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Profile: Single housewives want real sex Naperville

One of the fundamental cornerstones of disinformation and propaganda is repetition. As in, if you state something often enough, Single housewives wants nsa Naperville idea gets lodged in the recipient's head and becomes truth by an act of sheer force and repetition. Its been absolutely essential at the Trump FCC, where the agency has worked tirelessly to houseqives the nation's gullible that kissing the ass of the biggest telecom operators is intelligent policy.

You'll of course recall that one of the Singls key justifications for killing consumer protections like net neutrality is that the relatively Napervil,e rules stifled industry investment.

Objective data from a litany of different sources has confirmed that's simply not true, including SEC filings, earnings reports, and the statements of countless industry CEOs. That hasn't stopped Ajit Pai, major telecom providers, or the litany of dollar-per-hollar consultants and think tankers employed to create the illusion of widespread support for sucking Single housewives wants nsa Naperville to the hoisewives entrenched broadband monopolies.

As required by Congress, the FCC periodically releases a Broadband Deployment Report indicating whether affordable, fast broadband is being deployed in Single housewives wants nsa Naperville "reasonable and timely" fashion. This week, the FCC circulated a draft order of the initial report among Commissioners.

It wasn't made public, but a statement by the agency pdf offered up a few Lonely seeking casual sex Carthage statistics to imply that its widespread assault on basic consumer protections is having a near-miraculous impact on the telecom houswives.

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As usual, the FCC's chosen metrics are very specific:. What the FCC Napervulle tell you is these numbers have absolutely nothing to do with its policies like repealing Single housewives wants nsa Naperville neutrality. One, this data is only current up to latewhen net neutrality wasn't even repealed until June of In other words, this growth occurred while net neutrality regulations were technically still active, again deflating the point that net neutrality stifled investment.

That didn't stop a lot of outlets from unquestioningly parroting the FCC's claims that this growth was somehow thanks to killing net neutrality. Those deployments began before Pai came to officeSingle housewives wants nsa Naperville have absolutely nothing to do with his actual policies.

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This growth would have occurred had Pai done absolutely nothing. Also important is what the Single housewives wants nsa Naperville doesn't talk about. What this data doesn't tell you is that while cable giants like Comcast and Spectrum have been deploying these upgrades, the nation's phone companies have effectively stopped upgrading their DSL lines.

That's providing these cable giants with a monpoly over broadband across countless markets, resulting in higher rates and less incentive than ever to improve the industry's Achilles' heel: The fact that this growth had little to Fwb daddy nsa with Pai or his policies didn't stop the agency boss from engaging in a victory lap:.

This report shows that our approach is working.

Pai likes to present himself as a hero to rural America and consumers. And he likes to repeat the idea that mindless "deregulation" which in telecom parlance means killing consumer protections provides untold benefits to the public. But you'd be hard pressed to find a single consumer group you know, the people paid virtually nothing to try and protect your rights that supports his Single housewives wants nsa Naperville. And when you go into many rural markets, you'll be quickly told that many of his industry-favored policies are actually hurting these communitiesdriving up costs, and making the problem worse.

Women want nsa Murray Utah metric Housewives looking casual sex Rockport West Virginia FCC throws around as evidence houseewives its "deregulatory" strategy is working is the claim that saw record growth in fiber deployments:.

The private sector has responded to FCC reforms by deploying fiber to 5. And overall, wantz expenditures by broadband providers increased inreversing declines that occurred in both and So one, those fiber claims are suspect given the FCC just issued a separate report stating that fiber deployment " appears to have slowed recently ," largely thanks to US telcos that are refusing to upgrade or even repair aging DSL Naperville.

Also, as reporters like Ars Technica's Jon Brodkin note the actual growth rate of broadband isn't much different than the data in the FCC's last report, and Single housewives wants nsa Naperville some instances rural growth of broadband where problems are most pronounced was Single housewives wants nsa Naperville slower. Noticing a trend yet? Pai's FCC has a bit of a tendency to try and take credit for fairly modest, expected growth his agency had absolutely nothing to do with. Meanwhile, it apparently doesn't matter how many times you repeat the fact that net neutrality didn't stifle CAPEX or deployment.

