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In my mind, I imagined moving to Spain to be my own rendition of Eat, Pray, Love a journey which would enliven me, shake me up od leave me changed forever. Though I thought I had considered every possible scenario I could encounter on my journey moving to a foreign Black or Martinhoe women wanted, what I never considered what it would mean for me — as a Black and African woman.

Though I found out ultimately that morena and negra are considered terms of endearment for Black Marrtinhoe, I knew from then that my experience in Spain would be different than what I had imagined. I expected race issues in Spain to be less lonely and less tenuous. Race manifested itself in both overt and insidious ways.

People often stared at me wherever I went. I was followed several times while I shopped. The wanetd often took long to provide service when I went out to dine, or completely forgot about me altogether.

I lost a teaching job without being given any substantiated reason and feared race was the unspoken reason. People laughed when I explained I was Nigerian.

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A student once jeered at me when I wore a head wrap to class. Other Nigerians and Africans were also treated differently in the streets.


Many shared their stories of discrimination with me: Black or Martinhoe women wanted constant and unrelenting questions made me feel that I was not free to be myself without having to constantly make others understand my existence. Though I intended to stay there for years, I left Madrid after only nine months, simply because I was so tired. In my experience, being Black often comes with great misunderstanding, othering, and mistreatment.

After my experiences in Spain, I now have a firm, unshakeable sense of who I am. I have unrelenting pride. Navigating Blackness in Madrid cemented that. I have seen firsthand how intersections of race and gender genuinely impact what travel means for a person.

And I have learned that glossing over its impact is short-sighted, a bit naive and in some cases irresponsible. About Advertise with us.

Just not in the ways I expected. Travel Rock climbing in Mallorca, Spain: Matador's growing Creators Og is the place to connect with fellow travel journalists.

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