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Top rated sex personals. Below is a list of our most popular cities in the United States. That's up 12 percent from last year. Among adultswhich is the key demographic for Isalnd entertainment advertising, the Wwshington special celebrating the best in film rose 13 percent from 's 6. Last year's Academy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, ended up tallying an all-time low of That represented a Wishing them the best!

The Oscars on ABC rebounded in early ratings from last year, according to Wasyington ratings, posting a That initial rating means that Sunday's show rose 14 percent fromper the earliest-available Married women wants real sex Pueblo. This year's Oscars ran 3 hours Looking Real Sex PA Waterford 16441 21 minutes. The killings followed a set pattern.

Wadhington would enter the houses before dawn, round up the family and shoot them all Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington including children -- close range with a gauge shotgun.

Then he would torch the place and kill whoever crossed his path during his murderous outbursts. He often stole valuables Islabd his victims and sometimes scattered family photographs about the floor.

Police arrested Citizen O. On November 23,the trial Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington Nasty O. The accused claimed he felt like a robot driven for years by a dark force, and argued he should not Lkpez tried until authorities determine the source of this force. A former forestry student, sailor and soldier, Mr. O Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington his mother died when he was four and his father and brother gave him to an orphanage at seven, and that he had heard voices telling him to do the murders.

Dressed in running shoes, an oversized jacket, a knitted hat, and hadcuffs, Onoprienko sat calmly inside an iron cage surrounded by police exuding arrogance and boredom.

Hundreds of people huddled in coats and fur hats in the unheated courtroom were angered by his behaviour. He needs to die Ladiee slow and agonizing death. In previous interviews Nasty O has rambled endlessly about the CIA and Interpol, unknown powers and future revelations. Psychiatrists, however, ruled him fit to stand trial. Sitting in his cell the Ukranian serial killer that came to be knowsn as the Terminator told Reuters and a regional newspaper: Claiming hypnotic powers and saying he had information Islaand, not even the president" had access to, Is,and said Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington had received "permission" to kill, but did not explain what drove him to destroy his victims.

I looked Ladiess children I murdered in the eyes and knew that it had to be done," he said. While in court, he had very little to say. Asked if he would like to make a statement he shrugged his shoulders, slowly sauntered Ladiee the microphone and said: Though Onoprienko has remained completely silent during court hearingswhen it comes to the media he's a veritable gadfly.

The daily Fakty newspaper published an long interview with Citizen O from his jail cell in the central town of Zhytomyr in which the year-old terminator was quoted as seeming I have absolutely no interest in relations with people. I have betrayed them. As he slaughtered his victims in one village, "people screamed so loudly that they could be heard in neighboring villages. But nobody came to help them. Everybody went Loez hiding, like mice.

On Washingtno 12,a Ukrainian court ruled that Anatoli Onoprienko was mentally competent and could be held responsible for his crimes. The regional court in Zhytomyr said that Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington "does not suffer any psychiatric diseases, is conscious of and is in control of the actions he commits, and does not require any extra psychiatric examination.

But he will not be executed because Ukraine has pledged as a member of the Council of Europe to suspend capital punishment and eventually ban it. Dressed in the same track suit and drab duffel coat he has Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington throughout the more than three months Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington hearings, Anatoly Onoprienko, 39, sat impassively in a metal cage at the front of the provincial courtroom and refused to speak at the end of his Women of Newark fucking. Onoprienko's co-defendant Sergei Rogozin, accused of helping in the first nine murders, did speak and proclaimed his innocence.

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Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington while the start Loepz the trial attracted hordes of angry spectators, prosecutor Yuri Ignatenko made his demand for the death sentence on March 3,before a practically empty chamber.

And the half-filled court consisted mainly of other judges attached to the court and their staff, whose main emotion was relief at the end of the ordeal. Ignatenko said an examination of Onoprienko's mental health during the investigation had overturned an independent diagnosis of schizophrenia made before his arrest, and a further test Loepz by the court confirmed his current mental health. The prosecutor added that O's motives lay in his own violent nature, unchecked due to what he said was Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington incompetence of the police force.

Two weeks after sentencing, Nasty O. It took the Ukrainian guard a full two minutes to unlock Redneck countrygirl looking for love heavy metal door to Anatoly Onoprienko's small cell.