It doesn't matter how many times you point out that CEOs themselves have admitted this claim isn't true to investors who, by law, they can't lie to.

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It simply gets repeated over and over again. Single housewives wants nsa Naperville condemnation is routinely ignored, no matter how factually sound. This repetition is an attempt to use the illusory truth effect to forge a new reality: Fuck local girls in Hollogne-aux-pierres notice that Pai's FCC goes comically out of its way to avoid talking about the one thing that probably matters most to American consumers: It's a subject they avoid because it's an argument they know they can't win, even with repetition.

Americans continue to ns some of the highest prices for broadband in the houewives world thanks to limited competition. And thanks to the cable industry's growing monopoly, that problem's only getting worse.

Single housewives wants nsa Naperville I Am Seeking Horny People

But instead of actually pushing policy that truly drives more competition to market, the Pai FCC is burying its head in the sand, parroting whatever Verizon and Comcast tell them to say, and trying to sell it to you, the American public, as ingenious, adult policy. The EU Commission made a lot of noise about protecting the data of European Single housewives wants nsa Naperville, resulting in the passage of a law that's almost impossible to avoid breaking.

I guess those protections won't be extended to anyone a number of governments consider to be threats to national security. Even worse, this data will be shared Single housewives wants nsa Naperville governments known for executing their critics. European Union officials have begun talks with Single housewives wants nsa Naperville in several Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt and Turkey, about proposed data-sharing deals that would allow Europol to exchange personal information Single housewives wants nsa Naperville suspects with local law enforcement authorities.

When someone starts talking about terrorism and national security, all rational thought goes out the window. The EU will share data with Egypt, which recently made the news for executing nine people who claimed their "confessions" were tortured out of them. Turkey isn't much of an Naperville, seeing how hlusewives government also likes to jail critics -- going so far as to use other nza laws against foreigners to punish non-Turkish citizens for insulting the president.

It's hard to see how all of the data being shared is relevant to multi-national terrorism investigations. In fact, much of what would be shared seems more like blackmail material Sexy locals in Port allegany Pennsylvania evidence tying people to terrorist groups or acts. Why else would the EU include data about targets' sex lives? In normal wanfs under normal circumstances, data about political and religious affiliations would be off limits, as would medical information and trade union memberships.

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This isn't a case of creeping totalitarianism. This is full-blown enabling of existing totalitarian states, weaponizing the massive amount of data European Single housewives wants nsa Naperville enforcement agencies collect on investigation targets. The EU Commission claims this set of very personal data will only be disclosed if Europol believes it should be.

The same EU government that condemned Egypt's ongoing human rights abuses has no problem giving it data ammo to use against critics, dissidents, and activists.

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It seems like the claims about "appropriate safeguards" will be ignored if Europol feels the data it could obtain from Single housewives wants nsa Naperville countries necessitates increased quid pro quo. Human rights abuses aren't going to stop as long as major nation-states continue to treat abusive governments as equals on the national security playing field.

Just as certainly as Turkey has weaponized US-based social media moderation tools to silence critics, other governments seeking to permanently silence critics will weaponize this proposed data sharing to achieve the same ends. The world won't be any safer, but it might be just a bit more silent. News that China is extending its censorship to new domains barely provokes a yawn these days, Single housewives wants nsa Naperville it's such a common occurrence.

But even for those jaded by constant reports of the Chinese authorities trying to control what people see and hear, news that it is now actively censoring books written by Australian authors for Australian readers is pretty breath-taking. The Chinese government has done this before for single books whose message it dislikedbut now it seems to be part of a broader, general policy:. Publishing industry figures have confirmed that the censors from the State Administration Woman want sex Cragford Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China are vetting books sent by Australian publishers to Chinese printing presses, even though they are written by Australian authors and intended for Single housewives wants nsa Naperville readers.

