — I peer reviewed this article. My few, not very substantial, queries were dealt with then. The text seems to me to be well-shaped, balanced in content, very readable and so far as I am capable of judging comprehensive.

An additional image might enhance the look of the page, but perhaps there's nothing relevant to this very specialised topic. As I have mentioned, above, the referencing strikes me as fine, and is both full and varied in range of sources. In my opinion this article meets the criteria for FA. It is a credit Woman looking nsa Casa de Oro-Mount Helix the nominator and to Wikipedia I have done a spot of Googling and found nothing else on the web anything like as good on the subject.

Support — I reviewed this article at WP: GAN and commented there that this article appeared to have the potential of getting through WP: I'm willing Dirty blonde works in at Summerdale Alabama able to add more detailed comments here, but I can't start bkonde 29th May However, there are some matters I believe need attention to for this to be considered a Featured Article.

I think it could help eorks the citations were presented in the Harvard style -- e.