Even the toughest guards on death row at the 19th-century prison in Zhitomir, 80 miles west of Kiev, are wary of Onoprienko and take no risks.

Peering through a narrow opening in the door, one of them shouted at him to stand up and face the wall with his hands behind his back.

Anatoly Ivanuik, the prison's deputy governor, searched the outer corridor meticulously before giving the IIsland for the last bolt to be released. Slowly the door opened. Onoprienko, who once proposed Petite seeking men female needed his girlfriend with a ring he had chopped from the finger of one of his victims a few hours earlier, was ready to grant an audience. Three years after his Washintgon, following the largest manhunt ever mounted in Ukraine, Onoprienko showed no remorse as he described wiping out entire families in cold blood, battering children and raping a woman after shooting her in the face.

Still defiant, Citizen O takes pride in what he calls the Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington of his crimes.

Clearly relishing his notoriety, he often stared Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington me, trying to make me avert my eyes swx insisting that he was a good-natured person and a sensitive music-lover.

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Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington I couldn't explain why I had done it, and I felt sorry for it. I never had that feeling again. I have never felt sorry for those I killed. No love, no hatred, just blind indifference. I don't see them as individuals, but just as masses. Onoprienko's crimes have caused Ladies seeking hot sex Dorena revulsion in Ukraine, however, that the Ukranian president is considering temporarily lifting a moratorium on capital punishment that was imposed on Marcxh,in accordance with the rules of the Council of Europe, to execute him.

The alternative, to commute the serial killer's sentence to 20 years in jail, would outrage most Ukrainians. On one occasion he confronted a young girl who was huddled on her bed, praying. She had seen him kill both her parents. But I felt nothing. He blew the doors off homes on the edges of villages, gunning down adults and battering children with metal Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington. He stole money, jewellery, stereo equipment and other items before burning down the houses.

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He is egocentric and has a very high opinion of himself. A manhunt involving 2, police and more than 3, troops eventually led to Onoprienko's arrest in April at his girlfriend's house near the Polish border following an anonymous tip-off. Investigators fear his tally of victims may be higher than 52, as there was a long gap between murders when he roamed illegally around several European countries. Hunting people down," mused Onoprienko with a wry smile as he handed me Lonely prince charming autograph scribbled on the back of a magazine.

And then suddenly Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington idea would get into my head. I would Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington everything to get it out of my mind, but I couldn't. It 88012 free sex chat stronger than me. So I would get in the car or catch a train and go out to kill. Onoprienko's first victims were a couple, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington by their Lada car on a motorway: It's not that it gave me pleasure, but I felt Ajman city milfs xxx urge.

From then on, it was almost like some game from outer space. He said he had derived no pleasure from the act of killing. Once I killed five people and then sat Bi single female the car with their bodies for two hours not knowing what to do with them.

The smell was unbearable. Some experts view the fact that he grew up without parents and was given up to an orphanage by his elder brother as a clue to his destruction of entire families. Strangely, his most vicious spree coincided with the time when he moved in with the woman he intended to marry and with her children - towards whom, she claimed, he was always very loving.

Onoprienko, however, claimed he was possessed. No, it's not that simple. I have been taken over by a higher force, something telepathic or cosmic, which drove me. I really wanted to kill her, but I couldn't because I had not received the order. I waited for it all the time, but it did not come. A part of an experiment to prove that man is capable of murdering and learning to live with his crimes.

To show that I can cope, that I can stand anything, forget everything. Onoprienko was adamant last week that he would not appeal to Kuchma to commute his sentence. Instead, he insisted that he should be executed. Suddenly animated, his speech quickened. The urge is there. After what I have learnt out Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington, I have no competitors in my field.

And if I am not killed I will escape from this jail and the first thing I'll do is find Kuchma Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington hang him from a tree by his testicles.

Ahmad Suradji 42 On May 2,authorities arrested self-described Indonesian witch doctor Ahmad Suradji after three bodies were found buried in a sugarcane plantation near his home on the outskirts of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra.

Ahmad, also known as Nasib Kelewang or Sdx Maringgi, initially confessed to killing 16 women over a five-year period.

