A gift.  From me to you.

Why? Because I know, women like you and I, care deeply about others, work & life. And because sometimes, we can forget to care for the most important person in our lives- ourselves.  

My hope in creating this guide is that you take some time to find out what nourishes you and revitalizes your soul. And then practice it daily.


Did you know you have within you what it takes to live life with Courageous Glam?

To show the world the magic of who you are by speaking your heart’s truth?

     Yes, you do.

You have the power to use your voice to show fully in the world connected to your heart’s truth & creative source.

And you are in the right place for it.

    Welcome to my home Beaut!

   My name is Eva.  As a professional certified life coach I work with women who are ready to change their lives through life coaching. I’m best known for providing a safe space for women to explore their lives, connect with their truth and develop the courage to own their power. 

   In my 17 years of professional experience, I’ve cared for hundreds of women as a nurse, pastor, mental health therapist, military chaplain and coach. I’ve helped them learn new skills, change careers, embrace new challenges, heal from sexual abuse, recover from spiritual trauma, redefine their identities, establish & keep boundaries, end toxic relationships, develop healthy lifestyles, and many more courageous acts.

Join me for a courageous reset, 1 on 1 coaching or my self-study course: courageous fulfillment.

While life coaching is hard work -it takes time & energy, it’s one of the best work you’ll ever do.

Are you ready? This is YOUR time.  

To Live your Life with Courageous Glam.