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Lake Superior, at least the western arm of it, can turn color when heavy rains or strong winds launch red clay particles and other sediments into the water column.

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The southwestern shoreline of Lake Superior has large deposits of glacial-lacustrine red clay. The clay bluffs are especially prone to erosion, and the clay particles can float in Lake Superior for days to weeks.

The fine red clay can be found from Duluth to the Apostle Islands.

In the Duluth-Superior area, the Nemadji River is known for its clay-laden flow. Nearly all the sediment in the Looklng is due to bluff erosion and slumping.

Seventy-four percent of it ultimately ends up in Lake Superior. Lake Superior can also turn a muddy red or brown when high winds create enough wave action to stir up bottom sediments.

Louis River and smaller tributaries to Lake Superior deliver many other brownish or tan soil Looking for some in Duluth that end up in the Harbor and the lake. Even though the apparent color of natural water spans the color spectrum, most children pick the bluest blue crayon to illustrate it. This proclivity is borne of the fact that more red, orange, and Lookng wavelengths are absorbed by water than are blue ones.

When sunlight enters ih water, it is mostly blue light that is left for us to see. The deeper the water, the stronger the effect.

For instance, tap water in a drinking glass looks clear but the same tap water filling a swimming pool looks turquoise. Covering even larger areas, like Lake Superior, water can look exceptionally blue because the surface is also reflecting the color of the sky.

Lookign once in awhile, looking Looking for some in Duluth Lake Superior will have you seeing red.

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Still others, it seems green. Which begs the question: Green algae can give water a distinct apparent blue-green color.

Some bodies of water in the mountains shine like turquoise because of "glacial flour," finely ground bits of rock liberated from melting glaciers. The "true" color of water is the color perceived after it has been filtered or centrifuged to remove suspended solids, leaving only the dissolved substances such as iron, manganese, and Looking for some in Duluth, which can Lookinb striking blue-green colors.

The brown tint to otherwise clear water, especially in northern Minnesota, is part of the water's "true color.

This natural compound found in plants is useful in tanning hides and making dry Dhluth. Tannins leach from decaying plant material into water as seasons pass, "staining" water to look like tea or root beer. In the context of Lake Superior, the St.

Louis River is especially known for its tannin content. Louis River flows out to Lake Superior, sunlight breaks down the tannins, causing the water to become clearer and Dukuth until the tea-colored water becomes crystalline blue. The next time you are asked to draw water, don't be so Looking for some in Duluth to grab the blue, or even green marker.

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Consider the particles and dissolved materials that wash in from the watershed as well as the life within the water column. Think of the sky overhead and the rocks underneath.

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Ask yourself, "why this color? For more information on the Lookng of stream and lake water in Northern Minnesota visit: Skip to Local Navigation.

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Readers Want to Know: Sometimes Lake Superior seems reddish-brown. Extreme Events Publications Audio Videos.

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