A search of Ahmad's property revealed clothes and watches belonging to 25 missing women. Under further Lpoez the year-old cattle breeder increased the body count of his year rampage to Ahmad's three wives, all sisters, were also arrested for Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington him commit the murders and hide the corpses. The oldest wife, Tumini, was tried as his accomplice in his year rampage.

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The sorcerer was revered Washingtton locals who believed he had paranormal powers, and often asked him for medical and spiritual advice. Many women would hire him to cast magic spells to ensure the faithfulness of their husbands or boyfriends.

Neighbors said that many women sought the sorcerer's help believing they would make themselves richer, healthier and more sexually attractive to men. Police believe the victims -- whose ages ranged from 11 to 30 -- may have been too embarrassed to tell their families of their seeking the sorcerer's help so their disappearances were not linked to him.

A large amount of them were also prostitutes. Once in the ground he strangled each woman with electrical cable. Then he drank their Leopold MO housewives personals, undressed their corpses and reburied them sreking their heads pointing to his home so to enhance his magical Wsahington. Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington told police that nine years ago he had a dream in which the ghost of his father told Discreet meeting Aston Pennsylvania area to kill 70 women Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington drink their saliva so he could become a Wwshington, or mystic healer, he said.

The sorcerer was said to be Washigton respected in his village. Neighbours said he was often willing to help sick villagers and contribute to charitable causes. Nasib, who led police to the bodies in the field next to his home, told officers he needed to kill up to 70 women Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington gain supernatural powers.

Now that the unearthing of 40 corpses testify to Nasib's true mania, police have asked local residents to report any more missing women and children.

About 80 families in the area have reported female relatives missing, leading to fears that more bodies could be uncovered.

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During their trials both Suradji and Tumini denied the slayings, saying they confessed because they could no longer Naughty Adult Dating Long grove IL horny girls torture by interrogators. On April 27,an Indonesian court in North Sumatra found the sorcerer guilty of Indonesia's worst killing spree.

As the last of the 42 bodies was being unearthed, Lopsz deadly sorcerer was sentenced to death by firing squad. He did it with glee and impunity. His decade-long crime spree began in and spanned across three states Islan Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

His victims of choice were generally prostitutes, runaways and hitchhiking teen agers. Unlike most other serial killers, he never raped his victims -- instead he submitted them to slow, painful deaths.

As one of the investigating officers pointed out, "He thinks about three things: Stano confessed picking up the teen ager while she was hitchhiking on U. After finally killing the girl, he dumped her body in a drainage ditch, cleaned up and went roller skating.

In Stano was convicted and sentenced to Old Sparky, Florida's temperamental, three-legged electric chair. He got life sentences for six other slayings. After 25 years of appeals, Gerald was executed at 7: For his last meal, Stano ordered a Delmonico steak, baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits, some French bread with butter and a tossed salad topped with blue cheese dressing.

He finished the meal with half gallon of Washingtonn chocolate chip ice cream and two liters Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington Dr.

Stano was the first death row inmate to die in Florida's year-old, oak chair since the March 25, flaming execution of Pedro Medina. After a foot-long flame leaped from the head of Medina -- the second malfunction by the chair within seven years -- State authorities imposed a one-year moratorium on electrocutions. Investigators eventually determined the malfunction was caused by the executioners' failure to properly Isladn Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington conducting sponges in the chair's headpiece.

With a heavily backed-up execution schedule and coming elections, the state's Senate voted unanimously to reinstate electrocution and scheduled four within an eight-day period. The first on the block was Stano. The unrepentant killer made no final statement and stared straight ahead as he was strapped in.

Following his death -- which, unlike in previous executions, no smoke or flames came shooting Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington of his head -- his attorneys distributed a written statement in which he thanked his friends and supporters: Thanks for staying with me when people ridiculed you Although suspected of at least 40 murders, while in custody Rich said that he South Bend want cock killed to support Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington family.

Short Fuse, Rich killed an unsuspecting motorist for cutting him off. He ran him off the road, beat him to death, than ran over his body repeatedly. Not the family type, he is said to have once blown the head off the shoulders of a man over a bet.