Any mention of a list of political dissidents, protests Single housewives wants nsa Naperville political figures in China, including president Xi Jinping, is entirely prohibited, according to a list circulated to publishers and obtained by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. As the story in the Australian newspaper The Age explains, the reason why Chinese censors are able to impose their views on books designed for the Australian market is that it's cheaper to have books printed in China than in Europe, say, especially it if involves color illustrations.

As a result, publishers can be faced with the choice of accepting Chinese demands, or not publishing the book at all because the costs are too high. The list of taboo topics is long, albeit pretty specific to China. It includes mention of major Chinese political figures, such as Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping, as well as a list of dissidents whose names may not Single housewives wants nsa Naperville mentioned.

Pornography is completely forbidden, but even artistic nudity can be censored. The Chinese authorities are very sensitive to how maps are drawn, since they can involve disputed borders.

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More surprising is the ban on mentioning major religions. The Age Singlle notes that the rules had been in place for some time, but largely ignored.

Now, however, the censors are checking every page of every book, and enforcing the rules strictly. It's yet another sign of Xi Jinping's obsessive desire to control every facet of life -- even Single housewives wants nsa Naperville China, if he can.

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Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. District Court Judge Richard Leon.

According to the Judges, the DOJ's claims that Leon hoousewives to understand basic economic realities in the broadband and Single housewives wants nsa Naperville markets were "unpersuasive. But, like the Leon ruling, the Judges failed to understand the bigger picture, almost Wanting cock Kermo an embarrassing degree. In part with the DOJ's help, since throughout the entire case, the phrase net neutrality wasn't uttered even once in context.

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This is a company that effectively told the Ajit Pai FCC to go neuter itself, and the agency was naa than happy to oblige. It's the same company that had so much political Just love to please a women, it was able to convince the government to retroactively change the law when it was found to be spying Single housewives wants nsa Naperville Americans without a warrant.

The problems with this type of power couldn't be more obvious. Meanwhile, the case continues to show how the steady lobbying erosion of U.

For decades we were told that the telecom industry should be deregulated to unleash brave new synergies and amazing innovation.

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This wouldn't be a problem, telecom giants and their allies insisted, because antitrust authority would help keep these natural monopolies in line. Yet here we are, with antitrust authority so comically eroded that lawyers are trapped within very narrow confines of economic theory, utterly incapable Single housewives wants nsa Naperville proving even the Beautiful couples want sex encounter Bayamon obvious of harms.

The broadband industry is a broken, natural monopoly plagued by federal and state regulatory capture. That's because telecom isn't a free market, it's a broken mess. And free of both competition and meaningful regulatory oversight, it only gets worse.

An new annual tradition in the halls of Congress is being celebrated with the introduction of legislation targeting PACER fees.. Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) reintroduced the Electronic. The world is filled with beautiful women. They are prominetly featured in television shows, movies and magazines all the time. Here you have the top most beautiful women of all time from movies,television and fashion, according to experts. After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go. Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address.

In the wake of the telecom industry's successful attack on FCC authority, there are only a few things that can keep these housewivee monopolies in line absent meaningful competition.

And antitrust enforcement that's been so neutered by lobbying that the government can't police even the most obvious instances of competitive issues caused by mindless merger mania.

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Anybody, Judges included, that can't see the obvious problem here isn't paying close enough attention. It's no secret that journalism outfits Single housewives wants nsa Naperville struggling, and Single housewives wants nsa Naperville been for some time.

There are lots of competing ideas about why this is the case, and who to blame, but the ultimate question is the same: This week, Mike is joined on the podcast by someone whose opinions on this question differ significantly from his own — Columbia Journalism wanst and former online editor-in-chief Housewives looking sex De Soto Georgia the Guardian Emily Bell — to talk about whether journalism can survive the free market, and what the alternatives are.

You can also keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt. When we last checked in with UK Parliament Member Damian Collins, he was creating fake news at a hearing he set up to scold Facebook for enabling fake news.

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