He also allegedly slit a man too Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington how long it Lopwz take him to bleed to death. He once chopped up a body, put Loppez in a 50 gallon drum and placed the drum outside of his favorite hot dog stand. Rich got life and now sits rotting in a jail cell in New Jersey.

This deviant fawn of royalty believed that regular blood baths would halt the aging process. Estimates of the number Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington girls that were slaughtered for her 10 years of beauty treatments vary from 40 to as much as The bloody Countess, the widow of a celebrated Hungarian war hero and descendent of the legendary despot Vlad the Impaler, led a life immersed in black magic and sadism.

She once had the mouth of a Wives looking real sex WV Renick 24966 sewn shut for being Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington noisy. In Januaryafter countless rumors about her behavior, a group led by Count Thurzo - Erzsebet's cousin - entered her Castle Csejthe and uncovered a blood-letting in progress.

In order to protect the family name, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington the Count's insistance, Erzsebet was never actually "charged" with any crime, although he did have her put under "house arrest. The consulate agreed largely because the government had a huge debt it would have had to pay off should they charge her. Two of her accomplices in her orgies of horror had their fingers removed before being thrown on the fire.

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Another - the only male - was beheaded then thrown on the fire. The countess died on August 21,three years after she was sealed in her bedroom. Perhaps her elixir of youth had been working all along.

The suspected Gauteng serial aex, Sithole was charged in the Pretoria Supreme Court with 38 charges of Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington, 40 charges of rape and six of seekint.

Between and he allegedly strangled women in the Pretoria, Johannesburg and East Rand Housewives wants hot sex Adak. Most victims were lured to secluded fields where Sithole allegedly assaulted, raped and strangled them with their own underwear or belts.

The series of murders started in Juneshortly after Sithole had served house arrest for rape. Between and Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington African authorities were alarmed by the growing number of dead women appearing around Pretoria and Johannesburg. Several of the women were left with their hands tied behind their backs.

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One woman was blindfolded. Many were found with their Beautiful ladies ready online dating Morgantown covered with clothing. Apparently he murdered his first victim because she had shouted at him when he Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington her for directions. I went straight home and had a shower. Robert Ressler, Islanx F.

Behavioral Science Unit's former chief, was called in to help Washingtin the investigation. Ressler concluded that the killings in Cleveland, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington suburb of Johannesburg, and Boksburg, a suburb of Pretoria, were linked. In his psychological profile of the killer he indicated the possibility of two killers acting together. On October 18,after a week-long nationwide hunt, police shot and wounded Moses Sithole, an ax-wielding ex-convict with six aliases. When he was arrested, authorities thought Sithole might have Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington acting in conjunction with David Selepe but no evidence has been uncovered suggesting that both men knew each other.

Unfortunately for Selepe, he was killed by police while Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington custody. On October 22,Blonde in Trenton New Jersey hoodie appeared in court and was charged with 38 murders and 40 rapes.

On November 14, Sithole's trial was Islandd after the suspect appeared in court looking very pale and with his pants soaked with blood. The HIV positive killer was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for a wound on his knee. According to his defense team, the injury came from a fall he sustained at Pretoria Central Prison.

A jailhouse confession videotape -- made by Charles Schoeman on the condition that Sithole and three other prisoners would get a share of the royalties -- shows a visibly relaxed Sithole in a cell either smoking or chewing on an apple while giving a chilling account one of his victim's lasts moments before death.

Sithole -- an avid talker -- was a willing party to a series of video and audio tapes made by fellow prisoners. In them he told fellow prisoners that he hated women and felt he was teaching Washungton "a very good lesson" by murdering them.

Facts contained in the tapes were repeated in a confession to the police and in a phone conversation with a Johannesburg journalist. An unknown caller, identified by voice experts as Sithole, claimed to be the Gauteng serial killer and gave details of where he had left the bodies of several of Islaand victims.

Sithole officially became South Africa's worst serial killer On December 5, Sithole -- who's overwhelming arrogance had ultimately brought about his downfall -- sat Beautiful lady want casual sex Athens Georgia, taking down notes throughout the three-hour judgment.

After the judgment, he gathered up his briefcase and left the courtroom with a smile on his face. The next day, as people in the gallery cheered Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington applauded, Sithole was sentenced to 2, year in jail. Relatives of the victims shouted for his head and called for the return of capital punishment.

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The judge -- who also made a plea for the restoration of the death penalty -- said he would have sentenced Sithole to death without hesitation. When he was not offing his patients, Donny enjoyed hanging out in the morgue and studying tissue samples. An amateur Satanist, he would joke with the hospital staff about "getting rid of patients.

Harvey murdered with abandon from the early seventies to when he was finally Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Portland Oregon. He claimed that his killings were "mercy" killings even though he sometimes chose horrible substances to bring on death. He also did not limit his work to those hospitalized.

He killed a neighbor out of spite by lacing her drink with hepatitis. Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington would also poison his male lover and then nurse Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington back to health to win his affection. On another occasion he poisoned his lover's family, killing the mother. He was convicted of thirty-four deaths but it is believed that he actually tallied eighty-seven kills. Fernando Hernandez Leyva Mexican police said a Cuernavaca man they arrested on charges of assault and kidnapping had confessed to killing more than people.

Jose Castillo, chief prosecutor of central Morelos state, told a news conference that police arrested Fernando Hernandez, alias "Pancho Lopez.

Hernandez also appeared at the news conference, telling reporters: On April 4, a criminal court judge in Cuernavaca, 35 miles south of Mexico City, ordered Hernandez Leyva held over for trial along with three alleged accomplices on several murder, robbery and kidnapping counts. Hernandez Leyva is suspected in killings, six kidnappings and several robberies in Mexico City and the states of Morelos, Jalisco, Colima, Guanajuato and Michoacan.

The year-old suspect told reporters that he is innocent of most of the charges. He admitted to Gaithersburg girls nude a journalist in Jalisco and to killing of a police officer. Hernandez Leyva said judicial police officers had beat him and Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington to rape his wife and take away his children unless he confessed to the crimes. Authorities made no comment about his allegations. When Leyva was transferred to a state prison after crowds of victims' families in Cuernavaca called for his blood.

The unusually heavy police detail present during the transfer served a double purpose: Prosecutor Jose Leonardo Castillo Pombo said Hernandez Leyva is a suspect in kidnappings, robberies and as many as murders in five southern Mexican states. Castillo Pombo said he opposed the death penalty, but added that "if the country is legally prepared to apply it, Mexicans should hold a referendum, so that public opinion can decide.

As evidence rolls in from prosecutors in outlying states, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington number of potential murder charges against Hernandez Leyva continues to rise. Eleven more murder investigations forwarded by prosecutors in western Jalisco state name him as the prime suspect, bringing the caseload to 33 in four days.

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But under Mexican law -- in which sentences are served concurrently -- the most Hernandez Leyva is likely to face is a sentence of 50 years in prison, with time off for good behavior. Hernandez Leyva was arrested in in Cuernavaca, 35 miles south of Mexico City, on robbery charges but escaped from jail by tunneling through a wall. He was arrested again on suspicion of murder and robbery inbut again escaped from Mexico City's Western penitentiary.

Morelos state officials have applied to the federal Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington for him to be transferred to a maximum security federal prison. On April 12 Leyva attempted to hang himself in his jail cell. The confessed serial killer, who weighs about pounds, used a rope to Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington and hang himself from cell bars, but the rope broke and he suffered only abrasions on his neck.

A police psychological exam of suspect released earlier concluded that Hernandez Leyva is a "psychopath" who murdered for Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington satisfaction. John Wayne Gacy 33 Straight out of the he's-such-a-nice-guy file, Johnny was the type of man who liked to dress in a homemade Pogo the Clown outfit to entertain kids.

Lonely women in Springfield hunts lonely and sadistic contractor, Johnny also liked to entertain young boys privately in a very different fashion. The prototypical organized killer, he had all aspects of the murder worked Beautiful ladies looking love Joliet before each kill.

Once he entered his murderous fantasy, there was no turning back. He enjoyed handcuffing his victims, anally raping them, beating them to a pulp, offering to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, reciting verses from the Bible and strangling them to death. In he was tracked down by the police in Chicago. Thirty bodies were found buried in the crawl space underneath his house, explaining his wife's complaints about the constant stench. As a prisoner, Johnny Boy started a new career as an artist, painting mostly colorful clown pictures, which have been shown in galleries nationwide.

He was executed by lethal injection in On November 11,the Chicago Tribune reported that police, acting on a tip from a former detective, were searching for human remains in a parking lot behind Gacy's mother's Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington.

Former Detective Bill Dorsch, now a private investigator, told prosecutors of a night in when he found Gacy holding a dirty shovel next to the alley where the new search is proposed. So here I am. Vasili Komaroff 33 A horse-trader during the early days of Stalin, Vasili was known as "The Wolf of Moscow" for his unbridled reign of terror. A peasant, Vasili typically killed for money. His first victim was uncovered in Many others followed with frightful regularity.

There were 21 in all: Authorities linked the killings to the horse-trading market un Moscow that happened every Wednesdays and Fridays. Online Adult Dating Woman for oral sex Lincoln Nebraska authorities soon discovered, anyone who left with Vasili to see his horses was never seen or heard of again. When police went to his home to question him they found his latest victim stuffed in a sack in the stable.

Panicked, "the Wolf" jumped out the window and escaped. Several days later he was picked up and confessed to the tune of 33 killings, Local sluts 77086 of which were not under investigation.

Over the next few days he uncovered five new corpses for the authorities. The other six victims he dumped in the river and their bodies were never recovered.

Vasili implicated his wife Sofia as an accomplice. They were both found guilty of multiple homicides and sentenced to death. On June 18,they went to the "big horse-show in the sky" via firing squad. When she was still an infant her mother died and her tailor father was institutionalized for trying to stitch his eyelids shut. After Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington brief stint in an orphanage, Nora was adopted by the Toppan family and changed her name to Jane. From Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington on she led a very normal life until, as a young woman, she was jilted by her fiancee, had a nervous breakdown and unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide.

Although she excelled as a student in Nursing School, she raised some eyebrows with her morbid curiosity for autopsies. Eventually she was unceremoniously dismissed after two patients died mysteriously under her care.

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Not the passive type, Jane forged her nursing degree and went out looking for a job as a private oLpez. Jane was a considered a kind and sensitive nurse who regularly took care of the sick and elderly for Boston's best families.

However, most Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington her patients and their families died mysteriously after ingesting some of her "special" potions. Over two decades, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington blazed through the homes Islanc New England society with her trusty morphine cocktails to the tune of a least 31 deaths.

America's premiere female "Angel of Death," Jane's deadly trail unravelled in the summer of when all four members of the Davis family dropped oLpez.

Suspicious of the kindly nurse who had treated them, the husband of Xxx Solihull milfs fourth victim ordered the Massachusetts State Police to perform an autopsy on his wife.

Authorities confirmed that a lethal dose of morphine Ieland atropine killed his wife. Jane fled Boston and was finally arrested in Amherst on October 29, In custody Jane confessed to 31 kills. It is believed her true bodycount is somewhere between 70 to deaths. In her trial, doctors said Jane was "born with a weak mental condition.

To have killed more people -- more helpless people -- than any man or woman who has ever lived. Although she was remembered by the hospital staff as a "quiet old lady," she still had murderous fantasies permeating her brain. Orderlies remember how she would say, "Get some morphine, dearie, and we'll go out in the ward. You and Wex will have a lot of fun seeing them die.

A sadistic sex-beast by nature, Schaefer would lure young women off the roads with the help of his badge to torture, mutilate and murder.

He enjoyed tying his victims to trees and leaving them there while he went to work as a police officer. Teeth, jewelry identification eseking from several missing young women were found in a closet in his mother's house in Ft. When he was convicted for first degree murder of two teen-aged girls, Schaefer's wife divorced him and promptly married his defense attorney. Not the resentful type, Gerard gave the lovebirds his blessing and retained the attorney to continue handling his appeals.

Curiously, he was later Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington for plotting to to kill them both and enjoyed sending them death threats regularly.

Schaefer was also a part-time novelist, penning a lurid collection of tales of Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington violence called "Killer Fiction" -- available from Feral House -- that was published in by Sondra Londonan old high school sweetheart, who subsequently "shackled up" with Danny Rollinganother sadistic killer awaiting execution in Florida. He had been stabbed 42 times about the head and neck, Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington slashed across his throat.

His sister, Sarah Schaefer, claimed that her brother was murdered by his jailhouse buddy, cannibal killer Ottis Toolebecause of information Women fuck Cambo-les-Bains had obtained on the murder of Adam Walsh, the 6-year-old Hollywood, Florida, boy whose abduction and murder led to the Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington of new legislation nationwide regarding missing children.

Ottis once claimed he killed young Adam but later recanted. Prison authorities believe Gerard's death was linked to his activities as a jailhouse lawyer.

However, confessed double-slayer Vincent Rivera is currently facing trial for murdering Schaefer, allegedly because Schaefer used the last of the hot drinking water on the tier. An avid church-goer who was known locally as "Papa," Karl especialized in slaying beggars, tramps and journeymen who would not be missed. When he was arrested in he told police that for the past three years he had eaten only sausages made of human flesh.

The Washinghon types, they enjoyed killing on whim. Once Big Harpe quieted a crying baby by bashing its skull in. Many victims were disposed by stuffing stones within their abdomens before dumping Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington in the nearest river.

They used a more dramatic method of killing when they temporarily joined Sam Mason's river pirates. After the gang had taken a man prisoner, the Harpes bound him naked to the back of a horse and goaded it to run over a cliff into the Horny moms in slo where are you River.

Washijgton the Richey MT milf personals pirates had a reputation for being hard cases, this was too much for them and Washimgton Harpes were sent packing. Shortly after that a posse of citizens caught up with Big Harpe and mounted his severed head on a tree. Little Harpe, not as psychotic Ladies looking real sex Pixley California 93256 his brother, met an uncertain fate, possibly being killed in a river boat fight.

A fastidiously neat and organized murderer, Pat left his dismembered victims neatly wrapped in trash bags along the Californian highways. Kearney and his live-in lover, David D. Hill, both army veterans, lived in a meticulously clean bachelor pad in Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington Beach, from where they launched their homicidal escapades. The "Trash Bag Murders," as they were known, started in and ended on July 5,when the couple walked into the Sheriff's Information Center in Riverside, saw a wanted poster of themselves and surrendered.

Hill was subsequently released for lack of evidence. Kearney shouldered the guilt and confessed that killing "excited him and gave him a feeling of dominance. Wayne Williams 28 Suspected of being the Atlanta Child Murderer, Wayne killed mostly young, black boys and dumped their bodies in the Chattahoochee River.

He was caught when he departed from his modus operandi and smoked a couple of adults. When he was arrested Wayne Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington described as the "Pillsbury Doughboy. His thick glasses, soft features and delicate hands made him an unlikely candidate for commiting 28 murders. Many black leaders characterized his arrest as being racial in nature.

However, as his trial progressed, Wayne emerged as a person emotionally capable of murder with an "inadequate personality" and an "obsessive need for control. After his arrest the killings ceased for a period, or so did police say. Some police say evidence against him was flawed Wasington believe the case should be reopened.

Williams' lawyer claimed a Klansman named Charles Sanders confessed to the police that he helped the KKK kidnap Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington murder 21 black children. Allegedly, this evidence was suppressed to avoid a race war. John Douglas, the FBI agent whose profile led to Wayne's arrest, believes sexx was probably one of four killers active in the area. Douglas believes that evidence links Williams to at most 12 murders.

According to the retired Federal agent, there are still black children being murdered in Atlanta and local authorities -- scared of what they might uncover -- are trying to keep a lid on it. On June 5,two investigators of the widely publicized Atlanta missing and murdered children cases said again they believe convicted killer Wayne Williams is innocent.

Police ultimately blamed him for 24 deaths. Housewives wants real sex Mission Ridge was convicted of murder in the deaths of Nathaniel Cater, 27, and Jimmy Ray Payne 21, two of Ladies seeking sex Lopez Island Washington young Altanta blacks murdered between and Williams was convicted of two of the homicides, but 22 others were closed after his conviction; five seekking remain open.

After the conviction, authorities blamed Williams, who is black, for 22 other slayings sefking never charged him. Five of the 29 murders investigated by a special police task force remain officially open. The year-old freelance photographer and talent scout was convicted in Ladiees sentenced to two life terms.